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Certified Behavioral Specialist Animal Training

Professional Dog Training ~ Certified Animal Behavioral Specialist

Working with clients and their animals for over 45 years, I have the knowledge, experience, patience and gifts God has Blessed me with to deal with all sorts of animals problems, issues, behavior modification, obedience training and other areas.

Nationally Licensed and Certified Animal Behavioral Specialist operating in 42 States. I train animals of all kinds and work with them and their owners one-on-one. We travel to YOU where your animal is most comfortable, and teach the whole family with your pet.

Services Provided:

  • Animal training of all kinds - Specializing in dogs-aggression and behavioral issues
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience (On/Off Leash)
  • Nutrition
  • ADI, SAR, AKC-CGC Star Puppy, Community Canine, and Urban CGC Certified Evaluator (no. 91880)
  • Therapy and Service Training
  • Guard / Protection Work

Additional Services:

  • Feline (cat) Behavioral Issues/Training
  • Horse training
  • Equine therapy working with special-needs adults and children

**I also house-sit/pet sit when schedule permits depending on the frequency and amount offered for travel issues. (Please see website testimonials for reviews and references from clients in a six-state base, where I began this business.)**

Please Call Susie for appointment at (262) 203-4193

Monday - Saturday 10AM - 10PM Central time

Thank you and God bless!

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