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5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~ Verified Review                  October 9th, 2020        Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
We found Susie through HomeGuide and are so happy that we did. She is absolutely amazing. We have a 5 year old rescue bulldog/beagle and we were having trouble with her pulling hard on the leash and being very reactive to movement be it a squirrel, rabbit, a leaf blowing, etc. both on her walks, in our yard, and in the house. She would go into a frenzy at times yelping very loud and sounding like she was hurt. Susie came over and within an hours time was able to get our dog to sit, go down, wait, leave it, to look at you, and to not pull on the leash. She spent over three hours here working with our dog, going over nutrition, and giving us the advice and the tools we need to continue working with our dog. Our dog is much improved and it is a work in progress, but if we spend the time training her and being consistent we know that everything Susie showed us will work. Susie also followed up within 48 hours and we know that we can always call her and have her come for another visit. We are very glad that we did this and would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to anyone. - Dave and Teresa Jackson,  West Allis, WI
Response from the owner 7 hours ago
Teresa, I can't thank you enough for your generous and amazing review, but understand, that you are a part of this too, you're doing the home I gave you. And things will continue to change for the better! Call me anytime you need me. God bless you, Susie

 5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review            October 8th, 2020
Positive: Professionalism
Susie came out to our home, evaluated our dog, and did a great job explaining all of her techniques she was using, and why she was doing them the way she was.
We were very happy with the way things were handled.  Mike B. Hartland, WI

Thank you Mike,..glad everything is working out so smoothly. Especially with the aggression. Call me if you need me, God Bless you , Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified review 3 weeks ago-  September 9th, 2020
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Susie is amazing. We do have a smart dog, but she was masterful at teaching him, and she is so easy to work with. She tailors her training to the need of the client. She is talented, hard-working, and most important, gets results for us. We know we have to do the follow-up, but I cannot imagine anyone better. You will love working with Susie.    Tim Nelson- Milwaukee, WI                                                         Thank you Tim,.I appreciate your view and I am so happy things are so much better after our first visit,..keep up the good work and just call if you need me,..God Bless,.Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review                                August 16, 2020 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Susan is a Dog Whisperer. My little adopted pup Augie was scared of just about everything. Cars, bridges, noises, shadows, bikes, the air, you name it he was scared of it. It gotten to the point he would not even want to go on walks and couldn’t leave my apartment block. I would have to carry him outside just so he could go to the bathroom. He had so much pent up energy that he was chewing through my place. I needed help fast! Susan came to my place and Augie immediately recognized there was a new alpha in the house and responded so positively to her. During the session we were able to walk farther on the block than we ever have. After the session I felt equipped with the tools to walk Augie so he and I tried to take a walk that evening and it all clicked. He was finally walking throughout the city. His fears definitely still creep out every now and then there but he’s slowly building his confidence and is so much happier. Thanks Susan, Augie and I are excited for many more sessions with you.      Shamari  S.   River North~Chicago, Illinois                                                                                   Aww, so excited for you Shamari, and Augie as well 💖 call me for anything and God bless you, Susie                                                                                              

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review                         July 20, 2020
2 hours ago-
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Our family connected with Susie at Wind Dancer Referrals and she was pleasant and up front from the beginning. She was professional and to the point. She made the training process easy and went over details that we had no clue about. She walked us through some basics and pointed us in the right direction toward having a healthy and happy puppy with a very active household. Her follow up and tips were just what we needed. We can't thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anyone needing some assistance .
The Forman Family, Dan, Susan Bennett, Holden Jake, Mutton Chop, Maui, Cheetah, Tiger, Shadow, Oliver and Connor (Gecko).   Dan Forman  Hainsville, IL                                                                         Thanks so much Dan,..It was a pleasure to meet and work with all of you,..even the kitties, me anytime you need me,..God Bless,...Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review               July 15th, 2020                    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Susie was very professional and fun to work with.
I like the fact that she’s there to teach you not babysit your dog. Also very knowledgeable about what to fed your dog that’s healthy.
Buddy has improved so much I am amazed.
Thanks Susie
   Randy L.     Sharon, WI                                                                                                     You are very welcome Randy. It was a joy to work with you and your granddaughter Sarah, call me whenever you need to, God bless you, Susie
5/5 STARS   Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review                     July 13th, 2020
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Susan was amazing! Our little guy Rex is 9 weeks old and we wanted to get obedience/house training put in place. I put a request through Yelp and she was the first person who reached out to me. After doing my research and seeing her extensive background in dog training I gave her a call to ask her some questions. We spoke on the phone for about 15 min and she sold me. With her expertise and love for these animals I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to help train our little guy. Susan was so helpful and very professional.   Tyla  P.  River West~ Chicago, Il                                                                          Thank you Tyla,..such a pleasure to work with you and Steven,..and little Rex, me anytime you need me,..glad to have helped you learn how to train him,..Blessings on the new baby,..Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review              July 7,2020                                    We called Susie to work with our dog Drake on some reactivity, guarding, biting issues. These are problems that he started having about a year ago and have slowly gotten worse.

She came in and immediately he started to listen more. She worked with us on how to lessen his anxiety which she believes to be the major cause of his problems.

Since working with her Drake has less anxiety, seems more relaxed during the day, listens to me more (main problem) as well as my husband and he's able to chew on bones without us fearing him. She also helped us work with our second dog so they can interact in a beneficial way for all of us.

We are so thankful Drake was able to get the help he needed!    Katherine B.   Elgin, IL                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you so much Katherine,  so pleased to have been able to help with the aggression so you can be safe and his issues with thunder, lightning and fireworks . Call me if you need me,  glad you guys are on your way to a stress-free home, God Bless you,  Susie        
5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review                    June 30th, 2020                       We really enjoyed working with Susie. Sadie, our 3 yr. old poodle mix rescue has fear aggression and separation anxiety. Susie’s calm yet assertive demeanor really put our dog at ease. Within the first hour we were able to walk past another dog without Sadie growling, pulling and barking. By the end of the session Sadie was calmly sitting next to another leashed dog. We were delighted that our dog responded so positively. Thank you Susie for your non judgment and Intuitive understanding of our little Sadie. Thank you for giving us the tools to make positive changes.       Diane P. Fontana, WI                                          Thank you so much Diane, thankful I was able to help so quickly,..please stay in touch so we can solve some of the other issues you mentioned. Call me anytime,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training -Private Lessons-Verified Review                June 18.2020

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value -  Susan was so awesome to work with. My dogs demeanor changed instantly when she walked in the door. Highly recommended!                            Thank you Tammy,..It was my pleasure to be able to help,  Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review                      May 12th, 2020                 Susie came out right when we needed her, we had a 10 month old Rottweiler Puppy that had started to show some aggression to 2 of her house mates and a kitty and we could not get her to stop being physically aggressive with them. Susie came out and took the time to get to know all 5 of our dogs, Myself my kids and there significant others so she was familiar with everyone that my dogs were around. She took the time to work with each one of our Dogs individually so that she could learn there personalities and quirks. She was able to point out to us that our little dog was the creator and instigator of the issues that we were having with her Physical Aggression towards him and one of our other dogs. We were able to work that out in a matter of an hour. She then worked with us and the Pup on Leaving the Kitties alone we have a 20 year old cat that she did not like and Susie helped her realize that she was a friend and not Lunch or even a snack. Our training started at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and we were not able to have any other face to face training sessions however Susie Followed up by phone and is available to use should we need her until we can meet again. And we will be working with her in the future for some tune-ups, Basic obedience training and also to have one of my dogs trained and certified as a Therapy Animal. We highly recommend Susie she truly cares about you and your pets and will take the time to work out all the issues questions and Unknowns. Definitely not a pet store Dog trainer.   Sherri  M.  Delavan, WI                                                     Sherri,  Thank you, and I am so glad to be able to be there for you when you needed it. Glad things are going so well and the danger is gone, me anytime you need me, God Bless you, Susie    

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review                                   April 29, 2020         Susie came to our home to work with us and our 10 week old pitbull puppy.  She was wonderful - very professional and personable to work with. She spent 2  1/2 hours with us and we felt by the end that we could already see a change in our puppy! We went over the basic training commands as well as dietary, grooming, socializing and house training information.  As first time puppy owners it was so helpful! We will definitely be having her come back again to continue with our dogs training growth and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer.  Nicole K.  Arlington Heights, Illinois    Thank you so much Nicole, it was a pleasure working with you and Mark. So pleased by our first progress report after original training.  You are well on your way to being AMAZING pet parents,  God Bless you, Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review                     March 9, 2020                       Susie did extraordinary work with my Anatolian Shepherd, Duke, who has stopped us from having visitors in our household for months now due to his fear aggression issues. Susie walked in and Duke immediately showed her why we don’t have guests over. She handled him calmly and with confidence despite all of his scare tactics. Once she got him calmed down, she started working with him and he was literally eating out of the palm of her hand within less than an hour. During the evaluation, Susie was able to tell us why our dogs were acting the way they were. She helped me understand my dogs in a way I hadn’t before. And she left me with training techniques and tools that are already making a positive impact in our lives. I look forward to continued improvements with Duke as we walk down the path that Susie has set us on. Thank you Susie!  Kristi S.   Auburn, WA                                            Thank you so much Kristi,..glad to have been able to help and work with your dogs and family,..keep on touch, God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons Verified Review                     3/2/20                                   This was such an incredible experience for us. We have 3, male, blind dogs that all have their little quirks and challenges. We were gearing up to have our first baby this coming April and needed assistance working through some toy aggression (towards each other) and other small issues like un-welcomely jumping onto furniture, jumping consistently when new people come to the home, and a few other quirks. Susan was an absolute miracle worker. She spent nearly half a day with us simply watching behaviors, focusing on their individual personalities and difficulties, and helping us find ways to address each of them in ways they'd all respond to. We refused to believe that we couldn't "train out" or work through some of the issues and Susan proved that we definitely could correct some of these behaviors. She helped us acclimate the dogs to crying babies (two of our dogs were deathly afraid and timid of the sound) and now no one is bothered by it.   We can't thank Susan enough or recommend here as highly as she deserves!   Cassidy W.  Hartford, WI                                      3/2/2020 Thank you so much Cassidy and Brent. Working with special needs animals is such a challenge,  but such a blessing as well. I love your heart for these guys and so thankful I was able to help and teach you how to teach them positively. God bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons`Verified Review                   February 28, 2020                    We so loved having Susie come and work with our dogs. We had purchased a service dog from another trainer and he was missing key training certificates such as CGC and Susie came down and worked with us and him. She also has been helping us with AKC due to registration issues from the breeder. Susie is great to work with, up front, fair, and honest. If anyone is looking for a service dog or has training questions I would definitely call Susie. She works with the whole family and all the animals. We will be using Susie again to help us finish training our service dog!  Holly Tedder  Kalona, IA                               Thank you so much Holly,..I appreciate your feedback and also
am here to help you through the process as you go,..God Bless you and your family,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review                                     February 12,2020   

Initially, my husband and I brought Susie in for an evaluation of our dog, Dakota, a 3 year old rescued Shepherd Mix with extreme separation anxiety. He couldn't be crated and would self harm. Later, reactivity became a major issue, as well as going after our cats. He needed a total overhaul.
From the moment I spoke to Susie, I felt a connection. She wasn't just a dog trainer, she really seemed to understand us as well.
From the moment we met Susie, we knew we'd made the right call. She's only been here once, but we know it won't be the last. She spent over two hours evaluating him and it was clear that Dakota respected her. She never yelled at him, it was just her authoritative tone and body language that made the difference. Before we even met face to face she had us walk him around the block so she could observe his behavior. My husband and I were terrified she was going to tell us that he was too aggressive and would need to be rehomed. I feared for her safety as well, not knowing how Dakota would respond to her. We had stopped taking him on walks over a month before, because of how reactive he was. Dakota is 85 pounds and pulls me around like a ragdoll when he sees another person or animal. But she assured us beforehand and told us not to worry. Honestly, I imagined the worse. When Dakota saw her he started pulling and growling and my husband had to grab the leash when I couldn't physically hold him back. She told us to allow him to come to her and I held my breath. But then something amazing happened. Nothing. That's right. What we perceived as outright aggression towards another person wasn't aggression after all. She told us she saw no reason he'd have to be rehomed. What a relief! My husband and I aren't rich by any means and yes, the initial evaluation cost wasn't cheap, but that peace of information as well as peace of mind we gained from her, was worth every penny we invested. It's made us see our dog differently. Knowledge is definitely power.
She touched on his separation anxiety, and also explained how nutrition plays an active role in behavior. We were sickened to learn what was actually in his dog food. She worked on his reactivity to knocking at the door, and within the first session Dakota had already begun catching on not to bark and go at the door. I was impressed. But the most impressive thing was her work with him being around one of our cats. Before she left she had both eating side by side. Never in a million years would I have believed that possible. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of work to be done on this, but it's a start, and we know that he's now capable of "playing nice" with our cats and it gives us hope that one day we'll be able to grant Dakota freedom around them once again.
Susie poured a lot of information into the evaluation and was more than happy to go over some of the things we couldn't quite remember when we gave the 48 hour progress report. She gave us hope and a new outlook for Dakota's future. Susie has a presence about her that tells you she's been down your road before and she understands. It's easy to recondition your dog; the hard part is in reconditioning ourselves. We're grateful she's in our lives! It's going to take time to recondition our dog, but now we have hope that Dakota will have a brighter, happier, and healthier future. We have confidence in Susie's abilities and we look forward to her working with us and Dakota in the future. For anyone reading this, I would highly recommend her services.   Robyn S.   Clinton, WI                                  2/12/2020 Thank you so much Robyn, I can't begin to tell you how this report blesses me to hear. My ultimate goal is to bring peace to the animal and the home environment so issues can subside.  Can't wait to follow up and call me whenever you need me, God Bless you all, Susie
5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆! Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review                               January 14, 2020   We purchased a English Lab puppy for our son Adam who has Down Syndrome. We wanted companion/ service dog training. After the conventional classes Karen from the Bark Market suggested Susie to train our puppy Shadow. Susie is amazingly intuitive with dogs and people! She was able to assess Shadow and Adam coming up with the the best way for them to communicate with one another. Susie's instructions are clear and the response from Shadow was inspiring. Shadow passed his CGC with flying colors! We are now taking Shadow to the next level with Susie and are excited to achieve his therapy/ service vest for he and Adam to go out into the world together. Practice makes perfect folks! Susie has a video of Adam and Shadow at Lowes if you want to see them in action. Susie is a blessing to all of us! Adam is so happy with his buddy Shadow! Part 2 is we have a new puppy a Maltipoo,  Alfie we are starting to train with Susie! One session last night and Alfie caught on! Susie you ROCK!!!! Thank you friend!  Chace W. Lake Geneva, WI                                                                                                        Chace,..thank you, it is more like working with family I feel by now, guys are so great! I love helping you in any way I can,..God Bless You, Susie 
5/5 STARS Dog Training Private Lessons- Verified Review                            January 5, 2020  
                                                                                                                                                          I got in touch with Susie through “Home Guide” looking for a dog trainer that comes to your home. When I got in touch with Susie over the phone to learn more about her and her training business we spoke for almost an hour. At no point was the conversation rushed and we both took turns “interviewing” one another. I am very appreciative of this because it felt very personal and important to ensure it was a good fit for Susie, myself and my dog Abby. My dog Abby suffers from separation anxiety and fear associated with prior trauma/abuse. I rescued Abby when she was 8 months old and at best guess she is a Sheppard mix. Abby is now 3 years old and after some significant life changes (a couple of moves back to back, a new environment and the loss of her other doggy companion) her anxiety and fear really intensified. Susie gave me a couple of tips over the phone during out first conversation so I could begin working with Abby to help with her separation anxiety. To my surprise within a couple of days I saw improvement! I followed up with Susie and decided to move forward with training since I was so impressed with the success of her tips provided over the phone. At no point did Susie ever make me feel pressured to do business with her and it never felt like it was about the money. Susie spent 2 hours with Abby and I recently and not only trained Abby and taught her new commands but, she trained me as well. I was so surprised how the smallest gesture or choice of words can impact the success of the work you put into training your dog. Susie also went over nutrition with me and I can honestly say that none of the vets I have been to ever sat down and did such a thorough nutritional education that Susie did. As a dedicated and passionate dog mom all I want is to do what is best for Abby to give her the best life possible. With Susie’s help, and expertise I now feel I have the confidence in my own ability to give Abby the life she deserves and the structure she needs to build her confidence as well. Susie is a wonderful person and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and compassion for dogs!  Brianne C.    Lake in the Hills, Il

Response from the owner:
Thank you so much Brianne, was so wonderful to be able to help you with tips over the phone for free, but to be able to follow up and give you the guidance you needed to train Abby in the right way for her. God Bless you, call anytime you need me,..Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons-Verified Review                            November 5, 2019       Hiring Susie to help address multiple issues I was having with my dogs was one of the best decisions I have made.
I was convinced that these behaviors were just something I was going to have to live with.
I suffer from bad anxiety, and certain behaviors from the dogs would cause my anxiety to sky rocket.
Susie worked one on one with me so I could best address my anxiety with the dogs and took things at my pace.
Our first phone call I explained a lot of the issues in the house that I thought would never be solved. She gave tips over the phone that I immediately saw making a difference. I knew I couldn’t wait for her to come to the house.
Our first session, I saw the dogs behaving in a way I never thought possible.
My dog Zoe was the cause of most of my stress and anxiety.
Zoe gets over excited and anxious when company comes over. Often running and jumping up on them, and can’t relax the entire time they are over. I would usually put her in a room as it became too stressful for me to handle. This many having guest over something I would dread.
Susie worked with me to help handle Zoe’s anxiety and excitement, and Zoe has been able to relax enough to be in the same room as company and not jump all over them when they come in the house.
I also have a major anxiety/ fear myself that the dogs will run out as they are escape artist. Susie was able to work with them where they didn’t rush to the door when it was opened.
Another thing I didn’t even expect to work on was Zoe refusing to go outside when it rains. She hates the rain and would not go out, sometimes resulting in her having accidents in the house.
Within the first 15mins of Susie arriving she was working with Zoe and had Zoe going outside in the rain, to do her business. I was amazed that this could be accompanied, and so quickly.
I love that Susie is a phone call away and always happy to take my call to walk me through things.
She recognized my learning style and customized the plan so I can get the most out of it and it being the most rewarding for me, and is excited at check ins when I share our progress.
Susie has a gift not just with animals, but with her clients so I can become more confident in my ability to work with my dogs.  Brittany S.   Crowne Point, Indiana                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thank you so very much Brittany ! Enjoyed working with you and spending time with you and the dogs,.very unusual for me to feel so comfortable in someones house so quickly, but I definitely think there is a special something going on with this training and our friendship. God Bless you, Susie
5/5 STARS   Dog Training - Private Lessons~ Verified Review               October 16th 2019                                 My husband & I wanted to give the gift of finding the right dog trainer for our Granddogs & daughter for her birthday. I went on line & entered pertinent information & received quickest reply from Susie so started there. She was extremely responsive, listened keenly to needs & immediately addressed some issues even on the phone. We thought it sounded too good to be true that we would be that lucky to find perfect fit for our family with first interview for dog trainer. Susie’s tremendous talent and wealth of knowledge is phenomenal.

Susie honestly was a God send to our family-such a beautiful blessing. We connected on so many levels. Our daughter has anxiety & Susie truly helped that too. Susie made an incredible difference & brought calm environment, positive behavior and peace to fur babies & entire family. We trust her fully & know that God placed her in our path.

The extensive amount of time Susie spent on the phone, literally hours, listening to specific issues, giving tips and advice as well as helping on the spot without additional charge is totally unheard of these days.

It was utterly amazing how quick both the dogs responded & learned new behavior with Susie! She worked with each dog individually with positive reinforcement and really understood their unique personalities. Susie is simply the BEST!

We truly can’t thank Susie enough for making such an enormous positive difference & showing such care, understanding, & patience with both dogs, my daughter, my husband, & I.

Our family highly recommends Susie & we know you will be as blessed as we are if you choose her. We are forever grateful for Susie!    Marilyn Schane       Dyer, IN                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you so much Marilyn, is a Blessing and a Pleasure to help                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons ~Verified Review                                                 June 18th, 2019             Susie was amazing and exceptional in diagnosing what Lucy our French Bulldog was dealing with & how our response just fed into her anxiousness /protectiveness. Susie;s knowledge & expertise helped us understand why & how we could be better dog parents She turned Lucy's alpha dog behavior around in just one visit! She no longer is charging people in Pet stores or when other people are walking their dogs. Now its their dogs that are the problem! And best of all she is not trying to bite my friend LuAnn when she comes to visit. Susie actually had Lucy eating out of Lu's hand by end of the training hour. Susie knows her stuff so don't delay in getting your dog the help it needs. Its the best money you ll ever spend .                                                                                                                                  Thank you so very Much Lilly, was and is such an awesome pleasure to work with you and Norm and your friends and neighbors,..SO happy that Lucy is better , keep up the good work. God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review                     Jun 02 2019

Susie was honest and direct throughout her visit. Within 10 minutes of being in our home, she had incredible insight into our dog's behavior and was able to confidently tell us why they acted how they did. We had very separate issues with both our dogs (one is friendly but gets over excited, the other fearful and anxious and mildly aggressive). Susie was so helpful in helping us with both issues. She provided tips and exercises that have helped and corrected some of the issues within just a day or two. We had a follow up phone call 4 days after her visit where I learned even more. Susie is an expert in her field and I highly recommend her!   Aubrey Boetcher- Greefield, WI

  Thanks so much Aubrey,..glad to be of service and soo happy about your progress report after only ONE session,..I am so proud of you and Kyle to be following through with all your homework, and that it is already making such a difference,..God Bless you, Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review         March 29th, 2019                               We have a small Jack Russel/Papillon mix who is only 1-1/2 yrs. He is not and was not ever a "bad" dog, however our home situation changed and we now have several residents with disabilities in wheelchairs. Gus was a little out of his mind. We reached out to Susie via a referral from a friend and are NOT disappointed. She gave us some immediate and strict guidelines to follow until she could come for a training. Long story short, she did not need to come at all. The advice she gave us FREELY over the phone changed the entire situation for the better. Gus has acclimated extremely well and is not going to need on-site training. Susie has called multiple times to follow up and has done all of this at NO Charge. She is certainly a rare find and we would highly recommend her. Thank you Susie!!! Dani J.  Elkhorn, WI                                                                                                                              Thank you Dani,..appreciate your progress report,..glad to have been able to help,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review      March 9, 2019                                             I Had just rescued an 18 month old malamute. He's a great dog, but wanted to give him every opportunity to be his best. Contacted Susie and he is already exceeding my expectations. One session and he is definitely more behaved. I would recommend Susie to everyone. Takeets and I are looking forward to a second session.  Pat C.  Aurora, IL                                                                             Thank you Pat, glad we were able to connect and start working with him to give you a little more guidance for his specific training needs,..He is such a gorgeous and smart dog, me anytime you need me, God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~ Verified Review                               March 6th, 2019         Susie has been absolutely fantastic. She has a wealth of knowledge and has been incredibly helpful in training/reconditioning our 1 year old German Shepherd, Murphy.
Prior to working with Susie, Murphy would bark and lunge at moving cars, chase our cats to no end, and bark excessively at friends and family when they visited our home.
Susie has helped us to regain control of Murphy and we have begun to break these bad habits.
I would most definitely recommend Wind Dancer Referrals to anyone looking for help training their dog(s).

Thanks for the help and I look forward to our next session.   Best, Dylan Delavan, WI
                                                                                                                                                   Thank you Very much Dylan,..I am so glad to be able to get you on the road to understanding why this behavior was happening and that ALL of you are doing so much better in such a short time, me anytime you need me,..God Bless you, Susie 

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~Verified Review                  February 28, 2019                      We have a Australian Cattle dog which was a rescue. Thou she is a good dog she wouldn’t listen to me and would jump on my head. Was trying to train her but all it accomplished was her getting a treat. Susan came to our house and taught us the correct way to train her. Since then our dog is very good. She doesn’t jump on my head anymore and she listens to me now. I would recommend Susan to help with any dog training. She is very knowledgeable about animals from nutrition to training. Susan’s a God send thank you so much.  Jill W.  Woodstock, IL                                                                       Thank you so much Jill, glad I was able to help you. Please call anytime you need me and we'll work on that door issue and her outside heeling,..she is such a smarty,..she learns easily after we figured out how SHE needed to be trained,..God Bless you,..Susie          

5/5 STARS Dog Training  -Private Lessons~Verified Review                          February 26th, 2019            I was having issues with my GSD rescue being unsure of himself and having separation anxiety. I called and had a great phone call with Susan where I wanted to have the initial visit. I set that up and could   have not been happier after... My GSD (Loki) immediately showed more confidence and alertness towards me where he was already learning sit and down within a half hour....he was also able to take treats out of my hand without fearing them. He is also off the meds that were being used to sedate him because of his anxiety issues. I am completely thrilled, and have scheduled follow up visits to see how far he can come! Will keep posting updates. Susan knows her stuff and I learned so much about all aspects training, feeding, commands etc.....HIGHLY recommend this service!  David P  Delavan, WI                Thank you very Much Dave, so happy how far Loki came in ONE visit,..he is a work in progress but I believe with gentle care and love we can reverse the awful things that had happened to him in his past,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons-Verified Review                       February 5th. 2019                We have a 7 year old dog who was running our household as though she was the QUEEN. A kitten joined our family and soon all chaos broke loose. I was given Susie's name by Karen at the Bark Market in Delavan. We called her and she came out within a few days and met our Queenly dog and poor kitty. When she left we had a totally different household. Dog and kitty were laying on the couch together by evening which never happened before. Now we know how to work thru issues and are beginning to enjoy our home again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SUSIE.   Jill R. Elkhorn, WI                                            Thank you so very Much Jill,..a pleasure to help with ALL of your family members,..furry and skinned alike, me anytime you need me,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review  December 22, 2019                                    Susie is helping us train our 9 month old cream, golden retriever. We found Susie because we are working towards training him for CGC & emotional support dog. We've had a couple bumps in the road and are currently working on some separation anxiety. Susie has been very helpful with this and nutrition, among other things. She is always available for questions. You can tell she really loves working with animals.   David M.  St. Charles, IL                                                                                          Thank you David,..I am looking forward to continuing the journey and pray that Ollie is up to the task that lies before him, me anytime! God Bless you, Susie                                                                                

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review          January 13th, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                         We couldn’t be more happy with Wind Dancer Referrals. We were looking for a well qualified competent trainer who could give us the time, attention to detail and really want your puppy to be a great member of the family as well as a farm dog.

We have a 4.5 month old Australian Cattle Dog who is amazing, lovable and high drive. We needed a way to harness his excitement into training. We really wanted to make sure that he was going to fit in at home and on the farm. Susie was here for five minutes and we were already amazed at the command she had. She went through all aspects of owning a dog, training and communicating with our puppy. She did a fantastic job.

Susie was amazing at training and explaining. She gave homework for us to work on and we provided a 48 report as to our progress with our pupppy. It was great to be able to communicate what was going right and what we needed to work on. What really helped us is we are able to see where our puppy needed more instruction and also were we needed more instruction.

We couldn’t have been more happy and we are over the moon to have found Susie. We can’t wait for our next session.   Jessica C. Elkhorn, WI                                                                                                                          Jess and Eric, neat to have been able to solve some of your issues,..can't wait to continue and get Yeti exactly where you need him to be,..God Bless You,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-  Private Lessons~Verified Review                             January 5, 2019                                                              We recently purchased a lab puppy and were growing increasingly frustrated with some behavioral issues. We decided to seek some professional training, so we began searching the internet for local trainers. We started the process at 9:00 pm looking at websites and reading reviews. We stumbled upon Wind Dancer Referrals (Susie) and was impressed by the reviews that were on line. The next thing we noticed is that she was open at 9:30 at night! We called Susie and discussed the situation and she came to our house the next day.

Within minutes of her arrival, we were already seeing a change in our dog’s behavior. The session included a health assessment, a nutrition assessment and then teaching (owner and dog) five commands. Susie leaves you with homework to continue reinforcing the commands and then asks you to provide a 48 hour update on how the dog is doing.

We were extremely impressed by Susie’s professionalism in the way she handles the dog and in the immediate change that we saw in our energetic puppy. Susie makes herself available for questions and pointers and we would (and have) recommended her to others looking for help in training their pets. We look forward to our next training session which will include teaching our 3-year-old granddaughter to give Winnie commands. Susie is a true blessing to our family. Rosemary and Mark Gardner      Elkhorn, WI                                                                                                                                                Thank so very much Rosemary,..I am here to help you and any other person who wants to understand how to work with each and every dog, there are all individual and unique just like we are,..God Bless you and Mark and Winnie too,.Susie/Owner of Wind Dancer Referrals  

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons- Verified Review                December 17, 2018                    We have an 11 month old beagle, Bernie, who was becoming increasingly harder to handle - not listening to us, biting and destroying things. When he ate my glasses, I thought it was time to seek help - and we found Susie! She is wonderful, she connected with the dog immediately; we thought the dog was stupid but apparently he is extremely intelligent and he was not being appropriately stimulated, as well as he thought he should manage the whole family - us stupid humans and felines, and was finding that burden quite stressful! Susie taught us how to interact with him, set boundaries; we are following her instructions and have bought puzzles which Bernie loves, and things are so much better! Susie is a true dog whisperer, Bernie cried for an hour after she left! Thank you Susie!  Rada and Ivan I. River Forest , IL                                                                                                                           Thank you so very much Rada,..I am so pleased we were able to help Bernie and you in just one session, me anytime you need me, was great meeting you ALL,..God Bless you,..Susie 

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review                     December 11, 2018                Susie is a God-send. She came out to help us with our beautiful 6 year old Golden Retriever Cooper that has gotten aggressive and bitten 3 members of the family over the past 3 years. This last time it was to the point where we were needing to find him a new home. These were isolated stressful situations that happened once a year and we tried to adjust ourselves, but after the last instance I found Susie. She is helping us re-train him and helping us work with him to desensitize him. We have had her out once and plan a return visit to keep up the great progress we have made. We are helping him not resource-guard by regularly giving and taking away bones. We are working with him on basic commands and now understand that there are many components that were probably at the heart of his issues, but we are hopeful. He is eager to please and play and loves the trainings. Thank you Susie for helping us!!! SHE IS A DOG WHISPERER:) Christine S.  Richfield, WI                                 Christine,..Thank you so much,..It was understanding how Cooper thinks, Especially with his pack drive and just changing things up so he doesn't feel as if he is running you or the household,..He also has so much energy,..he just needed a challenge from you, glad to know things are so much better, me anytime,..God Bless you all,..Susie  

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~  Verified Review Nov 24, 2018.                                       Can't thank you enough Susie for the incite and professional competence in training & modifying our Nala's behavior. For working around our last minute schedule change due to unexpected circumstances & traveling from WI to NC.
We adopted a 2yr old female German Shepherd who spent most of her time in a kennel & next to no interaction with any other dogs. She had much separation anxiety, liked to nip & wanted to be the alpha dog with us & any dog she saw.
In the short time Susie spent with her, Nala has been more responsive to our commands. Her interaction with other dogs has improved & continues to do so. Even her interaction with our 14yr old cat has improved remarkably.
Thank you again Susie for your work with our sweet Nala & educating us in how to bring out the best in her.   Ruth and John K.  Sparta, NC                                                                                                                                         Ruth, I am honored to have worked with you and so Blessed to hear of the amazing changes, thankful we could make it work,..God Bless you, Susie   
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review            November 30. 2018                       Susie is simply phenomenal when it comes to working with animals! We truly believe she is the dog whisperer. This is the second time we had her come back. She had helped us train our female Akita Phoebe two years ago. Phoebe even after two years still knows all her commands that Susie taught her! It’s simply amazing! Today in just two short hours Susie had our ten week old Akita puppy sitting, doing down, going into his crate and letting us know that he wants to potty outside. Susie was so patient with our puppy Spencer. Never forcing him to do anything. Only positive reinforcements. It’s amazing what a little patience will do in the long run. My husband and I are very happy with the service we received. We highly recommend Susie for all your animal training needs. She is hands down the best!  Yelena R.  South Elgin, Il
Thank you so much Yelena,..It has always been a Blessing to help you with your furry family, me anytime you need me,..Love to ALL, Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review        November 21,2018                             We have a 22 month old German Shepherd named Heidi who is incredibly sweet but would rule the house when my husband wasn't home. She was a true alpha. She would bark uncontrollably both inside and outside. She would jump on anyone who would walk through the door. We didn't know how to get a handle on her behavioral issues, until Susie. Susie is a wealth of knowledge. From education on nutrition and the do's and don'ts of ingredients to different training techniques, we could not believe what a difference she made in just a few short hours. She is truly passionate about what she does and has a true love for animals and improving their well being as well as ours. Since our session she has followed up multiple times to ensure we are comfortable implementing and following through with what she has taught us. She is now a part of our family and would reccomend her time and time again. We are so grateful Susie had come into our lives and can't wait to see her again. Diana and Ray M. Plainfield,  Illinois                                                                                                                        Thank you Diana,..that really means a lot,..I am so glad of the immediate and continual changes in the household and in Heidi and Kiki as well,..I really enjoyed spending time with your family and consider you guys not only as clients, but friends and added family members,'s always about passing Blessings and what we can do to help others,..human or animal,..God Bless you and have an AWESOME Thanksgiving,..Susie                                                                                                                                                  

5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review               November 18, 2018                         We adopted two dogs from a local rescue. One in September of 2017 and another in January of 2018. We became concerned when our younger dog, Otis, began to display aggressive behavior towards other dogs (other than his sister). We typically would walk daily, which became something we were unable to do because of Otis’ unpredictable and new dog-aggressive behavior. We decided to hire an expert, a specialist, someone who knew dog behavior, not simply a “trainer”. When Susie met our dogs, it didn’t take long for her to declare that Otis wasn’t “aggressive”, he was scared. She worked with both dogs to make sure she had all the information she needed, went through some behavior modifications for both dogs and even addressed some of the more “minor” behaviors that we were seeing. We had homework to do and we were instructed to call after 48 hours to check in. We did, and Susie had some adjustments to the training homework and we met again the following week. When she returned, the difference was visible. She not only worked with the dogs, she worked with us, the humans, to make sure we all knew what it was going to take to recondition Otis’ fear-based behavior. She is thorough, kind, firm and clearly has a gift for reading behaviors and finding the proper strategies for training. We feel blessed to have found her!   Chris B, Janesville, WI                                                                Chris,.I can't thank you enough for this and the fact that you care so much as well for all animals as I do,..the "homework" you clearly did and way beyond,..the difference I saw in just one week was absolutely amazing,..I am so glad I was able to help and will continue to come alongside you whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie                                                                   

5/5  STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review    October 21st, 2018                           Susie was a miracle worker! My wife and I own a 3 year old pitbull and just recently got a 4 month old pitbull lab mix. What started out as great playful friendship turned into a nightmare in a few weeks. Everyday they began to fight more and more, sometimes 6 fights a day. We tried everything we read online, but nothing worked. We took a shot and hired Susie, she cared for us and our pets. She totally changed our lives in 1 visit. She taught our new puppy sit, wait, down, off and how to wait for his food. She did not just teach them, but also taught us how to carry out the training that she instilled. Our dogs now sleep in the same dog bed and get along all day without incident. She stopped the constant fear that plagued our household. I could not recommend Susie more.  Greg T.                     Fox River Grove, IL                                                                                                                                       Thank you very much Greg , glad I was able to help, it was a pleasure to work with you and Kelsey, Please keep in touch and let me know if there is anything  I can do to help in any other way,.. God   Bless you,  Susie                                                                                                                 

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review                   Mon Oct 15 2018

When our dog Jake started being more aggressive towards other dogs we started seeking help and was referred to Wind Dancer only through someone else to whom our vet referred us. That, to me, was Only God. She is a true blessing and is exactly what we needed. She was extremely thorough in her evaluation. We learned our baby dog was unfortunately abused at one point in his life, he is older than we thought and has genius intelligence. She told us and showed us how to address the concerning behaviors which also included some marking. It’s only been a couple days but we are already seeing a difference. I can’t wait until we are fully alpha so Jake can just chill and be a dog instead of a furry four legged (albeit super cute) ball of neurotic behaviors. Thank you, Susie.   Cathy S. Schaumburg, IL

                                                                                                                                                   Thank you so much Cathy, was a pleasure to help and to work with your family in establishing these new measures, glad to hear how great things are going in just that ONE session, me anytime,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review       October 7, 2018
We called Susie because our puppy, Wrangler has severe resource guarding issues. We were at the point where we were thinking all hope was lost with helping our puppy. After speaking, at length, with Susie on the phone, we decided it was best to have her come to our home. Susie spent her entire evening in our home getting to know our dog. She was extremely thorough about food, treats and even educated us on ingredients so we really had an understanding of the nutrition our dog does and doesn't need. She worked on Wrangler's resource guarding issues and taught us different reconditioning techniques to practice. We truly have never seen our dog react so well to training nor did we ever think our session would have gone as well as it did. It truly was a miracle seeing how well he responded to Susie. Since our session, Susie has followed up multiple times and is available any time we need her. We plan to continue our training with Susie. She has now finally given us hope with our puppy and truly made a difference in all of our lives.
- Kelsey and Matt, Wheeling IL.  (Amended reviewb October 22, 2018) : Susie came to our home to help our 8 month old lab mix who has a severe resource guarding issue. I myself have been extremely scared to be around my dog while he was around anything food related. Our puppy, Wrangler, is a true alpha who rules the house. We had about lost hope until Suzie came to our home. She customized our training method exactly to our puppy. She stayed in our home long enough to truly get to know him and understand his true personality. Suzie finally gave us hope in a case where nobody else has. We are getting more confident as time goes by because Suzie has truly shown us what we are capable of. We will definitely be continuing our training with Suzie and would recommend her to anyone.
                                                                                                                                                  Thanks so much Kelsey and Matt, was a pleasure to work with your whole family in this venture,..glad to also see immediate changes in Wrangler, anytime and keep me posted on the progress, God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons ~ Verified Review       Monday Octber 1, 2018                   After just a couple of hours with Susie, my Golden Doodle puppy, Minnie has vastly , her commands of sit, down, off and wait. She also helped with stopping the nipping and barking. She helped me with nutrition- food and treats and toys. Since my 4 grandkids spend time with me, they were included in the training so we have consistentcy. I was very pleased.  Pat L. Darien, WI

Pat,.So Glad I was able to help you with Minnie,.Call anytime you need me,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review                      September 12,2018            Suzie is incredible and will help you. She customized her approach and methods to our dog specifically and took time to get to know us and our furry family member. She went the extra mile and helped with some additional tips! Please consider calling Wind Dancer Referrals for any animal training/behavioral needs. You'll gain understanding and piece of mind and your pet will thank you! Cody P.   Lincoln Park, IL                                                                                                        Thank you so much Cody, was a pleasure to work with you and Megan and Capt. America, glad things are starting to take a new route and that you guys have a handle on  his needs and that your homework is going so well, me ANY  time you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie          

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review              July 22, 2018                       "Awesome"!

Worth every penny and more. Very professional and my dog showed improvement immediately   Dawn R.  Farmington Hills, MI                                                                                                                        Thank you Dawn, glad to work with you and be there for you when you need me. I pray the changes will continue and that it will be a happy stress-free home for ALL of you,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STAR  Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review      July 21, 2018                                         "She Can Handle It All!"

My dog experienced a trauma that completely changed his perspective about dogs and people and became totally aggressive towards them & no one could get near us or him. I contacted Susan as my last hope since other trainers techniques have failed and didn’t work with our dog. Susans evaluation is not like any other I’ve seen. She doesn’t have generic techniques that she uses on all dogs. Instead she evaluated him and created a customized training session in specific to his behavior, trauma and needs. Since then she has been absolutely involved in my dogs progress. Before this I was losing hope but we are all literally seeing progress in him so much faster than we expected! We are able to socialize him and strangers can actually walk on the same side walk as us and even pet him at dog parks and he has even become more tolerable towards other dogs as well! Susans follow up progression with your dog, concern, availability, advise & professionalism is a stellar package!    Sabrina J.       Chicago, IL                                                   Thank you so Much Sabrina,..It is my pleasure to help in cases like this, glad we are seeing some progress with Mickey, whenever you need me,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review     July 21st, 2018                                    "First Day Results For A Newly Adopted Dog."

I am very glad called Wind Dancer Referrals (Suzy). We called because our new beloved dog Bebe was very aggressive at the fence line, to the point of self harm. Suzy happened to be in town the weekend of my call and worked with us to arrange an appointment for the next day. The moment she arrived we could tell she was the real deal. By reading her behavior, she revealed hints of Bebe's past, like that she was kicked. During the visit she explained both what she was doing and why she was doing it that way. She even roped the neighbors into the session, it was a learning experience for all. After all it isn't just about dog training, it's about people training too. You could hear the passion in her voice when she explained Bebe's past to our neighbors. We addressed not only the problem behavior but supportive pack dynamics to make our new family member comfortable in her new home and release the burden of being the protector from her shoulders.  Josie P.   Warren, MI                                           Thank you Josie, happy we could make this work on such short notice,..Bebe is a work in progress, but I do see she can learn through her trauma, me whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons- Verified Review                                                            Anyone looking for a behavioral specialist for you pet dog with aggressive/obedience issues, or trauma?? I STRONGLY recommend Susan Hanks from Wind Dancer. My sister spent so much $$$ on various trainers and group sessions for our dog just to get NO RESULTS at all. Our dog was traumatized with aggressive and behavior issues. When my sister found Susan, EVERYTHING changed for the BETTER and he has made phenomenal strides. Susan was God sent because his aggression issues were so bad that we feared having him around people for risk of biting/attacking. I’ve never met anyone like Susan who is as intuitive and well versed in understanding dog language and discerning their needs!! She has such a profound gift in working with animals. She’s very reliable, and transparent in letting you know what is working and not working for your dog. Susan is knowledgeable in healthy nutrition options that can also be a contributing factor to your dogs’ behaviors. I can go on and on about her!!! I thought I’d pass her along as a HIGH RECOMMENDATION to anyone in need of a personal trainer for their dog(s). Check out her website in the link below and the reviews on Google if you don’t believe me Lol. You won’t regret Susan.

Thank you so much Elizabeth,.I am so glad the work is helping,..please call me whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie
July 2, 2018
5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons- Verified Review 
Our dogs were fighting all the time and jumping on us with biting motions. Susie was able to correct that behavior and is amazing with dogs,..Thank you so much  Chris H. Greenfield, IN                                Thank you so much Chris,..It was great meeting some of your family,..especially the 9 grand kids,..they are awesome, glad I was able to help with this behavior for you and Kim,...God Bless you,..Susie

June 24, 2018
 5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons-Verified Review
Susan did a superb job with my pup. I found her work extremely conscientious, professional and goal oriented. My doggie got Susan's message immediately. She hasn't barked at anyone, since Susan left. It was amazing to watch. Susan taught me how to control our interactions. This, without changing our way of life. I recommend her as an animal trainer and problem solver, without reservation.  Nancy G.  Carmel, IN                                                                                                                                       Oh Nancy,...I am so incredibly happy for both you and Sweetheart,..glad I was able to help you get this under control, was an amazing day and so lovely to see all the places and things we have in common, are not only young at heart,..but such a beautiful woman,..I think you told me a fib about your age,...God Bless you,..Susie                                 

June 12, 2018                5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons-Verified Review
Susan was fantastic. She took the time to get to the root of our issues and was patient with us when she explained how to over come them. We now have a clear cut plan of action moving forward. She also was the very first person, including veterinarians, to actually explain what we need to look for and stay away from as far as nutrition. No one else would commit. So grateful for clear and concise guidance. Thank you!  Lisa L. Green Bay, WI                                                                                   Lisa, glad I was able to help you,..please keep me posted and let me know ANYTIME whether I can be of any other help to you guys and Heidi <3 God Bless you,..Susie                                                                                     

June 10, 2018
5/5 Stars Dog Training  -Private lessons~Verified Review  5/5 STARS 
Susie was very knowledgeable and taught us both so much about nutrition, behaviors and training. She did amazing work with Charlie and we could see immediate improvements after our 3 hour session. We were very impressed with her patience, knowledge and her natural ability to work with dogs. We would highly recommend Susie!  Jeff B. Milwaukee, WI                                                                                Thank you so much Jeff and Abbey, glad I was able to help you and I can't wait for your progress report, me anytime you or Charlie need me,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~~ Verified Review                             June 4th, 2018               Her passion for helping me and my dogs along with how educated and professional she is, makes her so amazing to work with.  Lexi R.  Madison, WI                                                                       Thank you so much Lexi,..I just try to make a difference where God has me, glad that you are already seeing changes,..I am here for you whenever you need me,..God Bless you,.Susie                                                                  

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review                          May 31, 2018                    Very passionate about what she does and is very honest.  Gina V. Mt Pleasant, WI                                    Thank you very much Gina,..glad I was able to help when you needed it the most....God Bless you and your family,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~~Verified Review              May 25th, 2018                          Susie was an AMAZING Professional. Her work with our dogs was fantastic,..the one we called her about biting and aggression issues, showed almost immediate results. I highly recommend Wind Dancer Referrals.      Margery N. Galena, Il                                                                           Margery,...WOW!!  What a wonderful compliment, one that I strive each day to live up to..           I can't thank you enough for your kind words, glad to have met you and Bob and been able to help with all 3 of your dogs,..especially "SNOW" Please call anytime you need me,..God Bless you,.Susie                                                  

May 14, 2018
5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~~Verified review
Thank you for your patience and knowledge! Very informative and thorough!   Tricia E. Geneva, Il           Thank you so much Tricia, have a beautiful family, glad to be able to help in ANY way I can,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training~ Private Lessons-Verified Review                                          April 25, 2018     

What I love most about Susie is...all of the above, literally. My family and I feel that we made the right decision about choosing her to help us with our dog. She expects follow-ups and will literally work with you for as long as you need her to. I have been to expensive trainers that do not care to follow up or will charge you a whole limb for a follow up appointment or have to purchase another package as if to start over just to see that their techniques are not working with our pup. I have 10lb YorkiePom mix that is almost 2 years old and he tries to attack people and dogs and he is even very anxious with when leave the house and he has some obedience issues. We had him since he was 8weeks old so we are so lost about where this aggression came since he used to be sweet to other dogs and other people. Susie will literally come to your home and diagnose him, physically and mentally to get to bottom of the issue. TBH I was unsure this would work because his behavior seemed so hopeless to fix since we tried so many things that didn't work for us from other trainers, but Susie has honestly been a guardian angel in our lives. It has only been exactly one week since she has came to work with us and I am literally seeing the changes & I am grateful. She is a great listener (and she will ask all the necessary questions to make sure she is prepared for you and your dog! She is very flexible, extremely passionate in her work, and generally cares about your dog - even their diet! (and that is everything to me personally). She will not train your dog like all others, her session will be customized to the needs and temperament of your dog. She is first key to you & your pups journey to awesomeness! You will not regret it, she is truly a blessing!   Sabrina J.   Chicago, Il                                                                  Sabrina,..I can't thank you enough for your thoughts and confidence in my gift of training,..but to be fair, guys are doing the work to change the situation after I pointed out what I was seeing that brought on Mickies aggression spells,..I pray that the progress continues and call me anytime you need me,..I loved meeting your whole family and I am Blessed to call you friends, as well as clients,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training ~Private Lessons- Verified Review                                           April 21, 2018
Susie was great! She was so quick to respond and she arrived right on time for our appointment. She was able to get me in quickly. I have been very frustrated in training progress with our Pom Sophie but having Susie teach my husband and I certain techniques tailored to Sophie, I can already see some positive changes in her this afternoon and evening. While I know we have a lot of training ahead of us to work with Sophie, I am really glad we met Susie and got her help. It certainly took a lot of the stress and anxiety away that I was feeling. I also like that she went over feeding, what she should be eating and playtime, not just behavior.   Betty S.   Chicago, Il                                                                Betty, glad I was able to help with the aggression,..she is so smart,..just needs to do some scheduled thinking sessions,..God Bless you both,..Susie

April 18, 2018
5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review
I have to say I had one of the best experiences of my life. Susie really takes pride in her work, she was amazing with my dogs and children. She is patient but the dogs knows who's boss. She took her time and learned each dog. We have a lot of work to go, but I know now we are heading in the right direction. I am thankful and so blessed to have met such a wonderful person. I look forward to days ahead to more well behaved dogs.    Heather M.  Skokie, IL                                                                    Thank you Heather,..your children are precious and such helpers,..glad to have met your sister and her husband as well,..We'll keep moving forward,..glad to be of service to you all,..God Bless you,..Susie

10/10 STARS Dog Training ~~ Private Lessons- Verified Review                      April 9th, 2018            Wow!  So informative, and not just a training but an experience! We have an 8 month old baby, and Susie was helpful with helping Cyrus feel more at ease with her. Cyrus is a very smart dog who likes to be the "alpha", and we learned to firmly but lovingly teach him we are "alpha" over him. We are also thankful that Susie informed us about the dangers in different common dog food. She will definitely be our go-to from now on :) We very much appreciate your dedication! God Bless The Lawrence's Peoria Il  Courtney and Steve, was a Blessing to have been able to help and guide you in this process,..I pray that the reports KEEP being good ones and anytime you need me,..I'm only a phone call away,..God Bless your family and ALL you do for HIS Kingdom!  Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training Private Lessons-Verified Review                                                   April 6, 2018
We were amazed at the results from our session. Our dogs are beginning to interact now with much less conflict. We were shown how to modify the dogs' behavior properly. Overall, a very good experience!    Michael D.  Bloomington, Il
Thank you so much Mike,..I appreciate your confidence in me,..nothing short of an AMAZING session today with absolutely no aggression rearing its head, me anytime,..God Bless, Susie

5/5 STARS   Dog Training Private lessons~~ Verified Review                                              April 4, 2018
Susie is a blessing. My husband and I have had cats for the past several years and knew nothing about dogs when we decided to get one. Susie gave us the knowledge we needed to be good dog owners and help the dog and cats adjust to each other. We still have a ways to go with his training but we both now feel much more confident in what we're doing. Thank you Susie!   Melissa L. Kenosha, WI.
   Melissa, are more than welcome,..,my mission is to being Happy, Healthy, Stressfree and safe households for ALL family members,..including the furry or scaly kind,..I t was a pleasure to help you and Ed feel more confident in any situation,..God Bless you, me anytime,..Susie

March 29, 2018
10/10 STARS  Dog Training- Private lessons!! Verified Review
We hired Susie to help us with our miniature Dachshund, Bowie. He’s just over one year old and began exhibiting sever fear-based aggression when he was just six months old. We had socialized him with other dogs and people from a young age, so needless to say we were confused when he started exhibiting this behavior. My fiancé and I had tried to fix the issue ourselves, but as much as we read online and tried to make it work we couldn’t. We then brought in a “trainer” who immediately put our dog on a prong collar, jerked him all around, and generally traumatized the heck out of him. Then she never called us or contacted us again... Finally we heard about Susie from our friends who had a similar situation. From the moment she walked in the door Bowie was a changed dog. I have never seen anyone have animals react to them with such immediate respect. Susie spent all afternoon at our home, and by the time she left Bowie was completely changed. Most importantly, the fear-based aggression has stopped, but he also treats me and my fiancé with more respect. We cannot emphasize enough what a godsend Susie was for us - we had all but given up hope. Thank you, Susie for doing such an amazing job. 10/10 will recommend to anyone and everyone.    Carla N. Chicago, IL                                                          
Thank you so much Carla and Walker, was great to be able to be there for you and work with Bowie with progress where others had let you down. Please stay in touch and let me know anytime I can be of service to you,..God Bless You,..Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~Verified Review    March 2, 2018

Susie is the REAL DEAL! I have a fairly new situation with aggression between my three dogs which without going into detail, was VERY concerning for my husband and I and we were not able to resolve this on our own and absolutely knew we had to get "professional help" for. I happened to google dog behavior specialists and Susie's name popped up. I knew nothing about her or her level of expertise. I am here to say SHE IS THE BEST! Without any hesitation, I would recommend her!!! We are truly blessed by God to have her cross our paths at this difficult time! With all the scams etc. out there, it was so meaningful to experience/have what she says she is able to do! My dogs were together in the same room for the first time since January 19th, when the "incident" took place. AMAZING! We are so excited moving forward! Donna C.  Sheboygan, WI                                                          Donna,...Thank you so much for your confidence in allowing me to be a part of helping in this situation,..we want a happy, healthy, stress-free household ,..keep me posted and anytime you need me just call,..God Bless you and Don ,..Susie                                                                              

5/5 STARS  Dog Training~Private Lessons -Verified                                            March 2, 2018  

Wind Dancer Referrals is fantastic. Exceptional professional assistance with training our family black lab puppy and our 6 year old TeddyBear. Clare F.   Kohler WI.                                                         Thank you so much Clare, was a Blessing to work with you and meet some of your amazing family,..keep me posted,..God Bless,..Susie                                                              
                                                                                                                                                       5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~~Verified Review                   October 18th, 2017                     Suzie came into our house and showed us how to be confident and dominant with our dogs. She is very educated in dogs and other animals. What makes her stand out the most is how much she cares about her clients and animals. She is well educated, truly cares, and wants what is best for you and your animals. You truly won’t find a better trainer/person like Suzie. Nathan N.  Kenosha,WI                  Nathan,..thank you, however,..the whole purpose of the lesson is to be a POSITIVE leader,..NOT to dominate which instills the fear that Gunnar has in him we are trying to work with now,..we always want the animals to be allowed to respect us,..and to be gentle, positive, patient but firm leaders as they need us to be,..can't wait to continue to hear the progress reports and always to make sure that you are acting on the side of safety, me whenever you need to,..God Bless you and Courtney,...Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~~ Verified Review                        October 16th, 2017       Susie is awesome. She embodies it all: quality work, professionalism, she was responsive to our needs and that of our dog. She was very punctual and to my husband and myself (and our dog Gracie) she was worth her weight in gold!!! Janet F. S. Beloit, Il                                                                     Thank you so very much Janet,..It was an AMAZING experience to work with you and your husband Shelby, wonderful to meet people of like minds as well,..please keep me posted and I will continue to help you in whatever way I can,..God Bless You BOTH,.Susie                                                                          

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review    October 9th, 2017                               Susie was excellent in identifying the issues with my dog and helped me with tools to resolve those issues. Obviously, wrong behaviors learned over time need consistency and patience to correct. I feel highly empowered after her visit to solve my dogs issues - leash pulling, hyperactivity and fearful aggression when he sees other dogs, prey drive when he sees small animals like squirrels and biggest if them all - wanting to kill the mail truck. Susie taught me how to take control and redirect his focus. Right from the time she walked in, it was clear she was the alpha and my dog immediately fell in line to what she was telling him. Obviously her calm and assured energy was paramount to my dog relaxing and following her lead. I would highly recommend her if you’re struggling with behavioral issues with your dog. Now it’s up to me to consistently follow through and teach my dog what is acceptable and what is not.   Ji V.  Oak Creek, WI                                                                                                    Thank you so much Ji,..It was an amazing day working with TinTin,..both of you are doing a GREAT job now that you know the basic fundamentals, is NOT anyones fault when they have been given the wrong information or training advice and every animal learns in a different way,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~ Verified Review     September 26, 2017                             Susie was everything and more I would hope she would be. I am forever grateful for her hard work and time spent with Lola and I. She listened and worked with Lola in a way that is truly special to see. I cannot rave about her enough she is the dog behavioralist whisperer!  I am a 26 year old living with my boyfriend in the city of Chicago and we have a fur baby named Lola who we rescued off the street when she was 3 weeks old! Being our first dog and not really knowing how to properly care for that little of a puppy was a huge learning experience and also very intimidating! She is now 12 weeks old and is a happy little thing but was starting to display some aggressive behaviors. It was crucial to both of us to get this issue fixed asap considering she is around people all the time. I was researching calling my vet for days trying to solve this, looking online for trainers but I was not satisfied enough with anyone's answers that I had spoken to. I went on thumbtack and Susie contacted me immediately! She called me that day and I knew that moment this woman meant business! This isn't just a hobby or money for her this is what she was put on this earth to do and it shows! Not only did she educate us on Lola, but on food ingredients proper treats and so much more. She was honest on ever topic and was very clear as to the type of service she would be providing. Long story short she worked with us and Lola and within 24hrs there was a drastic change in Lola's behavior in the best way possible! I can't rave about Susie enough not only did she teach me things I thought I'd never understand but she truly saved our baby. We are forever grateful to you Susie and so is Lola. I cannot recommend Susie enough don't hesitate just contact her for any issue or beahvorial problem you are having with your pet and Susie will deliver!!! Brittany J. Chicago, IL                                                                                    Thank you so much Brittany,..I a so glad that things have taken a turn for the better, agrression like that is very uncommon in a puppy so young, but she has had a rough beginning..May you, Andrea and Matt be Blessed and Lola learn that a foundation cures all that ails,..God Bless you,..Susie      

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons-Verified Review      September 11. 2017                             Susan was amazing. She is true to all her reviews, in that she took control of the environment and both my dogs (one who has fear/aggression issues), during the time she was here (3 hours). My problem dog was showing significant progress within an hour or so. Susie does a great job at interviewing us clients as well as being informative, professional and successful. Our problem dog was continuing with progress throughout the night. I was amazed at Susan's way with dogs; she really is the real deal. 😇 Chelsea P.    Ann Arbor, MI                                                                                       Thank you so much Chelsea and Jon,..I really enjoyed helping you with Ziggy and Max,..and I also loved meeting your mom as well,..what a wonderful woman,..keep up the work and keep me posted, me whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private lessons- Verified Review   September 7, 2017                                Susie Hanks does an amazing job! Before we found her we were seriously considering taking our dog to the humane society because we just couldn't control him. My husband and I were amazed how Susie had literally changed our dog within seconds. We are now confident that we can control our dog. No longer do we have to worry about him jumping through our house windows to chase a squirrel, jump on people, show aggression toward another dog or any other negative behavior. Not only is Susie, by far, the best animal behavioralist and trainer, she is also very affordable and much less expensive than any other I've found. If you want your pet healthier and happier and peace in your home, don't wait, call Susie!  Lori A. Grand Haven, MI                                                                                                      Thank you so much Lori,..I am so pleased about this review and the changes in Max already so soon,..God Bless,..Susie ( P.S. also so enjoyed my evening with you and Jon <3                                                                                                                                                                                             5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons-Verified Review (Aggression issues) September 8th 2017       Fantastic experience my wife is much better prepared to deal with our dog now and he is responding much better to her commands now.  James M. Cedar Springs, MI                                                             Thank you so much James, are such an AWESOME trainer yourself,..Diana will pick it up with our help, glad to be able to implement a better tool for both of you to use with Titus! Have a Blessed Day,..Susie                                                                                                                                            5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons- Verified Review  September 10. 2017                                 Susie addressed our needs and was extremely helpful with guiding us toward our ultimate goal. We have a lot of work ahead of us but are thrilled to have Susie's help along the way!!! Thank you Susie!! Pam C.   Caledonia, MI                                                                                                                   Thank you so much Pam,..enjoyed working with your whole family,..just hoping we can get Kelly the help she needs,..God Bless you, Susie      

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review   August 31th, 2017                                     Words can't describe how wonderful she is! She really helped change things in our household and we feel as if we were given a new dog!   Anonymous                                                                          Thank you so much whoever this is,.My ministry is to strive to bring order and a stress free household to all families I come into contact with,..May you be Blessed,..Susie  

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons! Verified Review   August 26th, 2017                                   Susie communicated with us during the entire process--from the day I first contacted her about her dog training services-- so nothing came as a surprise to us. She was very clear about how to be in touch with her, what kind of information she needed from us, what services we could expect her to provide regarding our dogs' training (which includes a 48-hour follow-up), what the fees would be based on, and what kind of follow-up services she could provide. She is very professional and knowledgeable. After observing, testing, and interacting with our dogs, she instructed us on how our dogs learned and what tools and techniques would be most useful to us in training them. After a four-hour session with Susie in our home, we feel equipped to make some positive changes in our dogs' behavior. We have been practicing what we learned from her, and already see a difference in our dogs' behaviors. (And, it's only day 1.)   Linnae A. Rochelle, IL                                                                                       Linnae,..I look forward to all the progress you will have with BOTH your dogs...they are so smart and eager to please,..Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you on getting things turned around,..God Bless You,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review   August 24th, 2017    Suzy is beyond professional. Her knowledge and expertise will help insure our puppies grow into healthy, happy, loyal companions. We highly recommend Suzy for any type of training you may need.  Cathy G.  Park Ridge, IL    Thank you very much Cathy! It was great working with your whole family,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review      August 18, 2017                                    First rate experience! We adopted a rescue that was so full of fear we couldn't come near him. His fear aggression led him to bite at us if we came near his space. Susie came to our home & in one mornings time she had given us the tools to be able to physically handle the dog. After 2 months of having him in our home without being able to come near him, we nearly cried when we could first hold him & pet him. Susie went the extra mile & helped us get our little guy to the vet, went over our food choices with him & taught us how to position ourselves so that we could work with him. We were fearful at first to try the techniques without her. However, with Susie's wise words & training of the humans in the house we powered forward. He is now experiencing the love of human interaction. He has since discovered his love for snuggling, laying in the grass & evening walks. I am simply amazed at the turn around. Susie was paramount in giving this little guy a new life. We are forever grateful! The before & after photos say it all!  Heather J.   Randolf, WI.                                                        Heather,..I can't tell you how happy this makes me,.WOW! What a transformation for Rascal,..and you guys are the key because you are doing the follow-up work,..I am truly Blessed to be able to help these animals and their people learn about each other,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review         August 12, 2017                              Susie "saved" this family. If we could not get this dog, Charley< to train, we were going to have to surrender him to a rescue shelter. After 15 minutes, she had Charley sitting, lying, off furniture and people, and most importantly not attacking the little dogs. He was well behaved with the small children instead of jumping and knocking them down. Susie even took Charley and his owner, our daughter Kalyn, for a walk to teach her how to handle him outside of his comfort zone. Susie literally save us from making a decision we all knew would devastate our family. The saying "God sends angels in plain clothing" is an accurate statement for our new friend Susie.  Carole F.  Wyandotte, MI               Carole,.you are so special to me in my life and in my heart! As is your family,..I am so overjoyed that I was able to use my God Given gifts to help Charley and your family to have a more cohesive family and pack units,..Call me anytime,..for ANYTHING,..not just doggie stuff,..Much Love and Gods Blessings,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review   August 9th, 2017                                 Words elude me; to say that Susie (Wind Dancer Referrals) is the best is a drastic understatement. The knowledge, experience, passion & love that she brings is unmatched. In fact, it is so much so that I initially thought she was just too good to be true. From the amount of experience she has, the number of clients she works with, the degree of knowledge she shares and the price that she charges - I had a hard time believing she was the real deal. Then, she showed up at my door and let me tell you, she is far more than the real deal - she is an absolute God send! Within 5 minutes of her being at my house, my furbaby (Riley) was doing things that I had spent hours trying to teach her; and after 2+ hours, my baby was doing things I never thought I'd see her do. Not only is she listening to me better than ever but she is beginning to relax in ways she never has been able to. Her interaction with other dogs is beginning to change & I can almost visible see her anxiety decreasing. I am certain that this progress will only continue and that Riley's life will be what I want for her, the best one she can have. So, would I recommend Susie (Wind Dancer Referrals)?? I absolutely would!! And I can promise, this woman will not only bless you in regards to your dogs life but your life will be enriched by her presence, as well. Riley & I could never thank Susie enough for what she has brought to our home or the difference she has made in our lives. May God continue to bless this remarkable woman and the incredible, unparalleled business that she has!!  Libby P. Battle Creek, MI                            Libby,..words elude me as well in how to thank you for such an awesome reference,..I am so Blessed to know you and have not only another cross country client ,..but a true friend as well,..keep up the amazing work you are continuing to relieve her stress and call ANYTIME you need me,..God Bless you as well,..Susie  

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~Verified Review   August 7th, 2017                                              Susie was very responsive! I contacted her through thumbtack and she immediately got back to me. She also gave me some pointers to help me in the mean time. I just adopted a dog from a shelter and he was misbehaving and I had no idea how to handle it. I can't wait to work with her in the future!  Rebecca G.   Grand Blanc, MI                                                                                                         Thank you so very much Rebecca,..anytime I can be of service or help to you ,..Just call,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review             August 7th, 2017                          Susie was wonderful and professional. Within 1 hour Bambi was a different dog, in fact our grandson for the first time could pet Bambi and not get pushed down. Susie trained us very well. I would recommend her without question.      Glenn S. Toledo, Ohio                                                         Thank you very much Glenn, was a pleasure to work with ALL of you and to help you implement life changing techniques for yourselves and Bambi,..God Bless you,..Susie                              

 5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review   August 6th,.2017                                                   Susie's honesty and professionalism set her apart from the rest. She spent more time with my family and I helping us with our dog, both on the phone and in person, than she was paid to do. Susie will tell you that she does it because of her love for animals, and there is no doubt this is true. She is an amazing person and truly knows her calling. Thank you for helping our family move in the right direction. Renee B.  St Clair Shores, MI *This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, value, responsiveness, and punctuality.

Thank you Renee,...wish I could have been of more help,..I thank you for your kind words and faith in me,..I just want ALL involved to be safe,..this is the MOST difficult part of my job,..God Bless You,..Susie                                                                                                                                           5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review       August 6th, 2017                                                       Susie was absolutely fantastic! She was everything I had hoped she would be & more !  I was on the verge of surrendering my dog , Susie taught me A LOT in a short amount of time ~ I'm going to use the tools & guidance she gave me & give it a "go" with my dog ! Susie is truly amazing with animals & she's an angel ! Thanks so much !!!!! ~ Suzan ( Detroit , MI )                                                              Suzie,...Thank you so much,..I pray that EVERYTHING in your life works out,..not just Nyx,..I feel I made a new friend in you and Nyx,..God Bless you,..Susie                                                             5/5 STARS  Dog Training- Private Lessons~Verified Review         August 6th, 2017                                    Susan was great with my two dogs! I have two Australian Shepherd rescues and they are very high energy and smart! Susan helped me to fine tune my younger guy and I am sure our life will be much better because of it... Thank you Susan!!  Mari Jo. A.   Troy, MI                                                               Thank you very much Mari Jo,..glad I was able to bring a little more peace to your life and to your dogs,..God Bless You,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training~ Private Lessons- Verified Review      July 30, 2017                                     Susie did a wonderful job explaining the root cause of our dog Maggie's "door and visitor" issues. She systematically observed her behavior and made effective recommendations to correct both how we handle Maggie and how Maggie responds. No more "princess pillows!!" We've all learned who needs to be in charge in order to help Maggie get over her anxiety and have a calmer happy home. It's also helped us unlock the potential in our girl...did not realize how smart she really is and that this requires constant attention. Thanks Susie for guiding us in the right direction!!!  Roberta & PJ  S. Campton Hills, IL                                                                                                                                           Roberta, are more than welcome,..glad to be of service to you and your family and to help you understand a little more of what is in Maggies head,..she is amazing,..continue the great work,..God Bless you,.Susie

July 25, 2017    
5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review        
Susie is very easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable. She treated my pet like her own dog and helped me immensely in dealing with the problems I was experiencing.   Mary T.   Glendale, WI     Thank you very much Mary, was a pleasure to help you work with Bella,..always a treat to work with a cutie patootie like her and help her get over her fears,..God Bless You,..Susie       

July 19, 2017
5/5 STARS Dog Training ~ Private Lessons- Verified Review
Suzie was amazing. She really had me take a step back and took time to explain how my interactions with my dog are received by him and what he is thinking. Looking at it now what I was doing wrong makes complete logical sense. She took time to teach my five year old son how to work with him and was very personable. By the time she left he had been sitting in her lap and took every piece of advice to heart. Meant a lot to me. Even just tonight the same day she was here I see a different happier dog who is already responsive to the commands she taught. I would highly recommend her to anyone and it was a wonderful experience! Very thankful I found her to guide my family in the right direction.  Aericka P.  West Bend, WI                                                                                                                       Oh Aericka,..Bless your heart,..Jackson has stolen mine,..even when Ryan tried to take him off my lap he STILL wanted to be there,..I LOVED IT,..and that he paid me his own saved up .51 cents was precious,..even when I told him "Mommy already paid me sweetie", neat to have worked with your family and helped influence some small but big changes and that you are on your way to being Timbers ALPHA mom!! Thank you so much,..glad to be of help to you,..God Bless your whole family,..Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training Private Lessons=Verified Review                                                                   Susie was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and super helpful. My rescue dog was becoming unruly and not a nice housemate. Susie has helped us become friends again and we can confidently go out in public without worrying who he might bite. Happy person, happy dog. I highly recommend Wind Dancer Referrals!!! Joan July 15th, 2017  Horicon, WI                                                                                          Wow!! Thank you ever so much Joan,..I simply strive to help the animals and the people I work with,..and use my gifts to bring about a positive change,..God Bless you,..Susie/Owner of Wind Dancer Referrals, LLC

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~Verified Review
Susie was full of helpful information...I seemed to be doing it all wrong, lol. I can't wait to see the changes, good of course, in my pup. Thanks!!   Katreena Y.   July 14, 2017   Detroit, MI
Thank you so much Katreena,..I am here to help,..not to judge,..please always let me know whenever I can be of help to you,..God Bless you,..Susie

Dog Training   5/5 STARS Private Lessons-Verified Review
Susie has been absolutely amazing! She has always responded in a timely manner and always listens and answers my questions  Sue B.  July 12th, 2017 Adrian, MI
Thank you so much Sue,..I try my best to be of service to ALL who come into contact with me,..not only for their animals,...but for their own knowledge as well,,..God Bless you,.Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons!~Verified Review                  

Great experience and fun learning with Susie how to better understand and kindly groom our dog's behavior to make him a better family member, neighbor and friend to other dogs. Seeing results in the first few hours  Lei D. Knoxville, TN  July 9, 2017
        Thank you so much Lei,..It was a pleasure to work with ALL of you,..but your daughter Josie is simply AMAZING,..and especially with animals,.I knew I felt a connection to her immediately,..just work on separating yourself more from Huggs and those results can increase and get so much better as long as he is getting the structure he needs,..may you be Blessed,..and call me anytime you need me,..Susie                                            

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review                                                                 
Susie is truly an amazing woman to work with. She worked great with my pups and helped me more    
than just my dogs. I would recommend her to anyone.  Benjamin G.   Bean Station, TN    July 7, 2018    Benjamin,.thank you so much and Brittany as well,..came to train, and ended of leaving with a home cooked meal and two new amazing friends!! So glad to help in ANY way I can,..personally or professionally,..God Bless you ALL,..Susie

 4/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons-Verified Review
Susie was very knowledgeable over the phone, she gave clear feedback and concern for any and all questions I asked. She is very straightforward and will not sugarcoat anything. Which to be honest caught me off gaurd at first, but with that said I could tell she has a real passion for what she does and is really aiming towards helping and educating people. I had booked an appointment with her, but had to cancel a week later due to stumbling upon a great trainer really close to our home. Susie gave me advice regarding better food choices though, because of her Marnie is responding better in general. Which lead my wife and I to be more proactive in what we feed to our puppy and we've even looked into what we feed our cats now too. If it wasn't for Susie, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about what really goes into pet food. Unfortunately we won't get to see Susie in her element, but if something for any reason comes up that we can't fix I'll know who to call.  Morgan H. Racine, WI
  Thank you very much Morgan, glad you were able to find another great trainer so close to you,..please call whenever you need to,...glad to be of so much help to you,..God Bless,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training ~Private Lessons- Verified Review
My experience was more than I could have asked for. She worked very systemically and logically in a way I could follow and see progress right before my eyes.  Eileen W. Racine, WI
Thank You Eileen,..It was a pleasure to work with you, Noelle and Wrigley,...and help you establish some alpha foundation,..they are AMAZING dogs,..especially Wrigley with his genius level intellect,..Call me if you need me,..God Bless you ,...Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~Verified Review

We contacted Susie after our dog had started to become increasingly aggressive. We knew it was based out of fear, and not because he was truely a mean dog. After several internet searches to try and fix this problem on our own, nothing was changing. Susie came to our house and explained how being the alpha of the house is extremely important. We talked about the types of food and treats to give and different strategies to show the dog who the alpha is. Fear aggression doesn't change overnight but when Susie handled our dog outside, he was like a totally different dog. No barking or growling at anyone in front of the house (he had been territorial aggressive as well) which was just shocking to us. We still have a lot of work to do on our own to make sure this behavior sticks, but we feel much better that we are on the right track. I also very much appreciate that we can call her at anytime after the appointment to talk things through free of charge. Susie really cares about what she is doing and takes it extremely seriously which we really appreciated. She gave us some very good advice and showed us with her actions. 

Brendan L. Chicago, Il on June 12, 2017

Susan H. from Wind Dancer Referrals-Midwest Region replied to this review on June 12, 2017

Thank you very much Brendan,..I appreciate that and love to help,..especailly when it is involving aggression issues,..please keep me updated , but so happy the other day went so well,..and nice to meet your neighbors and family,..God Bless, Susie

5/5 STARS Animal Training and Behavior Modification (Non-canine) CATS~~ Verified Review

I highly recommend Susie of Wind Dancer Referrals,LLC-Midwest Region. She was very professional, but also very caring of my two cats. She put me at ease right away. She helped me with introducing my 16 year old cat to a new cat who is very aggressive. She gave each cat a check-up and went over their diets with me. She made suggestions to help with their quality of life. She said diet can be a factor in aggressive behavior. She definitely has a way with animals. My 16 year old cat who runs and hides from everyone even sat on her lap.

Mary L. Chicago, IL on June 10, 2017

Susan H. from Wind Dancer Referrals-Midwest Region replied to this review on June 10, 2017

Thank you so much Mary Lou, was a pleasure to work with you and if need be continue to help with Samantha and Nora to safely get together if at all possible,...I ALWAYS want my clients to know what is going on in dietary issues so they can always give their furry children the best,..God Bless you and and James and the kitties,..Susie

Ashlyn Gilpin-Dallas, Il /Bettendorf, IA

· 9 hours ago 5/5 STARS~Dog Training -Private Lessons/Aggression Reconditioning
I love how Susan just took control and completely changed the atmosphere in our household. My miniature Aussie is already realizing things are going to change and I couldn't be happier with the results that are already presenting themselves. Not only does she care for the animals, but she made sure our needs were taken care of also. When I had no one else to turn to for my aggressive puppy, Susan gave me hope that he can be redirected after his previous trauma. What she does is so helpful and she truly shows a passion for the animals well-being. I couldn't be more happy with having her travel to see us.        
Thank you Ashlyn, are the FIRST family who reached me and I drove 500 miles to work with all by yourselves,...Langston is a work in progress and I see hope,..just keep up the good work and keep our communication open and let me know if you need me...I love your attitude towards animals and I feel you have an AWESOME future ahead of you,..Susie Thanks for letting me add yet another state to my roster while coming to see you,.. God Bless you,..Susie

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Susan is wonderful. She made me a better dog owner. Thank you for all you've done to help us and Pearl. Margie G. Pewaukee, WI May 31st
Thank you very much Margie, glad to help, Pearl is such a sweetie as is her family,..God Bless,..Susie/Wind Dancer Referrals, LLC

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private lessons~Verified Review

    She was very open, honest, patient, respectful, knowledgeable and just awesome to work with. My whole family learned a lot working with her.

    Nicole C. Menomonee Falls, WI on May 12, 2017

    You replied to this review on May 12, 2017

    Thank you so much Nicole, have a wonderful family and an AMAZING puppy,...can't wait to see where you take her,..firm, loving, patient, work with her and the sky is the limit,..please continue to keep in touch,..God Bless you,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~ Verified Review

    Although she may be more expensive than other dog trainers, she is highly qualified and committed to working with you and your dog to address any issues you may be having. I've learned I needed trained as much as my dog. I now have the tools I need to (after four years) to stop her from pulling me down the block!

    Mary C. Chicago, IL on May 10, 2017

    You replied to this review on May 10, 2017

    Thank you Mary,..I try my best to stay reasonable,..your first evaluation is more, as we are learning the drive of your dog and how they learn,..very in depth,..Mental, Physical, emotional and intelligence,..unlike most trainers who just use the same methods with EVERY dog,..which does NOT work, all animals are unique individuals who learn in different ways ,..just as every person does,..I am so glad I was able to get to you so quickly and help you with Penny,..please keep me posted with any updates or needs, that you are past the expensive part, the rest is a piece of cake,..glad to have given you help and hope,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Animal Training and Behavior Modification-private Lessons~~ Verified Review

"Phenomenal"                                                                                                                                 This woman has an amazing gift to understand animal behavior! Very professional and informative. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is dealing with dog behavior and aggression issues.

Wendy W. Talkeetna, AK on May 9, 2017 (see photo of Wendy w/Mara & Kana in Gallery)

You replied to this review on May 9, 2017

Thank you so much Wendy and Tom,..I am so stoked to be able to help Mara with her aggression and fear,..she has been through so much,..we just need to let her know everyone is not going to hurt her,..God Bless you and it was a joy to work with ALL of you,..Kana is my new best friend, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~~Verified Review

We would highly recommend Susan. She was great to work with and took the time to understand the dynamic happening with our dog. We have seen an improvement almost instantly. She is a professional who has an obvious love for animals and an uncanny understanding of their behaviors.

Stephanie G. Chicago, IL on May 7, 2017

You replied to this review on May 7, 2017

Thank you very much Stephanie, was great to work with You and Miles,..he is so eager to learn,..we just need to guide him in a way he knows,..he has NOTHING to fear, me anytime you need me, God Bless you, Susi

5/5 STARS Dog Training - Priavte Lessons~~Verified Review

"Excellent trainer" !

Susan was very professional and very knowledgeable of her work and the healthy products to feed and keep my dog fit

Jackson J. Aurora, IL on May 1, 2017

You replied to this review on May 1, 2017

Thank you Jackson,..It was a pleasure to work with you and Champ,..and my goodness did you name him right,..with his intelligence,..he is going to be an AMAZING dog,..just let him always know you are his alpha leader in a kind and loving way,..and the sky is the limit with him,..God Bless you,..Susie,..(call me anytime)!

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~~Verified Review

There are not enough great words to say about Suzie. My Silky Terrier puppy and I were both stressed after relocating from Chicago to TN. Suzie walked in and immediately put us both at ease and showed how my becoming an Alpha Dog would give us both a sense of stabiity and control. She did more than just show me how to get her to settle and listen, she talked with me about nutrition for my dog and how to keep her healthy. We analyzed the ingredients in the food I was feeding her and the type of treats I was using and armed with that information, I am making better decisions that affect my puppie's health. And if I am struggling with something, Suzie is always just a phone call away. Whether adding a new dog to your home, or dealing with issues with an existing animal, you cannot go wrong with Suzie.

Cathy B. Vonore, TN on April 29, 2017

You replied to this review on April 29, 2017

Oh Cathy,..thank you so much,..I appreciate that so much coming from you,..I know how utterly stressed you were and the main things was for me to bring you and Asher some hope. I am so glad I was able to do THAT and so much more,..please keep in touch for ANYTHING you need,..God Bless you,..Susi

5/5 STARS  Dog Training Private Lessons~ Verified Review   "PHENOMENAL~~"                                      My son & I recently experienced some behaviors from our puppy that was concerning. After my first contact with Susie...I knew she was the trainer we needed. She stays in constant contact with you. No matter where she is. Being a new puppy owner we did not know the best way to train or what we were doing. By far the best training experience my son & I have received in our home.
She was patient, honest informative & her positive energy allowed us to feel very comfortable with her. Susie has a very special gift with animals & our Pomsky Sapphire took right to her as well as we did. We all benefited from her showing us techniques in a positive way. Educating us on the food & addressed all our questions in ways we understood. She traveled such a distance for us.... because she truly loves what she does & it shows. I teased her she needs to clone herself ... if only more trainers were like her. I would highly recommend her. My son Connor(12) rated her above 10. I think that says it all.
Kelly McGee Franklin, TN

Kelly M. on April 27, 2017

You replied to this review on April 27, 2017

Kelly,..I can't thank you enough for your kind words and so glad that this experience was so much better and more informative than the first "Trainer" you tried, is my job to easily convey to you how your dog learns and make that easy and a good transition for your family,..Conner is great! Call me whenever you need me and may your family be Blessed,..Sus

5/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~~ Verified Review                                                                        I am so very fortunate that I found Susie! My pups & I couldn't be more satisfied with the knowledge & training techniques Susie provided. Her professionalism was spot on! You can tell that she genuinely cares for all animals & it shows in her work! I would HIGHLY recommend Susie to anyone! Thank you for helping get some order back in my home. You truly are a GIFT!

Candi C. ,  Corryton , TN on April 23, 2017

You replied to this review on April 24, 2017

Candi, was such a pleasure to work with you and your AMAZING husband Greg, You are extremely Blessed to have one of the few men who are a TRUE gentlemen!! I felt like a queen at your house. It is my job to come into your home and restore order and show you HOW to keep that order,..(even with the unruly neighbor dogs, Please keep in touch and let me know anytime you need me,..even just to get together,..God Bless you,

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~Verified Review

    Susie is such a wonderful trainer and person. Great experience!

    Very knowledgeable and lovingly teaches your pet & you what you need to know to better live together

    Lin M. Powell, TN on April 22, 2017

    You replied to this review on April 22, 2017

    Thank you Lin, was wonderful to help you and Kim establish who's the leader in your household,..keep up the good work,..God Bless you,..Susi

    5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    Susie sets the bar for professional training!

    "Susie sets the bar for professional dog trainers. She is extremely knowledgeable and is an excellent communicator both with humans, dog and I must add cats! We've made amazing progress with our two new pups in just 24 hours. Susie gives you the skills necessary to feel confident about creating the best home environment for you and your pets."    Julie T. Glen Ellyn, IL

    Julie, great to hear the news even before our 48 hr progress report! As an Animal Behavioral Specialist, is up to me to know what each and every animal needs and how to speak to them in a gentle, loving Alpha leader manner and to convey that to the people as well so they can work with their own animals without having to pay others or ship them out to possibly be mis-treated,..This is what brings me joy, help people and animals alike,..God Bless you,..Susie
    April 18, 2017 
  • 5/5 STARS Dog training- Private Lessons~~ Verified Review                                                                                        Great Help!!

    "Very good with our dogs. Amazing results with both of them. Very motivated, professional, full of positive energy would recommend to anyone. Thanks"!   David P. Island Lake, IL

    David,..That is absolutely the best news I could hear,..thank you so much for allowing me to work with them when others gave up on you, is so much about what each animal needs to change their behavior in a kind and loving way,..May you and your family be Blessed,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training ~ Private Lessons-Verified Review

"Phenomenal trainer...for dogs AND their humans!"

I've worked with multiple trainers over the past year with my GSD Gus, but I continued to have issues and I wasn't given the proper tools for correcting his behavior. Within 30 minutes of working with Susie, I had a grasp on how to work with Gus and he was showing signs of improvement immediately! Shortly after Susie left, my family and I continued to work with Gus and he was already a changed dog! Hopefully now everyone around us will see him as the lovable fur baby we've always known him to be. We couldn't have done it without Susie's help!!

Lindsay J. Pewaukee, WI. on April 4, 2017

You replied to this review on April 4, 2017

Lindsay, are too kind! It was GREAT to work with your family and Gus, happy for the immediate positive turn around,..please call anytime you have a question or in need of any help at all,..God Bless,..Susie

5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

Help with aggression!

Susan has a great understanding of dogs and is very patient with them. The dogs were learning and responding to her. I wish I known of her years ago. My dogs problems would have been taken care a lot sooner. Can't wait to see the changes that wiil take place. Thank you so very much!

Nancy M.  Kenosha, WI. on April 3, 2017

You replied to this review on April 3, 2017

Thank you so much Nancy,, glad I was able to see you so quickly before going out of the country,.a small step forward,..lets keep up the momentum,...keep me posted,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~Verified Review

Having Susan visit your home should be mandatory for all dog owners!

Susan is absolutely amazing and truly using her God given talent of helping families and dogs bridge the gap between human and dog mentalities. I wish every dog owner could have Susan come to their homes before homing a dog - what a wonderful world we could bring to our dogs! THANK YOU SUSAN - from the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for you. God bless!!!

Meghann W. Sugar Grove, IL on March 31, 2017

You replied to this review on March 31, 2017

Meghann, are too kind, was an amazing afternoon with your whole family,..your boys are adorable!! Just want to continue in the right way for Teddy to get some of his aggression under control. I have all confidence in ALL of you, me whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susi

4/5 stars Dog Training- Private Lessons~ Verified Review

So much great info to take little time!

Susie is amazing! She truly commands the room and our pup knew exactly who was in charge. Her wealth of knowledge knows no bounds. I only wish we had more time or our session went much more slowly. I think you could spend an entire month with Susie and she'd still have so much to teach!!! On one hand, I wanted to take notes and on the other, I wanted to pay close attention. I wish there was a packet or pamphlet that covered all we did so we could refer back to it as my notes are scattered. Why didn't I set up a video camera??? :0( At least we know now that our pup is a genius and just needs time to think!! :0) Here's hoping he and we keep improving daily!

Corinna F. Waukesha, WI.    on March 28, 2017

You replied to this review on March 28, 2017

Thank you Corinna and Sephie,..I had a wonderful time with your family and Roscoe,..He is an AMAZING dog,..and I would love to help you continue to work with him,..please stay in contact,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS   Dog Training~ Aggression~ Private Lessons-Verified Review                                             Highly recommend!!

Susan was professional, knowledgeable and patient! She worked with us to educate us on how to properly become the alpha in our home so that our Murphy wouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility that was completely stressing him out! By the time she left we had far more tools and knowledge to implement a harmonious home with our pups Murphy and George.

DEB P. on  Bolingbrook,IL  March 25, 2017

You replied to this review on March 25, 2017

Thank you very much Deb,...Becca and Tom,..It was great working with you and getting some of Murphy's behaviors in check,..he is a work in progress,..keep me posted on updates and let's see where this will take him,..I think George will also fall in line as well with implementing just those few changes,..God Bless you,..Susie

5/5 STARS  Dog Training ~ Private Lessons- Verified Review                                                            "WONDERFUL"

"She was wonderful! She certainly has a way with animals that I've never seen anyone have! She had my aussie doing commands in seconds and even got my timid yorkypoo to start to open up. Susie is amazing and can work wonders"  Ryan S.   Algonquin, Il

Oh my goodness Ryan,.this is Awesome, glad you included the picture,..It was great working with you and Kim, neat to hear things are going so great,..keep me posted and let me know whenever you need me,..God Bless you, Susie

5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private lessons~~Verified Review

Max & Bo

"We are extremely happy with the knowledge and expertise of Susie. We learned so much and have seen changes with our dogs behavior right after being taught several techniques to become the alpha. We have been in contact several times since our first meeting to report our progress. Thank you Susie for your immediate response to our request." Anita D.  Mount Prospect, Il

Thank you Anita,..they just needed a little guidance,..great first report,..praying the progress continues and looking forward to meeting up soon,..God Bless you,..Susie
5/5 STARS Dog Training~ Private Lessons- Verified Review                                                                     We have a young Morkie that is a biter. The stress level in my home was getting worse every day until Friday when Susan came for a session. Within 4 hours our dog learned his place in our home -- all done with respect, kindness and grace -- and is a different dog. I would never have believed it if I hadn't witnessed the transformation myself. I now have confidence that he's well on his way to being a great dog at last!    Lisa K. Northfield, Il                                                                                           Thank you Lisa,..It is my ministry to help and encourage along the way and use the gifts God has given me to teach and make a difference with animals and people alike, glad to hear of the progress,..So happy things are beginning to take shape and the stress can ease a little,..Susie    

5/5 STARS  Dog Training-Private Lessons~~ Verified Review                                                                Great experience!!!

"I originally only planned on getting one puppy but couldn't help myself and ended up bringing home two from the same litter.... Molly and Maggie. It didn't take long to realize I was in over my head in knowing how to train two dogs. In comes Susie. It was evident from my first conversation with her that she is an expert in her field. I had issues from potty training to feeding to jealousy and the list goes on. Susie addressed every issue. She walked us through every step. She clearly loves what she does and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge in a kind and loving way. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance with their dog(s). Thank you Susie and God bless you for the work you do."   Gabriela A. Grays Lake, Il  (See Maggie and Molly in photo gallery)

Thank you so much Gabriela, was so neat to work with your cutie pies,..Maggie and Molly and also Roger,..I pray the progress continues as things move along,..please call me whenever you need me,..God Bless,.Susie

5/5 STARS  Aggression Dog Training- Private Lessons- Verified Review                                                           "AMAZING!!"                                                                                                                                              Recently, my boyfriend and I moved in together and with us came his 85 pound American Bulldog, who has a history of biting smaller dogs, and my 12 pound Terrier Mix, who has a history of biting people. His dog was constantly growling and showing teeth at my dog, and my dog was constantly taunting his dog, so we decided to keep the dogs separated at all times. Basically, both dogs were extremely misbehaving. We were incredibly stressed out and knew we needed to call in a professional. A co-worker had given me Susie’s name and I contacted her. From the first phone call I knew that I had called the right person. I could tell that she genuinely cared about animals and it was obvious that she wanted to help us. Prior to her first visit, we spoke several times on the phone in which she gave us “assignments” for our dogs and follow-up calls regarding those “assignments”. After just 2 days of small changes (that we never would have thought of ourselves), both dogs seemed to calm down and we could tell there wasn’t as much animosity between them, but we still weren’t going to put them together until Susie showed up. Upon arrival to our home on March 11th, Susie took immediate control of our monsters and they knew she was in charge. By the time she left almost 3 hours later, the dogs were together and we knew how to assert ourselves as pack leaders. We listened to everything Susie had to say and have followed all of her suggestions. That was the first day that we no longer separated our dogs (although they are always supervised). They roam around the house together, play together, eat together (though that needs some work), and relax together; they have become quite the little pair and they seem really happy! We work with them every day and know that we still have work to do, but it gets better and better each day. We really never thought we would be at this point, and only after one visit from Susie. She truly is an amazing person and we couldn't be happier with the results so far! We would, without a doubt, recommend Susie!  Kristi C. Villa Park, IL.                                                                                                                                               Kristi, I am sooo ecstatically happy for you, Jason and your dogs,..oh my,..the relief of all that stress has to have made EVERYONE happier, me anytime you need me,..glad to be of service to you,..May you be Blessed,..Susie (Pictured Jodi and Jimmy) now getting along wonderfully!                                     5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

What a great experience!!

Susie is incredibly informative and genuinely cares to address any issues or concerns you are experiencing with your pet. From our first conversation over the phone I felt a great connection with Susie and it was evident that she was invested in helping us in our situation. In our home we were struggling with our dog Bernie who in many ways thinks he has become the boss in our home. Even before our first visit Susie was giving us information and exercises to try out with Bernie to regain our "alpha" status. At our home visit, Susie gave us quick and easy tools, and she was patient in explaining the techniques to my family. Seeing her interact with Bernie was amazing as he quickly knew who was in charge. I would recommend Susie whole-heartedly!

Melissa C. Chicago, IL  on March 14, 2017

You replied to this review on March 14, 2017

Thank you so much Melissa,.It was a privilege and and honor to work with you, Marcello and Bea,..can't wait to see the progress continue and see where this all lands,..appreciate greatly beinf able to be of help to you,..God Bless,..Susie

Susan A. Marshall, Oconomowoc, WI. reviewed Wind Dancer Referrals Pet Services5 /5 STARS

I contacted Susie after my dog went after a neighbor dog unexpectedly and with tremendous energy and noise! I have had dogs most of my adult life, but never had an aggressive dog and certainly did NOT consider my beautiful girl aggressive. I was entirely freaked out by the experience. A friend at Jazzercise recommended Susie after she had fantastic results, so I reached out. I believed I had a good dog who was at risk of being spoiled because of my inexperience. Susie was  thorough in her assessment of Lacy (a 3-1/2 year old golden retriever), uncompromising with me in terms of what I was allowing, and OUTSTANDING in SHOWING me what I need to do differently, not just telling me. When our dogs are acting out, it isn't them that needs correcting, folks, it's we owners who do. Susie is truly blessed with special gifts to heal people and their pets. If you are looking for guidance--and willing to do what Susie instructs--call her. Your life with your pet will be transformed.

Wind Dancer Referrals Pet Services Thank you so much Susan A. Marshall, was equally a Blessing to me to work, share and spend time with you as well,..May it all move forward according to HIS plan,...God Bless,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons` Verified Review

     "Excellent help with my dogs training!"

    Susan B. Winsor, CO on February 27, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 27, 2017

    Thank you Susan,..look forward to helping you in the future,..if you need it,..Be Blessed,..Susie.

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~Verified Review


    She gave me great advice as to helping my companion become more well behaved. I am excited for our first lesson when she get's back into the country.

    Samantha M.  Greeley, CO on February 26, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 26, 2017

    Thank you Samantha,..look forward to meeting you and working with you,..God Bless you,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    So happy for this referral!

    We were very happy with the quick response and timely service provided. She was so kind and loving to our puppy and family and we learned lots of training tips!!!

    LaDonna K. Thornton/Brighton, CO  on February 21, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 21, 2017

    Thank you very Much,..LaDonna & Stephen,..your boys Luke and Jack are precious as is "Smith" what a Blessing he is to your family,..I pray things continue as smoothly as they have begun,..please call whenever you need me,.God

                                                                                                                                                                   5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Reviews

    Confident and Pleased!

    I am very pleased with my interactions with Wind Dancer Referrals! We have had to postpone our training due to family circumstances but can't wait to get together with Suzie!

    Stephanie P. Fountain, CO on February 18, 2017

    Stephanie,..Wow,.. I feel as if I have met a twin sister,,..may you and your girls be Blessed,.and can't wait to continue help with Eli and Malachi,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training ~Private lessons~ Verified Review

    Training our Golden-doodle.

    "She was so informative. Extremely knowledgeable. We learned a worth of information from her. She worked with our dog and demonstrated various techniques for us to try. She didn't leave until we were trained in the technique. We most assuredly have her back again if needed.  Rosalie, W Dekalb,Il

    Rosalie, was a Joy and a pleasure to work with you and your Dear husband Chuck, are such Wonderful souls!! Great that things are already starting to fall into place,.please let me know if I can be of anymore help to you,..God Bless You,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~Verified Review

    Changed canines!

    In just one training session with our dogs, Susie profoundly changed the dynamic in our household!

    Mary S.   Kenosha, WI   on February 18, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 18, 2017

    Mary,..that is music to my ears!! SO glad things are falling into place for all of you and that the anxiety can go down and ALL of you can be happy and calm,..God Bless you,..Sus

    5/5 STARS Dog Training ~Private Lessons-Verified Review

    "Training My German Shepherd"

    Learned a lot from the first session. Realized I had approached training our German shepherd in the wrong way, and learned techniques to get him on the right track.

    Devika S. Oakbrook, Il.   on February 16, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 16, 2017

    Thank you Devika,..looking forward to other sessions with Harley and your family and hoping they all go just as well as the very first one,..God Bless,..Susie

    Offsite review~Personal Dog Training 5/5 STARS Verified Review

    "Impressed and thankful!"

    "I emailed Susie out of desperation after one of our two dogs snapped at my 18 month old son over some cheese. Susie followed up with me in hours and quickly fit us in her busy schedule. When she came to the house, it was clear we brought in an expert. Our two dogs went embarrassingly nuts when visitors come to the door, and Susie had immediate control of them. She was professional and kind. She worked with us for a few hours to teach us how to assert ourselves as the pack leaders for the safety and happiness of everyone in the house. After just a few days, we’re already seeing results. Although I know we have more work to do, I'm relieved to feel like we’re on the right track. The whole family, including our furry kids: Fin & Zo, Thank you, Susie." Jen S.  Colorado Springs.CO

    Thank you so much Jen and Bryan,..I so enjoyed working with your whole family and I am so extremely happy with the progress we had that night and from the amazing progress you have had in taking control as positive Alpha owners,..Please let me know if there is ever a need to have my help in anything else,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training Private Lessons~~Verified Review                                                                Highly Recommended!

    "Our session with Susie was spectacular. She is everything her profile states and more! We learned so much and all her advice was practical and easy to follow. Very impressed!" Janet L. Mequon, WI Feb 6, 2017

    Thank you very much Janet, glad I could help you and your family,..Praying that the success continue and keep me posted anytime you need me,..God Bless You,.Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~Verified Review

    Would give her Ten stars if it was an option

    Extremely knowledgeable. Will use Susan over and over.

    Jacob H.  Racine, WI on February 2, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 2, 2017

    Thank you Jacob, was a pleasure to meet and work with you and ALL the girls,..Jade will be a work in progress, but I have all hope that she will know that all people are bad,..God Bless,..Susi

    5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~~Verified Review                                                                   Great dog trainer and even better person

    "Susie experience and depth of knowledge really stood out. We have tried other trainers with little success. She accessed what we needed to do differently very quickly and followed up multiple times to make sure we stayed on track. Simply the best" Art B. Aurora, CO

    Thank you so much Art, has been quite an experience with all we have been through, glad things are finally changing for the better,..I am here anytime you need my,..just a phone call away,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training Private Lessons~Verified Review

    Great experience !!!!!!

    Susan was great! Kodi our mini goldendoodle puppy loved the training. She is very professional and knows what she is talking about. She takes the time to go over the food you have and treats to make sure they are good for your dog. You can tell she loves all dogs and uses positive reinforcement to train. She encouraged us on what we already had done training wise and what we needed to correct/work on. If you need a trainer, stop researching and call Susan! You will not be disappointed. She is very responsive to get back to you.

    Clayton W. Wauwatosa, WI on February 1, 2017

    You replied to this review on February 1, 2017

    Thank you so much Clayton, was fun working with you and Molly and Kodi,..he is an amazing little guy, smart and sweet,..can't wait to see the progress as he grows,..please keep in tough and let me know anytime you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~Verified Review

    Thanks Susan!

    If you are looking for a kind and passionate trainer, look no further. Susan is an outstanding person with a huge heart. Rico and I look forward to continuing our training with her from here on out. I've already recommended her to several of my own friends and family... which is funny because she left only two hours ago.

    Kelsey A. Kenosha, WI on January 30, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 30, 2017

    Kelsey, are too kind,..thank you so much, was AWESOME working with you and Rico,..can't wait to see how quickly he adapts and gets accustomed to you,..with his intelligence,..the sky is the limit,..just keep up the amazing work,.patience and love,..God Bless You,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~Verified Review

    First day of training.

    Extremely pleased with our first meeting. It was nice to meet someone as caring about training our dog as we are. It was also eye opening on how knowledgeable about the entire process Susie is.

    Keith J. Lake in the Hills, IL on January 28, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 28, 2017

    Thank you very much Keith,..It was so neat to meet and work with you and your whole family,..Dee is such a caring person,..she exudes empathy for whatever Gabby could've gone through,..she is in the BEST home possible for her,..I know you will see her through,..Kim is so pleased that Gabby has you guys,.God Bless,..I'm only a phone call away,..looking forward to the progress and the process slow and easy for her,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Very impressed!

    Excellent, excellent work. Would definetly recommend her to anyone needing dog training.

    William W. Sheboygan, WI on January 25, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 25, 2017

    Thank you very much William, was a pleasure and and honor to meet and work with your family,...Your children are precious and I hope that I can only be as much of a Blessing to you all as you have been to me,..I will ALWAYS cherish the cows that Ryan gifted me with,.how precious,..God Bless you ALL,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review


    Susan was kind, professional, offered great training tips and encouraged us to be the pack leader. She was generous with her time and got to know our family and our dog through phone calls and in person. We were so pleased how our dog responded to her training and excited to implement changes in our home. We would highly recommend her!

    Heidi g.  Glenview , IL on January 13, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 13, 2017

    Heidi, was an amazing afternoon,...from meeting you adorable son Conner to being able to discount Tuckers Evaluation since he is NOT as aggressive as you first thought,..I am here for you through the whole process,..thank you for your confidence and call anytime you need me,...God Bless you, Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    "Amazing trainer." !

    She was amazing. From the first call throughout the service she was professional and courteous. She was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She gave us exactly what we needed to help us train our dog. I am very glad we chose to work with her.

    Sarah P.  Ooltewah, TN on January 11, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 11, 2017

    Very much appreciated Sarah, was so fun to work with Daisy and to come along said your family and pass along some valuable tips and trades,..It was great to meet the whole family as well,..My best to Nick, Matt, CJ, Fred andyourself,..may this year be blessed and may she develop into the MOST AWESOME dog even,...she sure has the capabilities,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training-Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    "The best"

    "Susan was the most responsive and helpful person imaginable. I hired her and would recommend her without reservation." Brian H. Chicago, Il January 9, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 9, 2017   Thank you Brian,..I thought they would wait on this since it wasn't scheduled until after the puppy,..but I greatly appreciate your confidence,..looking forward to carrying you along in the whole process with your boys,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS- Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Great job!

    The experience was great. I got some great ideas for working with my new greyhound. I've trained several of my previous dogs, but ran into some minor challenges with this one. Susie has some great tips. We are already seeing progress a day later.

    Christian M.  Ooltewah, TN on January 8, 2017

    You replied to this review on January 9, 2017

    Christian, are doing an AMAZING job with Daisy and all I see is progress from when we first spoke,..keep up all the great work and hopefully I will be able to certify her soon,...God Bless,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susie's knowledge is essential!                                                                                                                                                           There aren't enough words to describe our experience with Susie. She has opened our eyes to so many ways we can be much better 

    "parents" to our two "furry kids". They deserve it and she made it so clear how to accomplish our goals. Susie is so knowledgable, thorough and loving to our 2 dogs and wants our family to succeed in having the dogs behavior be what we want and what they need. Priceless and we know we can count on her on-going support.

    Catherine B. Winnetka, IL on December 28, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 28, 2016

    Thank you for your confidence Catherine, was great to have had your whole family involved,.Great progress already looking forward to walking this journey with you and to help in any way I can,..God Bless ,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Great experience!

    Suzie exceeded our expectations! She taught us so much about our dog ( and us ) in 2 hours.
    Our dog and family were transformed. We finally we have the dog we hoped for.

    Sara D. Waukesha, WI on December 27, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 27, 2016

    Thank you so much Sara, was great to work with ALL of you,..Benson just needed some structure in his life, guys will do fine, me anytime you need me,..glad we were able to transform him so quickly,,..God Bless you,..Susie

    • 5/5 STARS Dog Training~~Private Lessons-Verified Review

      Dog no longer wants to eat baby

      "Wow! Susie performed wonders with our dog Professor Freud. We had a serious issue due to aggression with our 8 month old baby daughter. Susie had Professor eating chicken out of Jordana's hand and ginger snaps out of her lap so that she was alpha over him and not vice versa. She also charged us less than her original estimate. We are so pleased." Corinne B. Evanston,Il. December 23, 2016

      Thank you so much Corrine,..It was great to meet you and Mitch and Jordana,..boy what a beauty she is,..Professor needs some guidance and I really was encouraged by our session last night,..please keep me posted about progress and actions after I left and call me anytime,..God Bless you,..Susie
      December 23, 2016
    • 5/5 STARS DOg Training~Private Lessons-Verified Review                                                                     "The Magician"

      "I have one word for Susan. Incredible."  Karen k. Poplar Grove, Il

      Awww, Thank you Karen,..I just use my God given ability too help the animals and the humans to understand the animals,..So glad we had all that progress tonight, guys keep up the good work and Luke will continue to AMAZE you,..God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Christmas,..Susie December 22, 2016

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~ Verified Review

    Susie helped with fear aggression!

    Susie took control of the dog immediately upon entering the home. She was patient and gentle, yet a commanding presence. My dog was responsive to her right away. She did a thorough assessment, and had my grandson come in to show her how my dog reacts negatively to him (for no reason). By the time she left, my dog was resting quietly at our feet. Amazing. I am very hopeful and excited to help this dog learn how to be a great dog!

    Judith M. Waukesha, WI on December 21, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 21, 2016

    Thank you Judith, was my pleasure to come alongside you and help Millie gently face some fears and trauma and try to get her to reroute her thinking so she can have a more positive attitude and know EVERYONE is not going to hurt her,..I pray the good reports keep coming and if you need me for anything, don't hesitate to call,..God Bless you and Merry Christmas,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training! Private Lessons-Verified Review


    "So far Susan has been great! We are looking forward to meeting her on 1-5-2017. We have A Sheepadoodle that is very hyper & having some training problems. Looking forward to Susan being here, will keep you posted. So far seems very concerned about our problems. Very Excited!! Thank you." Jim H. Knoxville, TN review submitted on December 16, 2016

    You answered this review on December 16, 2016                                                                               Thank you Jim,...very much looking forward to meeting and working with you, Pamela and Bella,,..May you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year,..God Bless,,Susie

    5/5 STARS~~ Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Thank you!!!

    She communicates beautifully! She gave us so much information even before the meeting, and opened our eyes to so many things, that I can't even get over it! Can't wait to implement all this new knowledge and see how my puppies respond! Thanks so much Ms. Susie! My puppies and my kids loved you!

    Anna C.  Skokie, IL on December 12, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 12, 2016

    Anna, was a pleasure to meet and work with your WHOLE family from 3 years old to the Furry Family members Loki and Thor. I just ADORE Logan,..what a sweetie, and he asked why I had to leave and gave me a hug, glad to be able to help and to show you how they both learn,..please keep me updated on their progress,...They did AMAZING in just the first couple of hours,...Love and Patience,..God Bless you ALL,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    The MOST professional and passionate individual I have EVER worked with!!                                                  Expectations were exceeded within minutes of our session with Susan. She is a professional through and through. I would have paid Susan her rate for her insight and verbal teaching alone. She helped our pup Louie understand the benefit of structure and good behavior. There is simply not enough time for me to explain how pleased we were with Susan and our own dog. In the short time we spent with Susan, our dog Louie who had some trouble with resource guarding was already showing progress. Additionally, he learned the heel, wait, and free commands.

    Equally as valuable as the wake up call for Louie was the education Susan provided for us as dog parents. She doesn't just train your dog, she teaches you HOW to be an alpha and continue to train your own dog. There is no scale high enough to describe our experience. Susan's passion for animals is unrivaled. This is truly her calling and she wants to share her gift with you.

    If you can't tell, we are fans of the process. If you care for your pet, Susan is the ONLY option for you. 10/10 would recommend.

    Val and Nick

    Val L. Milwaukee, WI on December 11, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 11, 2016

    Oh my goodness,...I am crying tears of Joy for the second time today! The first time being when you told me Louie's progress report 24 hrs early and now I am Blessed with this wonderful and heartfelt review, I can't thank you enough for having a chance to work with Louie and ease some of his fears and bad behaviors,..we ALWAYS want to have a Happy, Healthy, Stress-free Household for the animals AND their owners,..I was Blessed by meeting you and gaining 2 wonderful friends and a new canine friend as well,..I felt honored by Louie's kiss,..that meant the world to me!! Both you and Nick have a Wonderfully Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year,..keep in touch for ANYTHING,...God Bless you, Susie111111

    5/5 STARS Dog Training- Private Lessons~~Verified

    Susie is the BEST! Thank you isn't enough.

    "Susie was great. She arrived on time and stayed for several hours (we needed a lot of help.) Our 4-year old terrier mix, Frank, was trying to run the house and everyone in and/or around it. Susie came to our rescue. She taught us numerous skills to modify Frank's behavior (and our own) and identified diet changes (food, snacks, etc.) to also help. Big difference in his behavior and it's only been one day. She was very thorough in her evaluation and collection of history -- in my opinion, all important details to develop a custom plan for Frank. I would definitely recommend her to other parents with fur babies that need some help. She knows her stuff and is very committed to the well being of animals and creating a positive environment for pet families. We are all much happier ... Frank is calmer and seems more relaxed and comfortable and we aren't yelling "Leave IT" all day long. THANKS Susie!!!"  Debra A Maple Park, Il reviewed on Dec 5, 2016

    You responded to this review on Dec 5th, 2016                                                                                  Thank you very much Debra,..It was a pleasure to work with you and John and also Frank and Jam. As people we know that it's the little things that mean so much sometimes and with Frank,..he wants so badly to please,...he gets overextended, the little things will make a difference in his behavior. So glad to see the progress you've made and that you were able to also see immediate results even while I was in your home,..That's what I'm here for!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, me if you ever need me,...Susie    

     5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Wonderful Talented Experienced Trainer

    Just started working with her for my two pitbulls on an aggressive dog case. Very informative, flexible and great on keeping very open and clear instructions. Can't wait to start seeing the changes. Thank you

    Deidre H. Knoxville, TN on December 7, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 7, 2016

    Thank you Deirdre,..looking forward to seeing the change and progress in Balu and getting tip off to a good start,..God Bless you and Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year,..see ya soon,..Susie


  • 4/5  STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Thank you, Susie!

    Susie was great, very professional, and taught us a lot about the history of our dog that we had adopted and how to best interact with him to get the behaviors we wanted. We feel more confident in addressing our needs with the dog since meeting with her. She definitely relieved some stress for us, too, with the the potential for our dog and cat living together.

    Sarah E. Milwaukee, WI on December 3, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 4, 2016

    Wow,..Sarah,..I was so excited to hear the news about Jasper this evening when we talked,..seems as if things are taking off in the way we had hoped. May you, Max, Jasper and Hiker have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year,..I am only a phone call away,..God Bless,..Susie                   

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training Private Lessons!! Verified Review                                                          Trained my pack well.                                                                                                                      Susan's communication was excellent! She definitely knows how to train dogs very well.

    Bill H.  Geneva, IL on December 3, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 4, 2016

    Thank you Bill, excited about Dutch's quick progress and can't wait to see how Maggie will respond,..May you have a Joyous Christmas and Blessed New Year,...Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    Pleased With training Technique.

    Susie and her training tips have made an immediate impact on our dogs behavior. We have utilized her technique and tips the rest of this week and the dog is much better and is behaving better than she ever has.

    Ron L. Waukesha, WI on December 3, 2016

    You replied to this review on December 4, 2016

    It was a pleasure working with you and Shawna, happy to hear that Lucy is coming around and Allie will get a little break. May all of you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year,..keep me posted, glad to be of help to you,..God Bless,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS - Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~~Verified Review


    Absolutely amazing. In two short hours, Susan transformed my dog. She taught me numerous things that I can use going forward and have slowly regain control and the Alpha status in the household. Cannot wait to continue working with my dog. I would highly recommend Susan!

    Michael S. on December 1, 2016 Milwaukee, WI

    You replied to this review on December 1, 2016

    So stoked at the progress we saw,.. your not only in Bailey,..but in YOU Michael!! Almost TOTAL transformation and so neat meeting and working with roommate Nick and your nephew Chris,...Bailey just needs that ALPHA-kind and gentle guidance,...God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS- Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Excellent Referral!

    Suzie and I have been in contact for a few weeks and after several calls and consultations, we finally had her meet our dog and saw and instant transformation. I would highly recommend her to help anyone who's pet is having behavioral issues!

    Michael F. on November 22, 2016 Huntley, IL

    You replied to this review on November 22, 2016

    Thank you very much Mike, was great to meet most of your family and Rocky as well, very hopeful with the difference in his behavior on our first session,..looking forward to working with the other 3 dogs and him again as well...Be Blessed and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving,..Susie

    5/5 STARS-Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Naftes training!

    Very professional, honest and informative. My family and I had a great experience and our puppy is on his way to becoming and amazing dog.

    Nick S. on November 2, 2016 Aurora, Il

    You replied to this review on November 2, 2016

    Thank you Nick,..and it was a neat thing to work with a lot of your family and learn some additional Albanian words,..thank you for your patience and such a neat little helper in Abiona,..she is so sweet! Nafta definately is on his way to being an awesome dog, me anytime you need me,..God Bless ALL of you,..Susie

    • 5/5 STARS-Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

      Excellent dog trainer!!

      Susie was calm and a great example upon arrival to meet our dogs. She corrected any unwanted behavior immediately demonstrating excellent behavior management techniques. Both Luke and Layla were evaluated with our providing their individual history since their backgrounds differ. Susie taught the two of us so much during our session. She was both knowledgeable and experienced. By using the techniques she taught, we are seeing results in one day.
      Joan and Don Greenback, TN

      Don H. on October 27, 2016  (See Layla and Luke in Gallery)

      You replied to this review on October 28, 2016

      Don and Joan, It was a joy to have met such wonderful people as yourselves and to know that you continue to give these gorgeous GSD's such an awesome and loving home. So neat to see the very quick changes in both of them. but especially Layla,...Keep in touch, me if I can be of ANY help to you even after our evaluation and beginning success,..which is due also in part to your wonderful implementation of the homework I gave you,...God Bless You,..Susie

      4/5 STARS Dog Training -Private Lessons~~Verified Review

      Great service!

      "I originally scheduled a session with Susie for later this month. Unfortunately I have had to post pone our first session. But, Susie has been a great help getting my pup settled and potty trained. She has been so responsive and available by phone, email and text. Can't wait to work with her in person!"  Martha W. Knoxville, TN

      Thank you Martha,.. look forward to meeting you possible in the future,..glad my phone suggestions were able to help you,..God Bless you,..Susie
      5/5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review


      Susan was absolutely amazing! From the time she walked through our front door, our 10 week old Doberman could tell she was alpha. Susan taught us everything from basic obedience, the right way to correct bad behavior, and pretty much anything else we could have asked for. In just one session, Jack was showing results! Besides being a great trainer, Susan is a wonderful person. My wife and I felt like we've known her forever, even having met her that day. We are glad to be able to call Susan our friend. Suzie, thank you for everything. We will definitely keep in touch! Good luck on all future endeavors. We will talk soon !! Mike, Kara, and Jack  

      Michael R. on October 23, 2016 Norridge,.Il  (See photo of "Jack" in Gallery)

      You replied to this review on October 23, 2016

      Mike, Kara and Jack, was an AMAZING day for sure, excited to work with Jack and be a part of bringing him up to be phenomenal !! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with both of you,..looking forward to even more great times as friends and helping you along with Jack,..God Bless you,..Susie

      5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

      "Dopey, the shy boy"

      When we got Dopey, he was a very shy and scared boy. We took him to a puppy preschool in our area and things not only did not improve, it seemed his negative behavior started getting worse. Then we found Susie and after the first meeting, Dopey was much calmer around all the family members. He also started enjoying trips to dog parks. After the second appointment with Susie, Dopey started walking on a leash "like a big boy" and we all are much more relaxed and definitely much more happy. Thank you Susie!

      Kathy K. on October 15, 2016 Deer Park, Il

      You replied to this review on October 15, 2016

      Kathy, was neat to see not only the changes the first evening, but also how much Dopey has grown in your whole family.becoming the ALPHA'S! He is such a smart dog and my goodness, he picked up that "Heel" tonight like he's been doing it all along,...Keep in touch,...Glad to have been a help and guide for you, God Bless you all,..Susie                                                                                 5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review                                                                  Very professional!

    • Susie, was very knowledgeable and helpful with our two little dogs. Their behavior had improved before she was even done! I would definitely recommend her!

      Beth T. on October 15, 2016 Clarendon Hills, IL

      You replied to this review on October 15, 2016

      Thank you Beth,..great working with your family,..may they quickly transition to Sweden, and understand that not all dogs are their enemy,..with your family their to protect them, Safe and Blessed travels, glad to have been a help to you.,...Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    I would highly recommend Susie for any kind of help in training your dog, Remy a Bernedoodle. Thank you Susie for taking the time to work with Remy and the rest of our family as well. I'm excited to use your techniques and see great improvements in remy.

    Sara J. on October 7, 2016  New Berlin, WI

    You replied to this review on October 7, 2016

    Sara and Adam, it was great to work with you and Remy and the rest of your family as well,..Please don't hesitate to call with any questions you have or a free phone refresher,..or even if you need me to come back and do one on one,..I am here for you,..Keep me posted on all your progress,..Thank you so much! God Bless you, Susie

    5/5 STARS -Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Very Quick Training! One Session

    Susie, thanks for your help with Mr. Yogi. We will continue to leverage your techniques & advice, in help Yogi get used to people and sounds!

    Scott F. on September 27, 2016 Aurora, IL

    You replied to this review on September 27, 2016

    Scott, was a pleasure to meet you and Alicia,..and Mr, Yogi and also Dar and Don those essential people who help care for him,..He just needs to feel more confident in you and I truly believe you are on the right path with him, me for any other training needs you have in the future,..sounds like you have things well in hand though,..God Bless,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Miracle worker!!

    Susan is unbelievable. She truly has a gift from God. She was able to get my Dog to behave better than I have ever seen within minutes of her arrival. She also gives suggestions on best treats, food, toys and training aids for your dog. She also brings samples with so you can see them and often times she has extras with her for purchase.   Susan was able to find our girl a new home and has done a good job checking in and keeping us informed on the transition. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone.   John W. on September 26, 2016  Dekalb, IL

    You replied to this review on September 26, 2016

    Thank you so much,..John, was a pleasure to work with you and Brianna and your nieces, moms and Harper,..sometimes things just can't be helped,..however there is ALWAYS a good course of action that can be taken,...safest and best for all concerned,...I will continue with updates to you and know you are in my prayers. So glad to be of so much assistance to you and your family,...God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS~~ Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Great experience 😃👍👍

    We cannot begin to express how extremely pleased we were with Susie's services. She was outstanding, knowledgeable and so intuitive. We feel she made a huge impact in only one visit!!!!! We are excited to put into practice the skills she shared wth us. She worked great with all members of our family. We highly recommend her services.

    Deb b. on September 17, 2016  Peru, Il

    You replied to this review on September 17, 2016

    Oh my GOODNESS,..what an AWESOME family,..I don't even think I got a full count of all of you! So neat to solve some issues for you today and anytime you need me you just call,..God Bless ALL of you!! Susie

    5/5 STARS~~ Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review


    Wind Dancer Referrals was exemplary in providing dog training. Information and demonstrations were very comprehensive, easy to understand and experienced based. It was clear that Susie had outstanding credentials, experience and knowledge. She easily customized a program to meet our needs and assess our dog. We could not have asked for a better trainer.

    Ruth e. on September 13, 2016  Farragut , TN

    You replied to this review on September 14, 2016

    Ruth and Bob, It was an awesome experience to work with you and Jensen, I believe he simply need some LOVE, structure and to know he has found his home with you permanently, Blessed to work with others in the Body of Christ,..May you both be Blessed,..keep in touch,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~5/5 STARS Verified Review  September 8, 2016

    Excellent Trainer

    "Susie is an incredible animal behaviorist. She provided hours of instruction via telephone and facilitated the difficult process of incorporating a Great Dane pup into a home with our stressed Wolf  Hybrid and Napoleonic toy poodle. Due to family circumstances we have to postpone our in home sessions but look forward to working together in the near future. I highly reccommend this trainer/ animal behaviorist and find her commitment to the canine/owner relationship exemplary. This trainer listens, she takes the information provided and finds solutions through positive reinforcement, repetition and trust. Additionally Susie can provide nutritional and enrichment programs for all canine and lupine family members." Vanessa M.  Knoxville, TN

    Thank you so much, Vanessa,..glad to have given you the help you needed for that all important doggie introduction,..I pray your mom is well soon or some relief as much as possible,...looking forward to helping more in the future,...God Bless you, Susie

    • Private Dog Training~~5/5 STARS--Verified Review
      What a professional!!!

      "Susie provided an excellent level of professionalism with her visit with us, and our puppy. We learned a lot about ourselves and, most importantly, Mata. There was a whole lot of information provided and, maybe too much for the two of us (certainly not Mata :-) ) on a single visit.
               With that in mind, we're thrilled that Susie will be coming back to help the parents." Wil A. Ingleside, Il  September 6, 2016

      Thank you so much Wil, was a pleasure to work with you and Wendy and Mata, glad she is on the mend and you are learning to be her alpha,..I am here for you whenever and however long you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie
      September 6, 2016

    • Dog Training Private Lessons  5/5 STARS~~Verified Review                                                                        EXCELLENT DOG TRAINER!!

      "We just got a new puppy for our family and since we never had a dog before, we had absolutely no idea how to handle one. Suzie spent a good amount of time with our dog, evaluating her and teaching us everything from what to feed her to how to train her. She is amazing with all animals and we are so happy that we turned to her for help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with a new dog."   Stacy M.  Northbrook, Il

      Stacy, it was great to meet and work with you and Alex and Daisy,...WOW!! You have an AMAZING puppy, intelligent and quick to learn,..just make sure you are patient with her and give yourselves enough time and patience to work with her,..and help her along,...You can do it with such an awesome little girl,..Thank you and God Bless You and your whole family,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons~~5/5 STARS Verified Review

    "She was kind and caring with my Wolf Hybrid/GSD who has fear aggression. By the end of the first session he was letting her pet him. She explained everything to my family as she was working with the dogs, and didn't do anything we weren't comfortable with." Lynda L. Schaumburg, Il

    Thank you very much Lynda,...I was very humbling to work with an animal like Wrigley,..with him being 3/4 wolf it is a gift to have had him ALLOW me to touch and command and work with him,..he is an AMAZING animal,..I do believe we have the hope to introduce and have him, Titan, Cubbie and Julie getting along before long,..great to have worked with you, Greg, Jason and Andrew as well,..God Bless you and may HE continue to Bless our sessions together as HE has already with all the wonderful changes we have seen and experienced in already such a short time,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Susan has been absolutely wonderful in teaching and guiding us through the puppy stage. Her ability to demonstrate her techniques in training is outstanding. The part we love most is her genuine love for our two puppies Henry and Mac. I know by following her instruction and advice on training our two puppies will have a more fulfilled and loving life. Susan is the best!
    Jim Bucaro  on August 23, 2016  Arlington Heights, IL

    You replied to this review on August 23, 2016 (See Mac and Henry in Gallery) Silky Terrier Brothers

    Jim, was a pleasure to meet Mac and Henry, and to work with you and Mary Kay,..Henry is such a little BRAINIAC,..I cannot get over how smart he is,..Mac will come around after he learns he is NOT the boss of everyone,...Keep me posted,..God Bless you,..Susie

    • Dog Training - 5/5 STARS~~Private Lessons -Verified Review

      Susan is a miracle worker with animals (and their owners, too)! My GSD, Maggie, was exhibiting some anxiety and barking behavior after moving to a new home and I desperately needed help. Her behavior began changing within minutes of Susan's arrival at my home. Susan spent most of the morning assessing Maggie and her training level and then, with the help of my wonderful neighbors, put her through some exercises outside in the neighborhood. What remarkable changes I saw in Maggie over the time Susan spent with us -- it was amazing! I have my old Maggie back again and she is much calmer and happy-go-lucky. With continued training and practice, I know Maggie will continue to be more settled in her new home and surroundings. Susan is an outstanding trainer and I've already sung her praises to many of my dog-loving friends and family members! She truly has God-given talents when it comes to helping animals!

      Irene D. on August 10, 2016  S. Barrington, IL

      You replied to this review on August 10, 2016

      Irene, was such as AWESOME day working with you and Maggie and Maxine and Gus and your neighbors and WOW,..what a day!! So happy for you that the changes came so quickly and that she is understanding that YOU can handle things,..she is an AMAZING dog,..Loved helping you and please let me know if there is EVER, anything I can do for you,..Only a phone call away,..God Bless you, Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      Susie is incredible! I never thought I would see Jake, my 6 yr old rescue, whom I've had for almost 4 years, so calm/relaxed. I had no idea how stressed out he was. I feel unbelievably lucky to have found her. While Jake was rescued 4 yrs ago from an abusive situation, I needed Susie to rescue Jake from his stress and make him a truly happy/content dog. I wish I had found Susie sooner, but, better late than never. I HIGHLY recommend Susie! Leslie D. Rolling Meadows, IL

      Leslie D. on August 10, 2016

      You replied to this review on August 10, 2016

      Leslie,..Thank you so much,...Jake is a neat little dog and just needs to understand that you can control issues around him,...great working with you today and my prayers for the other issues to ALL come together for you. God Bless you,...Susie

    5/5 STARS ~~Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Very knowledgeable. She really knows her stuff. She truly cares about animals and their relationship with their owners.

    Joe F. on August 8, 2016  Elkhorn, WI

    You replied to this review on August 9, 2016

    Thank you so much Joe,..I greatly appreciate that! Loved working with you and your whole family, that I have a new 2 1/2 yr old boyfriend in Josh,,,.Olivia was such a great help and so neat that Heather works with my FAVORITE ER Doctor,..Tell Jack to keep Winston and his other animals in line,..Let me know ANYTIME you need me,...God Bless you,..Susie

    4/5 STARS ~~Dog Training -Private Lessons-Verified Review
    Hi Susie,  Thank you for coming out here for us.
    You made us understand many things about Meri.
    She still challenges us by barking but a lot less biting.  Stephanie S. Vernon Hills, Il
    You replied to this review on August 9, 2016

    Thank you Stephanie,..let me know if you need anything,..God Bless,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons ~Verified Review

    We asked Susan to come to help with our new 2 month old Rottweiler puppy and 3 year old boxer. We needed help with resource guarding with the puppy and basic obedience for both dogs. It went very well, we learned a lot about from her and I feel confident that we can master the basic obedience with both dogs! We will definitely have Susan back for more training!

    Brianna B. on July 30, 2016 McHenry, IL  (see Zepellin and Miller in Gallery)

    You replied to this review on July 30, 2016

    Brianna, I agree fully with you,..You guys have a great start and two AWESOME dogs, me anytime you need me,..glad to have met you all and can't wait to see Zeppelin all grown up,..God Bless You,..Susie

    5/5 STARS~~Dog Training - Private Lessons - Verified Review

    I had Susie come over to our house for my stubborn dog, and the second she walked in the door, it was like I had a completely different dog. He absolutely adored her and listened to everything she told him to do. She gave me so many tips on how to be the Alpha to my dog, who is an extreme Alpha. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet and he's already listening to the things I tell him. I was never able to walk him on a leash without him pulling me. She showed me how to do it, and the next day I walked him and it's like he wasn't even there, he walked right by my side so perfect. She is the best choice I ever made for my dog, and she had so much knowledge on so many different subjects when it comes to pets. I wish I would have called her sooner, I definitely wouldn't have been struggling as long as I have been with him, and I am so excited to keep training with the new things she has taught me!

    Shelby H. on July 29, 2016 Theresa, WI (see Thor in Gallery)

    You replied to this review on July 29, 2016

    Shelby,..It was an honor to work with you and Thor,..what a character he is,..LOVE IT!! And also to have met and worked with and had sharing time with your mom and dad and boyfriend as well. Anytime you need me ,..I am only a phone call away,..GOD BLESS all of you,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ 5/5 STARS

        "Susie was so professional, transparent, and wonderful to work with. She was incredibly empathetic towards my fiancé and I. We have a difficult decision ahead if we are able to keep our dog that we rescued and absolutely love who has some problems with aggression. While the decision ahead is weighing heavily on us, Susie provided us with the best information and options possible. She has such a gift working with dogs and people alike- our dog Scrappy responded quickly to her. I will highly recommend her to anyone we know- we feel very fortunate to have found her."  Margie K. Gurnee,IL

    You responded to this review on July 23rd, 2016                                                                              Margie and Jeff,..with a very heavy heart , it is days like today that sometimes make me question why I do what I do, heart is SO involved with each and EVERY case and animal and individuals,..however,.it is NEVER easy to give people the BAD side along with the good side. As a professional though, I would not be doing ANYONE a good service if not being honest with my assessment of any animal,..I am looking to help have healthy, happy, stress free, SAFE households and I cannot do that without giving the right and prudent information,...I pray the decision ahead of you will work out for the well being of ALL concerned and that it will be a positive road ahead. God Bless You,...Susie ( here for you whatever your decision is ) and to help in whatever way possible,...It was a joy to have met all of you,..including Scrappy Doo

    5/5 STARS   Dog Training - Private Lessons~~ Verified Review

    Our experience was outstanding! Susie's knowledge and professionalism were remarkable. From the minute she arrived, she connected with our extreme alpha, male Berner. With just one visit, she has taught the whole family how to be in control of Domino, allowing him to be a happier pet. We have much to work on but already he is responding. We look forward to having Suzie out for future sessions, as needed. We are so happy we found Suzie through thumbtack!

    michelle s. on July 20, 2016

    You replied to this review on July 20, 2016

    Michelle, appreciate so much being able to come alongside and help you with Domino, you have an exception family, so enjoyed working with you, Tom, Kala, Michael, Annabelle,and I sincerely believe the sky is the limit with time, homework follow through, patience and consistency,..may your family be Blessed and the wedding be Joyous this weekend,...Susie

    Dog Training - 5/5 STARS ~~Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Susie is an excellent communicator and truly excellent at what she does. She spent an exceptional amount of time with us and our dog. Her knowledge of animal behavior and health is top notch. Our fist session was very informative and she provided very good insight into our dogs challenges. She also recommended a new leash and collar and was equipped to provide those tools to us without an extra trip to the pet store. We received homework and training treats to begin our working with our dog on own. We will definitely be contacting her for additional visits.   (Susie, thank you for spending time with me, Jeff and Roxie! We learned so much in a short period of time and are committed to helping Roxie to reach a level of relaxation. We do hope to see you in August! Until then, we are doing our homework!)  (See Jen, Jeff and Roxie in Gallery)

    Jenifer O. on July 17, 2016  Gary, IN

    You replied to this review on July 17, 2016

    Thank you very much Jenifer, was great to meet and work with you and Jeff and Roxie,..looking forward to possible future training to help her change her bad memories to good ones,...God Bless you,...Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susan is a Godsend. We are grateful to Susan for her expertise in handling our dog. In a couple of hours Susan taught us how to handle our Alpha dog. She showed us techniques to improve our dog’s behavior and calm her down. Susan also taught us to understand why our dog was behaving the way she was. We have a new dog – she is no longer the alpha dog. Pearl listens to us and is responding well to commands. Her overall behavior has greatly improved. She seems happier and calmer, which makes us happier and calmer. I would highly recommend Susan. She is great with dogs and people.   It was wonderful meeting you. We are so thankful to you for teaching us how to help Pearl. She is so much better, and she seems happier.
    Thank you Thank you.

    Beth G. on July 16, 2016  (See Beth and Pearl in Photo Gallery) Pewaukee, WI

    You replied to this review on July 16, 2016

    Beth, was an AWESOME pleasure to meet and work with you and your mom and dad!! Pearl is an AMAZING animal at genius level intelligence, proud to have been able to work with her as well,,...So glad things are progressing so positively even after our first session, all have all you need now,.the sky is the limit,..God Bless you, Pearl, Reiner and Margie,..Susie

    5/5  STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons ~~Verified Review

    Susan is a very knowledgeable dog behaviorist and professional -- we loved her responsiveness and follow up after our first session. She really cares about the animals and getting to the root of any behavior questions -- as well as being an expert Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. We are excited to be working with with her and look forward to additional sessions working with our puppy!

    Clarissa C. on July 1, 2016 S. Scottsdale, AZ

    You replied to this review on July 1, 2016

    Thank you so much Clarissa, was a pleasure to meet and work with you and Les and your Gorgeous Newfoundland!! I greatly appreciate your wonderful praise and confidence. Samson is such a gentleman and I was very impressed with his willingness and quickness to pick up things,..hopefully we can make it work with our busy schedules to get him certified as a Therapy Dog

    • Dog Training - Private Lessons 5/5 STARS Verified Review

      "I thought everything went well with Susan. She was very knowledgeable and very humane. She really cares about the animals she works with,also cares about the human side too. I really enjoyed working with her and hopefully she can lead me into new directions with my puppy in the future. Loved her!" Laura R  Glenview, IL June 28th

      Thank you so much Laura,..Paisley is such an intuitive dog,..she just needs a little structure and for you to ease the way to allow her to JUST be a dog, are BOTH doing great!! Practice makes perfect,....God Bless you,..Susie
      June 28, 2016

    • Dog Training - Private Lessons  5/5 STARS Verified Review

      "She has been excellent help so far."  April B Oregon , Il June 27th

      Thank you April,..Haven't even really done anything yet!! May you be Blessed and hopefully we can get down to the bottom of this situation and right the wrongs that have been committed to your dog,..Susie
      June 27, 2016
    • Dog Training - Private Lessons 5/5 STARS Verified Review

      "Susan evaluated and worked on our two keeshonds and helped us better understand the importance of body language, tone, and tips for improving their overall obedience. She was extremely thorough and we most definitely recommend her." Michael L  Chicago, Il June 27th

      Michael,...GREAT to work with you and Viviana and Kingston and Dorian,..they are Beautiful animals and so smart,..they just need a little structure,..some boundaries and to know you have their back and all should continue to go as well as the last few days. God Bless you,..Susie
      June 27, 2016 
    • Dog Training - Private Lessons 5/5 STARS Verified Review

      "Miss Susie was very knowledgeable and genuinely caring about both the puppy and the family. She offered a variety of hands on techniques that we are able to use from the very start. I would highly recommend her services and we will use her again as a resource for dog training." Tonya W Munster, IN

      Tonya, was such a pleasure to meet you , Bruce, Ben and Kayla,...glad that you were able to see changes so quickly and that you were able to implement some tools to help you in training Sutherland,..Glad to be able to share expenses with Chicago clients however,..very sorry for the late hour it turned out to be,...may you ALL be Blessed,..Susie

    Dog Training - 5 STARS  Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Susie was such a blessing to our family. We had a problem with our beloved dog, Ruby. She was snapping a people when they would come in the house but never offered to bite anyone in our family, including children. Susie "trained" us how to fix the issue. Within minutes Ruby was lying down, eating only on command, learned boundaries of rooms (can no longer enter the kitchen) and not to jump on things or people when she is excited. Susie worked with our children to teach them how to take control of Ruby. The training had already made a huge difference in a 24 hour period. I cannot say enough boys thinks about Suzie and her abilities. I saw things happen last night with Ruby that, if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. SUZIE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    Kelli P. on June 14, 2016  Lenoir City, TN

    You replied to this review on June 14, 2016

    Kelli,..can't begin to tell you the Blessing it was to meet, work with and become friends with you and your family!! God truly worked a MIRACLE here to have me coming from 6 states away at the perfect timing "For such a Time as This",...but you already know my heart after our conversation by the car yesterday evening,....can't wait to see if we will soon be neighbors!! Keep me posted on her progress or if you need ANY help at all, have my number and I would fly down ANYTIME you need me! God Bless You,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training ~~ Private Lessons- Verified Review

    Susan has been extremely helpful in changing some of my dog's bad habits. She was very punctual. She has gone way beyond what I would normally expect someone to do as far as resolving the problems I am having with my dog (and that my dog is having with me). I certainly would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help.

    BLAIRE B. on June 7, 2016 Aurora,Il

    You replied to this review on June 7, 2016

    Blaire,..It was a pleasure to work with you and Millie,.and to also have met your sister Ann and your beautiful kitties as well. Millie just needs to know you are in charge and she will be one of THE most awesome dogs you've ever had!! God Bless You,..Susie.

    5/5 STARS~~ Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Susie did an outstanding job! She has a very good understanding of the dogs needs and wants. She is very knowledgeable and was able to clearly explain everything to my husband and I and even teach us so we can keep working with our furry girl. She loves animals and was so good with our puppy! She was able to get our 15 week old Akita puppy to come, heel, sit and jump into my truck all during her first visit. Susie even went as far as explaining the differences in dog foods and treats to us so we can make good choices for our new family member. Susie was very thorough and took her time with us. At no point during her visit did we feel rushed. She was very patient with us and our puppy. Susie is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

    Yelena r. on June 1, 2016 (See Phoebe and her family in the Gallery section) S. Elgin, Il

    You replied to this review on June 1, 2016

    Yelena, it was a pleasure to work with you, Chris and Dominic!! Phoebe is AWESOME!! So quick to pick up and so intelligent,..just make sure she understands that you are Alpha over her with her personality and the sky is the limit for what she can do,..keep me posted on how things are going,..I'm here whenever you need me,..God Bless You ,..Susie

  • 5/5  STARS- Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    After taking our German Shepherd puppies to the local large pet chain for training for 6 months, they were responding well. If all you are looking for is sit, stay, and down, sometimes, then that is the place to go. Like most people, we want the most amazing dogs-EVER! That is not going to happen for us normal folks unless we understand that training takes not only time and commitment but certain "tricks of the trade." Anyone can fix a leaky faucet, but the professional can do it in 2 minutes and without six trips to the store. Susie is the professional dog trainer. Actually human/dog trainer. She was very informative and understanding. She takes her time to learn the family dynamic in order to explain certain issues that we were dealing with on occasion. She instilled confidence in both Michelle and myself, as well as our three dogs. I don't use the term Miracle Worker often, but it definitely applies to Susie. I don't know if she is a better human or dog trainer, or just awesome at both. We have had several friends stop by the house since our one night of training and they can't believe the difference. I assured them that doggie downers were once considered, but never again will that enter my mind. Michelle and I are in control and the dogs actually seem to love it. If you are serious about understanding your dog's and long for a loving, happy, and peaceful life with them, then you need Susie. She can help you make it happen. We look forward to our next session. Thanks again, Susie. See you soon.

    Jan H. on May 22, 2016  (See Shorty and Misty in the Gallery) Glenwood, Il

    You replied to this review on May 22, 2016

    Jan,..I don't even know how to respond to that, except to say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!! It is a passion of mine to help human and animals alike, I believe God gave me this gift to be HIS hands and feet down here on earth while I have the opportunity to do so,...It is such a Blessing to me as well to see the changes taking place right before our very eyes as it happens and the happiness I see in the animals or the happiness I hear from their owners after the 48 progress report,....I feel so privileged to have worked with hundreds of private owners and the ration of going back for anything is almost 98-2,...Call me whenever you need me (if you ever do) I am here for you,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Dog Sitting -Verified Review

    Jason K. on May 22, 2016  (See Dublin in the Gallery)  Naperville, Il

    You replied to this review on May 22, 2016

    Jason, was a pleasure to spend the weekend with Dublin,..he is an AWESOME Dog and I really enjoyed his company,..It was also nice to meet your mom as well,..she is an animal lover like us,...great minds think alike!! Be Blessed,..Susie                                                                                  5/5 STARS~~Dog Training - Private Lessons- Verified Review

    • Susan was awesome in 5 minutes she had my puppy listening to her instructions.

      Cristhian D. on May 28, 2016  (See Gallery)  Oak Creek, WI

      You replied to this review on May 28, 2016

      Such a sweet little puppy she is Cristhian,..and SO intelligent!! Call whenever you need me,..God Bless,...Susie

    • 5/5 STARS~~ Animal Training and Behavior Modification (Non-canine)- Verified Review

      Susan was direct and helpful. She uses fun stories to share the experience of a dog, I found this helpful. We and our dog learned a lot.  Susan gave us follow-up homework which will help with Chase's progression.

      Molly Ann H. on May 23, 2016 ( See Molly Ann, Chris and Chase in Gallery) Cary, Il

      You replied to this review on May 23, 2016

      Thank you Molly, was fun to work with you and Chris,..don't think I have EVER laughed so much during an evaluation!! :) Chase is an awesome dog,..he just needs a little more reassurance that you have his back,..he's been through a lot Bless his heart,..but he is so intelligent and so willing to please. Keep me posted,...God Bless,...S

    5/5 STARS- Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    We were having problems with our 5 month old golden retriever not wanting to stay in the crate without barking & howling. Within 15 minutes Susan had her quiet and behaving. She also helped us with our puppy being dominant over our seven year old golden. She had so many great ideas and she tailored all the solutions to our specific issues. I'm very picky about how are pets are treated. Susan has such respect for animals that I would highly recommend her. She is very qualified to handle any and all behavior problems and training issues. My whole family sat with her while she explained everything. She had solutions to every problem we brought up. She's kind and very caring and she made sure we understood everything she was doing. When she left, she left as a friend, not someone we hired to help us with our pets.

    Mia R. on May 21, 2016  Naperville, Il

    You replied to this review on May 21, 2016

    Mia,..How much more could I thank you AND your family,..It was an AMAZING afternoon, say the least, glad I felt it so important to stay,.even though we weren't initially getting the responses we were hoping for,...There is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel and It was a Blessing to have met ALL of you,...may your days be a little easier and the structure smooth in coming, me anytime you need me!! Your Friend,..Susie

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    ADI-Dog Training Assistance
    Susan is absolutely incredible! I have had experience myself training but I needed some new ideas & better tools (method items) to be able to accomplish any of what I wanted to. I do however ALWAYS love to learn more about training & Susan has helped me continue to move forward. My boyfriend needed someone other than myself to help him understand the way dogs think & why they act how they do. Susan was very thorough about those details for him & was very patient with him. We also are trying to figure out if it is possible to potty train her due to the fact that she doesn't care if she goes potty on herself or in/on "her" (the dog's) personal space/items which I knew was very unusual & unnatural for a dog to do. Yes. It is possible she cannot but we naturally after months & months of working with the dog, want to have a final answer if she can or can't. Not because of she can't then we won't keep her...we just want an answer & I think we will have that answer sooner than later. Susan has given us some new methods & reassured me that I have been doing well. It just takes time. For myself, I have medical conditions that make me disabled so it IS NOT always easy to do specific training methods & Susan knew exactly how to make it easier on me & accessible to do. She even thought about me taking our dog outside & how to make sure I was safe when letting the dog out. She is a small dog but when you have the problems I do, she can pull me right over. She is now (most of the time) right away on command sitting inside the door for us to put the leash on, waiting in a sit position until I am down the step & then after saying "okay" (with immediate praise after waiting) she comes out & then she must sit again for the leash to be exchanged for the line to be on for her to roam. Susan isn't just there for you the day/days she comes. Susan is there for you all the way around. It is not about the money for IS about the relationships between dog & owner. Her primary objective is to use this amazing gift she has to help both human & animal. The biggest thing most people looking for the right trainer (like myself) ask is, "How do I know she/he really is a legitimate behavioral specialist?" Look no further... Susan is ADI (Assistance Dogs International) certified which holds specific standards of training & requires continuing education. This means Susan is MORE than qualified to handle a pet or an assistance dog/ service dog. She does however work with government dogs (K-9 units) & service dogs. I would recommend her to anyone who asked me for advice on a trainer for behavioral issues. No question.

    Heather M. on May 13, 2016  Union Grove, WI

    You replied to this review on May 13, 2016

    Heather,...WOW!! Just WOW!! Your generous review not only confirms I am doing the right thing with the gifting and abilities that God has given and entrusted me with, but also,..that HE is in the midst of EVERYTHING I say or do with any of my clients and their animals. After all,..HE did create all living things and HE knows how order is so important to each of us and animals alike. Ginger has many things to learn and also unlearn,..but i am here to walk you through the process and to make sure that she will be ready when it comes time for your assistance dog to be brought home and that they get along,..any other help I can be in whatever way possible,..PLEASE let me know,..I am only a phone call away,...Thank you so much for your heartfelt personal message as well,...It brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to my soul! God Bless you,..Susie

    • Dog Training - 5/5 STARS-Private Lessons Verified Review

      Susie was fabulous! Our dogs took to her as soon as she came into the house. She walked us through each step she was doing with the dog. She made sure we throughly understood what she was doing & why. Susie made certain we could work with the dogs when she left and we could build upon what she taught us. She was wonderful & we truly enjoyed having her to our home. Thanks Susie! Terry, Jerry, Hank & Max

      Terry K. on May 13, 2016 ( See photos of Hank and Max in Gallery) New Berlin , WI

      You replied to this review on May 13, 2016

      Thank you so much Terry, are more than welcome and they immediate changes that were forthcoming were such an encouragement to see!! Jerry has done and will continue to do an AMAZING job with Hank already,..and will put Max through his paces,..but for YOU to feel comfortable and be able to realize why the dogs needs that consistency,..was very enlightening,..and before I left, already had an awesome grasp on it, me anytime you need me,..It was a pleasure to work alongside you,..and a privilege to work with someone so advanced as Jerry,..God Bless you,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      Susan was a miracle for us!! We have a 6 month old Shiba Inu who needed some guidance and direction in regards to his behavior and responsiveness. Within just a few hours, she turned over a completely new page for our pup, myself and my boyfriend! We learned beneficial ways to interact with our puppy and to encourage him to learn and trust in our guidance. Susan is so knowledgeable, professional and attentive to the needs of both human and animal to help both work in unity! I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking training for their dog! Thank you, Susan!
      T,T&C  ( See photos of Toby and Tayler in Gallery)

      tayler r. on May 13, 2016  Chicago,.Il

      You replied to this review on May 13, 2016

      Tayler,...Thank you for your private message, meant the world to me!! It was a really neat experience to work with you and Charlie and Toby, neat to see the immediate changes, that you begin to realize why they think as they do. I cannot wait until our 48 hour progress report!! I am only a phone call away whenever you need me,...May all of you Be Blessed,..Susie

    5/5  STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susan Hanks is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer. After our first visit we are all ready seeing the difference in our dogs behavior. I had to get rid of my bad habits for the betterment of my dogs and I was happy to do that once Susan pointed them out. I think we're on the way to having well behaved and happy dogs and parents.

    Neil K. on April 24, 2016  Hartland, WI

    You replied to this review on April 24, 2016

    Thanks so much Neil,..I can't thank you enough for what and your son Joe did for this puppy Bernie!! It is such a shame how people are out there to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people and innocent animals all in the guise of making a dollar, happy that you chose me to help you along the way with her and with George as well, that we can try to restore them to being comfortable, healthy and happy dogs,..with NO issues to worry about,..May you Be Blessed for opening your heart and home,...Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training -Verified Review

    Susan does a wonderful job teaching us how to create boundaries for our dog. Just a few hours with her and our dog seems more attentive and willing to listen. THANK You!

    Tabitha T. on April 23, 2016  ( See Mocha in Gallery) BMD

    You replied to this review on April 23, 2016

    Thanks so much Tabitha,..keep me posted on more of the progress and the other situation. So neat to have met both you and Rob after so long waiting!! God Bless you,..Susie

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training -Verified Review

    Susie is awesome ! She is a very professional, compassionate,patient and knowledgeable trainer. She helped me get immediate results with my dog. I never thought I could walk my dog as I'm disabled and Susie has given me the tools to be able to do so. Thanks Susie your the best ! Highly recommend! Veronica M. on April 12, 2016  Rockford, Il

    You replied to this review on April 12, 2016

    Veronica, are a gem!! So neat working with you and Sancho and Pixie today,..I pray it only gets better in the passing time,...can't wait for the report in 2 days,...Call me whenever you need me,..God Bless You,..Susie

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training Verified Review

    Great sessions. She arrived on time and very professional. Our dogs are excited when she comes for their sessions. They have had major improvements so far and we are looking forward to what is to come. She has been helping us with commands as well as dog on dog aggression. She has been able to assist us better than the others. She walks us through each session step by step which has made the process incredible.

    Payden K. on April 11, 2016  Kenosha, WI

    You replied to this review on April 11, 2016

    Thank you so much Payden, has been great working with you and Corlita, as well as Stacio and Blade,...I do see great improvements and as we know it is a work in progress especially with some of the history involved,...but so far so good and things are going great and changes were and are happening fast,..May you both be Blessed,..Susie

  • 5/5 STARS Private Lessons- Dog Training  Verified Review                                                                       Susie is an incredible blessing to me and my family. She listened to us, never rushed us, and gave us techniques that started working immediately. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to her. Susie instilled confidence in us...especially in help our dogs be less anxious and know that we are their alphas and can keep them safe. Her passion and faith are inspirations to us to carry on her amazing work and gift that she shared with us. Thank you, Susie! Jacqueline M. April 11th 2016   (See photos of Millie and Diesel in Gallery)  Aurora, Il                                                                                                  You responded to this review on April 11th 2016  
    Jackie,..Thank you so much!! Looking forward to our 48 hour progress report!! I was so great to have your whole family there and be able to interact and show you different behavioral issues and how to fix them,..Millie and Diesel are on there way to being more calm and well behaved knowing that you have their backs and that there are no more threats to worry about. May your whole Family be Blessed,..Susie

    5/5 STARS  DOG TRAINING- Verified Review                                                                                              Susie is truly a gifted animal behaviorist and I am grateful that she took the time to share her knowledge regarding methodology, health, and proper diet with my grandchildren and myself as I am sure Loki and Niko (my dogs) are as well. Susie empowered us by teaching her methodology using positive reinforcement; we gained an understanding of my dogs interaction with each other as well as the human beings they come in contact with and why they do what they do. Susie taught me the importance of getting my dogs to think instead of reacting with instinct; I can honestly say by using the knowledge I gained I can already see a difference with my dogs' interaction between each other, my grandchildren, and me; I believe this will strengthen our bond. I hope to do Susie proud and become that extreme alpha that my dogs need me to be. Susie thank you for sharing your gift - AMAZING!!! 

    Mary S. on April 11, 2016  ( See photos of Loki and Niko in Gallery)  Oak Lawn, Il

    You replied to this review on April 11, 2016

    Mary,..WOW,...what an Amazing day!! You are truly Blessed with those grandchildren of yours,..Lilly is so knowledgeable,..Emma so sweet and James is the best helper on earth!! I totally enjoyed our time together and noticed a change in the dogs fairly quickly,...YOU are more than capable,..I have faith that you can all do this and Loki and Niko can simply rest in the fact that they can be "Dogs",...looking forward to your 48 hour progress report,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5 STARS Dog Training- Private Training- Verified Review

    "We met with Susie in our home because our recently rescued female bull terrier mix was being aggressive towards our female pittie. The primary aggression trigger was toys. Any time our rescue pup saw our female pittie with a toy, she would attack. The attacks were becoming increasingly more violent with the pittie beginning to fight back. We were on the verge of giving up and coming to terms with likely having to surrender the rescue pup. Susie was our only hope.
    She came to our home on a Saturday and stayed for nearly six hours! We learned SO much that day about how to become the alphas in the home so our pups can feel safe just being dogs. It has been five days since our meeting, and not only have we seen zero aggression, but our pittie has been able to play with toys for the first time in months. This aggression problem requires ongoing commitment and training from us, but Susie is available for phone conversations and will come back to our home any time we need her. I am 100% confident that we can overcome this problem with her support. We cannot thank her enough!" Patti D. April 7th, 2016  Plainfield, Il

    You responded to this review on April 7th, 2016     Patti,..I was so happy with the immediate behavior change that day,..but am even more so encouraged by this review that things are falling into place and that they feel safe and loved and know their proper pack order that these terrible fights have stopped,...WOOHOO!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and Tim and your Ben and Shelby. Glad to have eased your anxiety and worry over the situation and allow them to be able to interact and actually PLAY without consequences. You and Tim were both so gracious and the parting gifts (haha) were very generous,..My brother is still waiting!! May God Bless you and may you continue to have a happy, safe stress-free household,..I am only a call away,..Susie

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Very professional honest with opinion very knowledgeable great with the dogs

    Trevor B. on April 6, 2016  ( See Photo Gallery with Apollo and Kayla) GSD and Malinois Chicago Heights, Il

    You replied to this review on April 6, 2016

    Thank you very much Trevor, have some AMAZING animals!! We just need to get some help back to Apollo since he didn't have the right start,...hopefully things will be in hand soon with the homework and suggestions I thought would help. I am only a phone call away, was great to meet your lovely wife Shannon and your beautiful sweet daughter Savannah, glad she gave me a drawing to keep in my appointment Calendar,...God Bless you ,..Susie                                               5/5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review     Our Australian Shepherd has been getting aggressive with other dogs so we hired Suzie to help fix his aggression. Since the drive was quite a distance for her she called to confirm our appointment and arrived prompt and was professional during the consultation. At our first meeting Susie came in and immediately took control of my dog. By the end of the session he was learning what is acceptable and what is not. There is going to be a lot of work at home retraining his behavior, but I saw the possibility of the dog he can become. She gave us some very good insights and information how to help him and give him the leadership he needs. I like her approach of positive training without fear or pain to my dog.

  • I appreciated her thoroughness and information she gave us on proper kinds of food that is healthy but also cost conscious. She looked at the food and treats we have and explained some of the ingredients that have words that meant nothing to me. She also looked at the toys and gave us some suggestions and warnings about toxins in the toys to watch out for.

    We were able to take Suzie to the dog park so she could observe the aggression problem with other dogs around. She was patient and took time to observe our dog at the park and in our home to get a good idea of what is causing his problem.

    Kathryn R. on April 6, 2016  (See photo Gallery with Kathryn-Rob Max and Thor Cocker Spaniel and Aussie)  Oak Creek, WI

    You replied to this review on April 6, 2016

    Kathryn,...a neat experience working with you and Rob,..such a pleasure to see that people can still be so in love and devoted to each other after years of marriage, guys are SO cute together!! I think that Max will better with his behavior as he can have an ALPHA back in his life,.and that will be you and Rob,..just be patient and consistent and the sky is the limit,..May you be Blessed,..Susie

  • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    It was everything and more! She explained what the key source of Bruce's aggression (fear and protect the owner, me, who wasn't behaving as a strong pack leader). Few key corrections makes a WORLD of difference. Thank thank thank you!!!!!

    Chearise Y. on April 4, 2016  Milwaukee, WI

    You replied to this review on April 4, 2016

    Chearise,..cannot tell you what a Blessing it was to spend a few hours with you and your mom Nancie!! Amazing report of Bruce,.not even just a few hours after our session with totally different behavior POSITIVELY,..Woohoo!!! Let me know whenever I can be of assistance to you,...God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    We hired Susie to work with our 9 month old golden retriever, Fleury, who we have had trouble training since we got her. Some of the problems that we were concerned about included play-biting, jumping, counter cruising, growling when we tried to remove something from her mouth, not coming when called, and destroying our carpet. We had been told multiple times from people we knew that she would only become a good dog if we bought a shock collar for her. The last thing we wanted to do was use a shock collar to train her when we knew she didn't respect us to begin with, so we contacted Susie and she did a great job fitting us in to her busy schedule. The second Susie walked through our front door, Fleury knew who the alpha was. Her behavior was immediately different and we couldn't help but laugh at how perfect she was acting! Susie spent time explaining her methods to us and finding out more about our relationship with our dog. She then started showing us new commands that we could try and within three attempts, Fleury was consistently doing new commands. We really appreciated how honest Susie was with us because we knew we were not training Fleury effectively, but we weren't sure what we were doing wrong. Fleury has definitely made positive strides since our session with Susie. She always comes when we whistle and call her name (even in the chaotic dog park) and she does a great job with commands such as "down" and "wait". We know that she is an intelligent and gentle dog and she deserves to have people who she can respect in her home, so we are excited to continue to work with her. We are so thankful we called Susie, and we have been in touch with her since the training session to talk about our progress. We are confident that with her advice and possibly another training session we can feel in control and Fleury can be happy and safe!

    Kristi G. on April 3, 2016  Milwaukee, WI

    You replied to this review on April 3, 2016

    Kristi,..I have actually NEVER laughed so hard at a training session before,..but between you and Brandon cracking up about her NOT acting like she usually does,..I thing we got a lot accomplished in one session,..looking forward to having on just with you and her,...Brandon was already HEELING like a champ with her,..we will get it down so ALL of you will be comfortable,..God Bless you,..great to hear the progress so far,...Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons  5/5 STARS -Verified Review

    I asked Susan to come and help us with Wilbur, our dog. He has been dragging me behind his leash since we got him and I knew that was not right. I needed a lot of help for myself and Wilbur. Wilbur took to Susan right away and was eager to please her. My husband and I grinned from ear to ear as we watched him turn into the Wilbur we knew was really inside that handsome body. I have a lot to learn but I know we have been given a good start with what Susan showed us and explained to us. I can't express our gratitude for the help, answers and support we got. We learned the difference between wait and stay. How to give verbal praise and how to heel correctly. Thank you Susan for not only helping Wilbur but for teaching my husband and myself to be the best parents for Wilbur.

    Kathleen E. on March 31, 2016  Dekalb, Il

    You replied to this review on March 31, 2016

    Thank you so much Kathy, was a joy to meet and work with you and Ted and Wilbur. He has so much potential,..just needs a little reassurance and a couple of ALPHA's to look up to and respect. You and Ted will do just find,..just keep up the consistency and patience and love and he will be the dog you knew he always could be, thankful you opened your hearts and home to him,..God Bless you,..Susie                                                                                                                                                Dog Training - 5/5 STARS Private Lessons- Verified Review

    It was a great experience!!!

    Timothy B. on March 22, 2016  Hinsdale, Il

    You replied to this review on March 22, 2016

    Thank you very much Tim,..the training you have already done with your dog is amazing,..great to have met Angie as well,..God Bless you,....Susie

    Dog Training 5/5 STARS - Private Lessons Verified Review

    What can I say except amazing. We honestly felt a bit lost before Susie. We had been told before her that our dog was aggressive, certainly going to bite someone, and are we certain we wanted him around our kids. Fifteen minutes after Susie arrived Diesel was laying at her feet. Within an hour he already had learned several new commands. Susie not only explained what his prior reaction meant in dog speak but also why he felt he needed to behave that way and methods for us to change the script in his head. Susie truly has a gift. I don't think I've ever met anyone who has so completely found their calling in life. Don't hesitate, let her into your home to show you the true potential of your canine companion. Thank you Susie! (UT)

    Lori T. on March 20, 2016  Racine, WI

    You replied to this review on March 20, 2016

    .Lori,.it was a pleasure and a joy to work with you, John, your family and your dogs, Daisy and Diesel. Your children are wonderfully special,..Annie as ,my little helper and I almost couldn't leave because she kept wanting to share "HUGS" and our adorable and joyful Cole the "Bacon King" I don't think I've ever laughed and been filled with a complete JOY like that in anyone's home before,.. as of yet! Please tell Annie, I keep her little drawing in my Doggie Appointment Book so I can remember her and her beautiful artwork,..Daisy is an incredible dog and Diesel simply needs a little guidance, he doesn't need to protect you and be nervous about someone else hurting him,..can't wait to hear your progress report,..I feel as if I've just met some additional extra friends,..God Bless ALL of you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS- Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    I am very pleased with the work on my English Bulldog Rocky. As well as my grandsons who live with my husband and me. Suzy was able to have everyone in the room together with out anyone getting hurt. Rocky has behavioral problems and I need to learn to be more alpha oriented. The best part was how she worked with my 15 and 12 year old grandsons who were in fear of Rocky. She gave me homework to do with Rocky. The care she gives to people is awesome all through the grace of God. She is willing to talk before she comes over to get a complete understanding for what is going on with your pet. Most importantly,.. she is honest and straight forward with you and dealing with you. I love my grandsons and Suzy kept them safe!!  She has a gift when dealing with dogs and loved ones.

    Paloma C. on March 18, 2016  Chicago Ridge, Il

    You replied to this review on March 18, 2016

    Paloma,..It was great to be there for you in this VERY scary time,..and the fact that I actually see hope in Rocky was so wonderful,..there is still much work to be done in UN-doing some things that started this behavior and I LOVED that Sunny and Sam and David were able to take part in ALL of it..Keep me posted as to the progress you are making on the homework you have and God Bless All of you,..I am just a phone call away,...Susie

    Dog Training -Verified Review  5 STARS

    Susie is great. She was on time and dedicated herself to our family while she here. She determined what we needed to do to help us with our two small dogs who were having some aggression issues. We need to make some changes and are working on that now. Susie is interested in following up with us and making sure we have a well adjusted family unit. She really cares about the animals and that we are happy together.

    Elizabeth A. on March 14, 2016  Saint Charles, Il

    You replied to this review on March 14, 2016

    Beth,..such an AMAZING progress report!! I am so happy that things are changing so quickly and positively for you and Jon, Sophie and Cooper. The sky is the limit when you are in charge in that "ALPHA" status and they will become the dogs you want and they will be much happier and calmer knowing you have everything under control so they can just be doggies. May you be Blessed,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susan did an excellent job with our German Shepherd Gar. She taught me, my wife and kids the positive way to show our "Alpha" status. We have lots of homework but with the knowledge Susan left us with - the sky is the limit. Gar has already excepted his new role and I think he is and will remain happy. Thank you Susan, if we need any future advice, we'll definitely get in contact with you.

    Emmett W. on March 5, 2016 (See photo of Gar in Gallery)  Milwaukee,WI

    You replied to this review on March 5, 2016

    Emmett,..Thank you so much for your kind words and faith in me!! I TOTALLY enjoyed working with you family, Patti, Alaiya and Emmett Jr,..maybe that was why we were together so long,...Gar is a gorgeous and so smart,..I think you are ALL on your way!! Your family simply listened and amazing results happened!! Can't wait to hear the progress report Monday. God Bless ALL of you,...Glad to be able to help and be of service ANYTIME you need me,..Susie

    5 STARS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

        Susie was phenomenal! She took time before we even met to ask questions about our dogs, what we thought the problems were and she listened. We spent close to 45 minutes on the phone before she ever came to our house. Once she got to our house she immediately connected to our dogs. She also involved my entire family. She spent time with us, we never felt rushed. My dog responded to her immediately. Before she left, she gave us homework. We've been doing the training Susie recommended and we see such a difference in our dog. He's happier and more relaxed. I would recommend Susie to anyone I know who needs dog training help!

    kathy z. on March 4, 2016  Geneva, IL

    You replied to this review on March 4, 2016

    Kathy,..great time working with you, Bob, Addison, Bennett and meeting Ryan,..Great to hear Bosco and especially Rocky are on the road to knowing how happy life can be when they have their Alpha family to look to. I am so proud of Addison stepping up and really taking on the challenge, be more in Rocky's eyes,...and it sounds as if all is going well!! Keep me posted and let me know if I can be of any other help to you,..neat that all the changes began to occur on just the first visit!! May you ALL Be Blessed and stress-free and a little more secure,...Susie

    5 STARS -Dog Training -Verified Review

    Susan was on time for our appointment and the family was gathered around the table as we began our journey. As a family she showed us techniques to work with our 11 month Aussie and our 10 yr old chocolate lab. Then it was our turn to try it under her watchful eye. We learned so much about the dynamic of how we and our dogs were relating to each other. I'm very happy with the decision to hire Susan she is fantastic and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with our dogs.

    Julie L. on March 4, 2016  (See photos of Sinbad-Aussie and Mandy-Lab in Gallery)  Elkhorn, Il

    You replied to this review on March 4, 2016

    Thank you so much Julie, It was such a pleasure to meet your family, Henry and Greyson, glad to hear about the positive changes in less than 2 days,.we will continue to work on whatever you need,..May all of you be Blessed,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susie is heaven sent. She is so knowledgeable, kind, considerate and caring. I am a lifetime dog owner and never thought I'd need outside help, or that there was anything new to learn. Susie is truly a gifted individual who has found her calling. So lucky to have found her!!

    Donna S. on February 16, 2016  Wayne, Il

    You replied to this review on February 16, 2016:

    Donna,..Thank you so much and I am sooo happy that Axel and Livi have their Furever home with you!! I was so pleased by the choice you and John made to bring these PRECIOUS babies home with you. I am here anytime you need me,..can't wait to see the progress they BOTH make with ALL the love that will be lavished on them,.what a change from their prior circumstances!! God Bless you,..Susie

     Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review  5 STARS

    Wow what can I say about Susie!! She is amazing!!! I was looking for a dog trainer because I was in desperate need of help with my 2 dogs who recently started fighing and what I found was way more then I was expecting. Susie is not only an amazing trainer she's an amazing person. In the 1st 10 minutes at my house I knew I called the right person she really knows her stuff, my dogs can be pretty intimidating sometimes but not to Susie!!! not only did she resolve the issues we were having, the things she taught me I will use the rest of my life.

    Michelle p. on February 11, 2016  (See Gallery for photos of Benji and Zoey (2)  Hoffman Estates,Il

    You replied to this review on February 11, 2016:

    Michelle,...I enjoyed meeting and working with you and your roommate Sabrina, care so deeply for your animals,..I was greatly impressed. I am so happy to hear things have turned around for ALL of you and that progress was made so quickly,..especially after just one session!! Please call anytime you need me,..I am only a phone call away,..God Bless you,..Susie

     5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons- Verified Review

    Susan arrived on time and prepared to go over the issues that I was concerned with. Her experience and confidence shined in assessing my dogs behavior and performing exercises and training methods that delivered results before she left my house. (My boy has an Alpha complex) I'm looking forward to working with my dog with the "homework" she gave me, and reporting to her- his progress report. I will do what she said to correct my dog and will gladly schedule with her again for reinforcement and continued training if needed. I'm very pleased and highly recommend Susan.

    Carl W. on February 10, 2016  Spring Grove, Il

    You replied to this review on February 10, 2016:

    Carl, was definitely an EXPERIENCE!! So great to have net and worked with you, Meaghan, Clair and Beth, such awesome and quick witted helpers in girls so young,...It was a pleasure! Blitz will be a work in progress with many issues he needs to get over and relearn,..however,..with the results we already achieved just in one session,..I do believe there is hope, me anytime,..God Bless you,..Susie

    • 5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

      Wonderful experience, Susie goes above and beyond. She kept in close contact with us prior to our training day, offered advice over the phone even before we met in person to deal immediately with problems we were experiencing with our 8 month old German Shepherd, Hugo, that worked beautifully. She trains the entire family, and explained to our 6 and 3 1/2 year old boys how to think like a dog. Susie stayed much longer than our anticipated two hours, answering every question and addressing every concern we had. Highly recommend her, can't wait to share Hugo's progress!

      Anne-Marie K. on January 18, 2016  Oak Park, Il

      You replied to this review on January 18, 2016:

      Anne-Marie, was quite an experience we had today!! So neat to always be able to work along side families together and I think Hugo just needs a little loving firm guidance,..and when we get you guys up there in ALPHA rank,..the sky will be the limit!! God Bless you,..Susie

    • 4/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

      Susan clearly knew what she was doing. Our dog responded to her right away. She made every minute count when working with our dog. Our dog was so tired after the training in the morning he slept for the rest of the day! She also showed us a few stretches to do on our dog's hips that seem to really be helping him and he LOVES them.

      Sharon V. on January 18, 2016  Milwaukee, WI

      You replied to this review on January 18, 2016:

      It was great working with you and Jason and Nora,..I pray thing are continuing to move forward in a positive way, whenever you need me. God Bless you,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

      Susan gave 101%, doing all she could do to help us.
      We made progress after the first meeting which required trying to undo some of the damage done from previous dog trainers. She responds to questions immediately via email or calls or text. Susan puts her heart into her work.

      Nanci E. on January 16, 2016  Gurnee, Il

      You replied to this review on January 16, 2016:

      Thank you so much Nancy and John, was my pleasure to work with you both and Buddy and Grace,...So happy for all the positive changes so quickly in place and the picture of them is absolutely precious!! Call anytime you need me,..God Bless You,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training -Verified Review

    We hired Susan to help us with basic obedience training and with introducing our new cat to our dogs after a less-than-positive first introduction. We've been leery of dog training after a very negative experience, which is why we sought out a dog behavioralist this time. Susan was AMAZING! EVERYTHING was positively reinforced (with the dogs AND with us). She explained the need for us to be alphas over our dogs without being negative the way our previous trainer showed us. Not only did our dogs immediately respect her, they immediately loved her. By the end of our session, they were respecting my boyfriend and I in a new way, and that didn't just disappear when Susan walked out the door -- they've been incredibly attentive to us since. We feel excited about training in a way that we weren't before, and we feel incredibly empowered. We never realized gaining alpha status would make our dogs feel calmer and more at ease, but now they LISTEN to us and seem HAPPY to listen to us. It seems like a huge stressor has been taken from them. Dog/Cat interaction will be an on-going project for us, but we actually feel like we have the knowledge and tools to make it happen, and we're incredibly optimistic about having a harmonious household in the near future! You will NOT regret hiring Susan. You'll love her and your dogs will love her.

    Katie O. on January 11, 2016  Crystal Lake, Il

    You replied to this review on January 11, 2016:

    Katie,..I am overjoyed to hear all the positive changes are moving forward and that you are able to incorporate all the things we did and discussed at your dogs evaluation. It is always wonderful to hear of the positive successes even before I hear back from you personally after that 48 time period of readjustment we talk about! So happy all things are working so well with them and you,..May you be abundantly Blessed, me if you need me,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    I would definitely recommend Susie to anyone. We hired her for our dog, Nina. Over the last few weeks she has been showing some signs of aggression toward my husband that she had never shown before. So we brought in Susie to help us determine what was going on. What we truly appreciated was that Susie was completely honest with us and even though our story didn't end how we wanted it to, Susie was still great in every obstacle along the way. We unfortunately had to give up Nina because she needs to be in a house with a more alpha dominant owner. My husband and I were completely heart broken to hear this news. However, Susie gave us options of how to help our dog. Within days she had contacted a rescue and we now have a new home already lined up for Nina. We are so sad that she won't be with us but so overjoyed that we didn't have to put her down or have her go to an animal shelter but rather she can live happy with another family. I'm so thankful we hired Susie and she was so supportive through the entire process.

    Lindsay M. on January 10, 2016 (See Photo of Nina in Gallery)  Trevor, WI

    You replied to this review on January 10, 2016:

    Thank you very much Lindsay,...I was so sorry to have an answer for you that was not completely positive,..however,..I would rather you, your husband and any other person in your life,.safe, rather than to tell you what you think you want to hear. Nina is so smart and so easily trained and such a cutie she was very easy to place into another loving home that is able to handle her alpha issues in a firm but loving way, her a great Furever home so that she did not have to spend time in a shelter or get put down. I was so glad I was able to facilitate that transition for her and you to have your minds and hearts at ease as to a positive outcome for all. God Blesses the faithful and always makes a way where there seems to be no way. Call me for updates and anytime you need me,..Susie

    • Private Dog Training -5 STARS  Verified Review

      Susie was an absolute pleasure to work with! Very professional, patient, and generous with her time. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is more than happy to share. We learned so much about how to be an effective dog owner just in the few hours we spent with her, especially the importance of being seen as the alpha. Susie taught us some training exercises to use with our dog Zoey and in just a few short days we already saw a big difference with her. Zoey has been more calm, friendly, and trusting of us. We couldn't have asked for a better person to work with us and we would highly recommend her to others. Thank you Susie!!  Jennifer N  Sun Prairie, WI

      Jennifer, glad to hear of all the positive changes in such a short time,..Zoey is a great dog,..I am quite sure with all your love, patience and attention she will only be better with time and secure in the fact that she is in her Furever home, thank you and Brian so much for opening your hearts and home to her and rescuing her, me anytime,.. God Bless you,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      My family and I hired Susie after receiving a handful of quotes from trainers in our area. We definitely made the right choice! The communication that Susie provided before the training session was excellent. When Susie arrived at our house our two month old pup, Barley, responded right away to her. She had Barley sitting on command within a few minutes and now after Susie "trained" us, we have trained Barley to lay down on command as well. Susie does a great job at explaining what food and toys to buy. It was a great experience for all of us and we feel we are now able to provide a healthier and happier home for Barley. We look forward to working with Susie again!!

      Nathan P. Cary, Il

      Many Thanks Nate, was great to work with all of you and Barley is an amazing puppy!! His attention span and intelligence level is amazing for one so young,..keep up the good work and you will have an awesome companion for a lifetime,..Have a Blessed New Year and call me any time you need me,..Susie

    5/5 STARS  Dog Training -Verified Review

    We just rescued our first little puppy and decided to hire Susie to give us instruction on how to raise an obedient dog. She gave us great instructions and demonstrated many great techniques to help stop bad behavior before it becomes a problem. Her positive re-enforcement methods are amazing and she clearly cares very much for the animals, not just an end result. We are now trying to put into practice what we’ve learned. Our puppy still tries to push the boundaries (like any child!), but I feel like we have the tools we need and it’s now up to us to be consistent in what we’ve learned. We’ve already seen some great improvements. Thanks Susie!! Kevin G. (See Gallery for Photo of Wes and Loki) Carol Stream, Il

    Absolutely AMAZING to have worked with your family Kevin,..Rebekah, Wes, Naomi, Abi, Jonah and Bridget were so involved and paid such close attention and were doing the EXACT things they saw me do and results immediately!! So proud of ALL of you and such a pleasure to have met you all and had an impact on how you handle Loki's training,..such an intelligent bundle of a sweetheart,..thoroughly enjoyed our time together, me ANY time you need me,..Have a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas and an Awesome Joyous New Year!! Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      How fortunate I was to find Wind Dancer Referrals on Google. I was looking for a dog trainer in my area for our 10 month old Labradoodle grand dog that spends time with us monthly. Concerns were nipping to get attention, pulling on leash, and excessive barking. I received 3 names with resumes. Wind Dancer by far had the best qualifications, client reviews, and was close by.
      Susan responded promptly and a visit was set up. She explained everything up front including costs and expectations.
      The three hour session was remarkable. BAMA was so responsive to her! We were the ones who needed the training! Susan has a wonderful appreciation of animal instincts and their interaction with humans.
      We have passed along what we learned to our son's family so there would be a continuation of training. We will continue to use Susan whenever Mr. Doodle comes to visit. She is excellent and a very nice person. Ursula G.  Lake Geneva, WI

      Thank you Ursula, was such a pleasure to work with you and your wonderful husband John. Bama is still in "Puppy" mode,.. but the exercises you were both doing very well before my leaving your house and the homework you have followed through on has turned him into a great dog,..keep up the good work and if you need me at your sons house in Illinois I would love to be able to help them understand as well,..Have a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      Hired Susie to assist my son and daughter in law with their very high energy dog, Ruby. Although a very kind, friendly dog, guidance was needed to assist them in obedience as they are expecting a baby. Went to visit them this last weekend. They said very often during my visit. "Susie said" "Susie showed us." They do have a ways to go but I certainly see an improvement and they do have a consistent training plan for her now. She was very helpful and knowledgeable

      Joyce J. Fond Du Lac, WI

      Thanks so much Joyce, was not necessary for you to leave a review since you were not able to take part in the Evaluation with everyone,..but that you did means a lot to me,..especially if something is working now that wasn't before,.It was a pleasure to work with your sons family,..and Blessings upon their new little one,...Have a very Blessed Christmas, was a pleasure to have been able to help you and thank you for your care to find someone for them that could help in whatever way possible,..If you need me,..just call,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      We had a wonderful experience so far with Suzie, she was on time, coming to our home. She was very kind to our dog. All of her methods are positive and very helpful. We really appreciated how she went over everything she was doing and the why and how it all worked. She helped us understand how the way we handled ourselves and reacted to our dog was impacting and causing his behavior. Her prices were very reasonable and I finally feel like we, and our dog are in good hands. We are looking foreword to working more with her, and finally having a well behaved dog!

      Andrea C.   Oconomowoc, WI

      Andrea, was a pleasure to work with you, Jason and "Larry" , sorry all of you had to go through all those awful experiences before we met. I pray that Larry will learn that all people are NOT out to harm him and that he will settle nicely with you now that he is on the right track and all happy times ahead,...May you be Blessed, anytime you need me,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

      Clear concise great technique  Eric B.  Rockford, Il

      Thanks so much Eric,..I appreciate it,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    The Experience was more than outstanding! I needed help with my dog's aggression towards other dogs. And my training, knowing how to handle her. The lessons we both learned were simple when I knew what to do with Anna. First Anna responded to Susie within one or two tries with a new command, when it came to me same thing, Anna new exactly how to respond. Went for a walk, ran into two dogs in their backyard, within seconds and the right command, Which Anna never heard before, and she stopped her aggression. AMAZING! I hope I can remember the commands and rewards. And, Anna and I will be just fine, and well behaved.
    I really can't explain how pleased I was, maybe unbelievable and blessed that Susie came to us.

    Rita K. on December 9, 2015   P.S.   Susie, you were definitely sent from God. Anna went outside last nite and started barking at the dog in back of us. I said "leave it" the way you taught her, she turned right around and came in the house. So pleased with her, she remembered. We are going for a walk today hope to do the same thing as yesterday. I couldn't have asked for a better person to come to us.
    Truly sent for a reason, for Anna and Kate and I with your beliefs.
    God Bless you!!!
    Rita     Jefferson, WI

    Rita,..I am so pleased by her readiness and acceptance of the training yesterday and that it is and you are following through,..and it was a joy to have had worked with you and your daughter Kate, prayer is that everything continue and that she can REST in the fact that you are her ALPHA,...God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 STARS- Animal Training and Behavior Modification (Non-canine) Verified Review

    Seven months ago my family and I rescued a 13 month old, female German Shepherd, Echo, who had been abused and would need an experienced owner to help her through a few living situations.
    Having just lost my 12 year old Male GSD, Sam, we thought we were experienced enough to handle her and help her be a great dog and companion too. Our Sam, who was also a rescue dog, had been the best companion who loved all people, and all of our pets (birds, cats, and guinea pigs). Very strange but very true.
    I entered Echo into a training class at a pet store in which we were offered individual training. (She was offered private lessons, because she was too scared and that everyone else was scared of her too!
    After more lessons, nothing was happening, no changes and she was still very fearful of everything and everyone. She didn't even trust the teacher for at least the first 3 weeks! Needless to say, nothing was learned as I had hoped for.
    After a couple of scary incidences, happening within our family by her, I prayed for some type of miracle to help me help her. I knew she had potential, just wondered WHEN it would all click in.
    I went online and I don't know how I came across THUMBTACK, but after entering the info of what I was looking for, Susie from WIND DANCER Referrals, called me shortly right after I had finished filling out my information. I was startled by her call, first because I wasn't expecting to hear from anyone right away and I had just finished filling out the info and moved onto another activity.
    Susie expressed her concern for my animals, and was very interested in how she could, help if at all. I felt her caring and compassion in her voice and her commitment she has built with the animals she works with. I believe my prayer had been answered!
    After our initial visit, Susie was in contact with us from the moment she left her home and was prompt with our agreed time. Susie is now our miracle dog whisperer! She has taught me and my husband what Echo was needing and how we could help her RELAX in her own skin, but mainly how we can help Echo be the best dog that she was born to be. Echo did not like to be pet before and her skin would twitch, it was very sad. NOW, she enjoys being pet and likes to cuddle with ME!
    It is amazing that the day after Susie left our home, we heard Echo SNORING! She had never been able to relax in all the time that she was with us until NOW!
    We are to meet again with Susie to learn more ways of making her into a possible good citizen, in which her last teacher told us Echo would never be. Well, with our angel Susie, our faith has been restored in people that are out to seriously help animals to be their best and live a long and happy life with a furrever home. We have seen ongoing progress, daily since Susie walked into our home. A simple thank you will never be enough to express how much Susie has done for us and with us.

    Amy T. on December 6, 2015  (See Photos of Echo Part 1 & Part 2 in Gallery pictures) Just a day after first training session her complete difference and relaxed mode!!  Naperville, IL

    You replied to this review on December 6, 2015

    Amy,..WOW!! What could I possibly say to such a glowing reference except to tell you I am so Blessed in the immediate change in Echo and how all of you, Dan and Jessica included,..took this lovely girl into your hearts and homes and gave a scared and scarred animal new hope and cared enough and loved her enough to push on through all the other outcomes, are truly a Blessing. May things continue to improve and may she become more and more relaxed in her own skin and her surroundings as you all continue to show her the love she has in her FURever Home!! God Bless you,...I'm here for you whenever you need me only a phone call away,...Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review  5/5 STARS

    Susie was very professional. She knows her stuff. My dogs responded incredibly well to her and all her instructions. I am very happy I contacted her! Would definitely recommend very highly to anyone who is having trouble with their dogs.

    Adrienne H.  (See photo of Remi and Boris)  Sun Prairie, WI

    Thank you very much Adrienne,..Meeting you, Remi and Boris was great today, glad we were able to start setting you up as an ALPHA for them and give you simple things to do to and different training aides to help start making them know,..YOU are in control,..not them,..May all your endeavors be fruitful and anytime you need me, I'm only a phone call away,..God Bless you,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review  5/5 STARS

    Susan was great! On time and ready to jump into the job. She really knows what she's doing and has trained our family well to handle and train our dogs. It was easy to see that she has a ton of knowledge on training dogs and a ton of knowledge about dogs in general. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs their pets to be trained.

    Nicole B. Northbrook, Il

    Thank you very much Nicole, was great to be able to meet and work with your family and help you in the ways you needed guidance, were ALL doing a great job even before I left your home, me with any questions or concerns or if you may have need of me again for anything,..God Bless you,..Susie

    5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    We asked Susie to help us with issues we were having with our 4 month old puppy, such as chewing, jumping, counter-surfing, separation anxiety etc. She spent a few hours with us, and was extremely helpful and thorough. Our puppy is now listening a lot better, not jumping, not as crazy, and will relax on a dog bed when alone, rather than whining and chewing on the gate or other woodwork. A few weeks have gone by and she is still behaving. She also gave us some good advice on toys and food. We will bring Susie back at some point to do some advanced training. It has been a fun experience.

    Michelle O.  Germantown, WI

    So glad to hear the on going positive reports Michelle,...Thank you for letting me help you with pointing out things that most people are not even aware of in their dogs behavior,..may things continue in a positive way for your puppy and your family,..great to meet you, Steve and Robyn,..let me know whenever I can be of more assistance to you,..God Bless you,. Susie                                        

    Dog Training - Private Lessons -- 5/5 STARS  Verified Review

    From the first time that we contacted Susan, our experience was amazing. We had a great pre-conference to make sure everyone was on the same page and she was honest and forthright the entire time. During her visit, we saw amazing results from our German Shepherd within minutes, and learned A LOT about who we were and how we needed to change to provide our dog with a healthier, happier home where she could just be a puppy. Susan was also great with our follow up a few days later to check our progress and reinforce the plan she gave us, along with a healthy dose of encouragement for all. We look forward to staying in contact with her and seeing the continual growth made with our GSD.

    Tom L.  (See Photo of Seeka)  West Bend, WI

    Tom and Gwen,..WOW!! What an experience,...Seeka is a fantastic dog! Still going to check to see if we can possibly use her for Government issues,..Trauma Team etc,..I will broach the subject after she is at least a year old,..I was amazed by her level of intelligence and her willingness to please,..great to meet new friends and be there for you when you needed me,..YOU GOT THIS!! But I'm here if and whenever you need,..God Bless you and the new bond you are creating with her,...Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons- 5/5 STARS- Verified Review

        Susan was punctual, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She answered all of our questions and gave us terrific advice and training tools to help with our dog. We highly recommend Susan and her services.

    George C.  Berwyn, Il

    What a pleasure to be able to meet and work with you George and Molly and Otis as well, glad changes were occurring even after our first phone call,..but I think you guys have things well in hand,..he is an awesome pup,..Here whenever you need me,..Have a Blessed evening and a Wonderful Thanksgiving,...Susie

    Dog Training-Private Lessons  5 /5  STARS   From the moment Susan arrived, our 2 yr old pit bull responded positively. He obeyed her commands and we saw a whole new dog. She showed us how to properly discipline him, establish alpha and correct bad behaviors. The cost was very reasonable and we'll worth it. I would strongly recommend calling Susan!     Tracy Miller Anderson  Island Lake, Il
     Thank you so much Tracy, was a pleasure to meet all of you,...I think things are going to work themselves out and all will be fine when Diesel realizes he's found his FURever home,..God Bless ALL of you,..Susie

     Need Dog Training- Private Lessons  5/5 STARS 

    "Susie is very knowledgeable and helpful. She provided insight into how both of our dogs were interacting with eachother. She provided direction and gave us tips to help with our dogs. We still have some things to work on and will definitely have Susie back. This is the first time in 4 years I've been able to come home without being jumped on!!!!" Jacqueline S.  Sussex, WI

    Jacqueline, was so fun to work with you and the dogs, Molly and Lucy and your VERY helpful sons Adam and Brady,..they are precious!! Too bad Bob couldn't have joined us,..I am glad you got to come home and NOT get jumped on, that makes me smile and brings warmth to my heart, may be a slow process but with the intelligence and love for you, your dogs have,..they want to please you, just keep up the good work and it'll come around in no time,...God Bless all of you,..Susie

    NEED DOG TRAINING  - 5/5 STARS Verified Review  

    "Susie is wonderful. She was very professional and personable. I will be working with her in the future." Carolyn K.  Roscoe, Il

    Thank you very much Carolyn,..your puppies are so precious and fun to work with,..very high quality animals, ..I pray all the homes they go to are worthy,..God Bless you, Susie

    Need a Private Dog Trainer-  4/5 Stars 

    "Susan came to our home to do an evaluation with our babies, Miley & Tanya. Everything went well with the 1st visit. Susan was able to see that Tanya was well trained & listened very attentively. Miley will need some work in the near future. Miley has some fears & anxiety to overcome before more training can be pursued. Susan was great at working with our girls & I would recommend her services to anyone in need of training."  Kotina P  West Bend, WI

    Kotina, was an awesome experience to come along side all of you and work with you and both your dogs,..Miley will soon see that she has her FURever home and hopefully the fear and anxiety she has will lesson as you are building a solid foundation and Alpha-ness for her to depend on,...Tanya is just a love bunny! She will be a great help to you to reliieve more of Mileys stress also,..It was a joy to meet you and John , Cody and JJ ,..what awesome children you have , are truly BLESSED!! Susie

    5/5  STA RS Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    I feel so fortunate to have found Susie on thumbtack! She is open, honest, compassionate, and an expert at what she does. She was able to pinpoint behaviors of our puppy that we may have never truly understood without her, and tailored the training to our puppy's needs. We can't wait for our next session!

    Taralynn W.   Lake Villa, Il

    Thank you so much Taralynn,..It was a pleasure to meet you Steve and John and come along side you to help you understand Sadie better and to teach you to train her in the way that her specific needs require,..she is a gem, her already after 30 minutes in your home,...May you ALL be Blessed,..Susie

    5/5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons -Verified Review

    Our 1 year old german shepherd Sadie had fearful fearful aggressive behavior and would lash out. I spoke to a number of people about Sadie's behavior and did not feel right about what they told me. I made contact with Susan through Thumbtack. We spent 2 hrs on the phone so she could get the details about Sadie's condition. After that conversation I felt she was the right person to hire.Susan was punctual and very professional. Susan was kind, yet honest about Sadie's condition. Susan spent 4 hrs helping Sadie. Susan is a kind hearted professional. I feel I have made a good friend that I can rely on. I highly recommend Susan.

    Darrin w.  Sullivan, WI

    Darrin, was a pleasure to work with you and Sarah and Sadie!! You are someone who TRULY cares about what's best in every situation,..including your animal family members,..all we can do is work with what we are given,..a passion for a life and a passion to help,..which is why I always strive to be honest in EVERY situation whether that means more work,.bad news, great news or a complete effort in and for all,..I pray we will stay in contact as I too have felt we have forged an awesome friendship as well, for you always,..Susie

    Dog Training Private Lessons   4 STARS -Verified Review

    Susie was very professional. She helped me in every way I needed to curb my dogs bad behaviors. I liked her immediately. Not only did she impress me, my sister is hiring as well as two of her friends. Now I have to use the tools she provided me!

    Susan L.   Waterford, WI

    Susan,..It was so neat to be able to have your daughter and grand daughter be able to join us for a portion of our evaluation,.. and that Sam felt comfortable around Gia instead of being nervous or afraid,..I see a lot of potential in both of them just need to instill some guidelines and keep you up in rank of Alpha leader,..May the progress continue and maybe next time we will stop the kitty bothering,..God Bless You,..Susie

     5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susie is truly gifted! From our first conversation, to her thorough assessment of our beloved Lab Angus as well as her insights about our interactions were enlightening. Angus immediately trusted her and responded very well to her training. Susie provided us with tools and suggestions to put into practice with him. One week later, Angus is responding very well to commands and feels more comfortable in his fur.

    Susan S.  Hartland, WI

    Susan, was an amazing day!! So glad to be able to have had that time with you, Marty, your mom and of course Angus,..what a wonderful and carefree spirit he has,..allow him to help lighten the burdens as he is such a loving and playful furry friend and of course all the things we spoke of,..I would have gladly accepted Marty's GORGEOUS pork butt in exchange for my services,..but alas,..I never even got a taste,Lol,..May all of you be Blessed and come into the understanding that NOTHING is by chance! I'm here anytime you need me,..Susie    (see photo of Susan and Angus in Gallery)  Beautiful tribute!!

    September  2, 2015    5/5 STARS  Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Out of the many dogs I have owned over the years and the formal training I had received in obedience, Mishu was really an uncontrollable challenge for me. He has been in training for a year, and did fairly well, but he was misbehaving at home. When Susie came and showed me some solutions to my in home problems he responded immediately. If only I had found her a year ago my other animals would have been happier and I wouldn't have been so frustrated with him. Caring training and reasonable price, thanks so much Susie.

    Bonnie F.   Submitted on September 3, 2015  Rockford,IL

    You replied to this review on September 3, 2015:

    Bonnie, was my pleasure to bring simple knowledge into your home and pass along ALL the things you needed to have Mishu be the dog you really want him to be,...he is still a work in progress,..but with your capable experience and the things you have already learned, will all be happier and he will be more well rounded with you keeping him in his place. Thank you so much for all that we shared while I was in your home,...and the help you also offered in your area of expertise,..may you be Blessed,..Susie    

     September 1, 2015    5 STARS  Need a Private Dog Trainer

    "Susan has a special connection with her animals and has the same connection with mine. She is professional, resourceful, talented and blessed with a gift. She is a loving woman with all the animals she touches. She is patient and caring with me and my fur baby Faith. Her ratings are no fluke, she is truly that good!"   Kyle F.    (SEE PHOTO of FAITH in GALLERY)  GSD 12 weeks  Wheaton, Il

    Kyle, are a GEM!! It was wonderful to meet Faith and your mom today, are extremely Blessed with such an awesome dog,..can't wait to continue to see her progress under your capable and loving hands,..don't look at the past but only how things progress forward and how we can make a difference in people's live because we've been brought to it and came through it,...Be Blessed and BE a Blessing,...Susie
    August 30, 2015  5/5 STARS -Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

    Susan was fabulous - we had issues with a our Giant Schnauzer puppy biting
    (from teething) on myself and the children and was also having accidents in the house. The dog was acting as "alpha" over our girls.    In just two short hours Susan had taught and demonstrated to all of us how to stop these behaviors. She trained *us* how to train our puppy.
    I can't say enough about how much we all enjoyed her. Highest of recommendations!!!

    Ali e.   Milwaukee,WI

    You replied to this review on September 3, 2015:

    Ali,.. It was an awesome Blessing to meet you, Tim, Caelin and Breken and to help you with Drogon,..may the progress continue and you and the girls be empowered,..I am here for you whenever you need me,..God Bless you,..Susie

      August 27, 2015    Dog Training -  5/5   STARS - Verified Review

    Experience with Suzie was phenomenal, she is an awesome trainer and individual. She communicated with my dogs in a manner that was professional and communicative; her communication with my daughter was very on-point, she was very patient and she made sure my daughter understood everything she needed to do.
    I would happily recommend Susan/Wind Dancer Referrals to anyone!!!

    Caryn S.  (See Photo of Charley and Penny getting along now)  Lisle, Il

    You replied to this review on August 27, 2015:

    Caryn, was a neat experience to work with someone so knowledgeable and patient when it comes to animals,..Keep encouraging Chelsy,..she was so empowered by what she witnessed and took part in yesterday,..I truly feel with the same amount of time and patience, will ALL be one big happy family,..and Charley is an AWESOME dog,..very impressed by him,..kepp consistent with his sister and she will see he can be her best friend,..God Bless You,...So happy about your new position,...way to go girl!! Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons- Verified Review  5/5STARS
       Susie was wonderful. She was great to work with & Bleau is like a new dog. She not only trains your dog, she trains you. Bleau responded to Susie immediately. Susie has a God-given talent & she knows how to use it. The person I live with wanted to give up on Bleau after only THREE days. But I knew some good training from the right person would make him an almost perfect 85 pound Blue Tick Coon Hound! My neighbor who is 89 years old came over the night Bleau got his training & was very impressed how well he behaved. And today the man who cuts the grass came over & again, Bleau made me proud. I learned the gingersnap treat trick & Bleau listens so well when he smells that gingersnap!! I was so touched by the way Bleau responded, I actually cried. Susie was right there to give me a hug. I feel that Bleau has a lifetime trainer & I have a new friend in Susie!! God certainly knew who to give the gift of helping animals when He gave it to Susie

    Joan G. on August 26, 2015  Rockford, Il

    You replied to this review on August 26, 2015:

    Thank you so much Joan, was my pleasure to meet and work with you, Darrell and Bleau,...He such an awesome dog, glad YOU got him!! How anyone could EVER give up on an animal of his caliber is beyond me! May you Be Blessed and may the progress and the bond continue,..Susie

    • 5/5 stars Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

         Susie was an amazing trainer. She was always on time and showed full commitment to helping me train my dog Cooper. She listened to us and figured out exactly what we wanted and showed us ways we can achieve these goals. I had a number of offers and quotes to choose from and I would not re-do anything. I would pick her every time. My dog not only loved her but so did I. After just one session I saw drastic improvement and a week later the improvement was outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone

      Alish K. on August 19, 2015  Glenview, Il

      You replied to this review on August 19, 2015:

      Alish,..your review brought tears to my eyes, are such a great person and so caring about your dog and what is best for him,..I couldn't have been more Blessed by meeting you and your family and helping bring Cooper where he needed to feel comfortable and calm and easy,..may the AWESOME changes continue for him and all of you in his life,...anytime you need me I am here for you,..God Bless You,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review   5/5 STARS

    I had a fantastic experience using Susie and Wind Dancer Referrals. My dogs immediately reacted to her commands and methods. There's some homework to be done for my family, and I'm confident our few behavior quirks will work themselves out with practice. Thank you, Susie! Looking forward to obedient and happy dogs!

    Leigh R. on August 16, 2015  Round Lake, Il

    You replied to this review on August 16, 2015:

    Thank you very much Leigh, ..It was such a wonderful experience to work with you, Jeff, Grey and of course the Great help we received from Marko, your sons neighbor friend,....I can't tell you how good I feel about Ripley having her Furever home with you,...I am just a phone call away if you ever need me for anything in the future, ..but I already was impressed by what I saw yesterday, ..God Bless you and your family,...Susie

    • 5/5  STARS   August 12, 2015 Dog Training - Private Lessons/ Verified Review

      Susie was fantastic to say the least! Our black lab is truly our fur baby and, while we have tried hard to make him well behaved, we definitely needed a refresher in our training and Susie did just that! We wanted to work on leash training, behavior in the car and boundary training. Susie took the time to explain each to us and within a couple of hours, it was like we had a totally different dog. She left us with some "homework" and in just a few days, our dogs behavior is amazing. With her techniques and suggestions, she has made our happy puppy so much more well mannered and a much better listener. We took all of her suggestions to heart and my husband and I feel confident in what we have to do to work with him in the future.        I would suggest Susie's guidance and expertise to anyone,.. and cannot thank her enough for her help! Thank you, Susie for you help and we hope you come visit us soon! Kurt, Alicia and Remi ,.. Alicia B.  Racine, WI

      You replied to this review on August 12, 2015:

      Alicia, was a great pleasure to work with you and Kurt to help Remi with some things that may just have been passed by in a busy house hold!! That you took the time,love, attention and detail to DO something about it says it ALL!! Remi is Blessed to have you as her FURever parents and she yearns to please you and continue to be a part of your life, she is showing you with her actions now that she knows you guys are who she can look up to,'ve done an awesome job in just a few days,..keep up the FANTASTIC work,..and you with have that awesome BEST friend for always,...God Bless you,..Susie

    Need Private Dog Trainer  5 STARS

    "I have been having a problem with my two toy poodles' excessive barking for a long time, however I realized we needed help when one of my dogs nipped my granddaughter and was showing aggression to her. Susan was very professional and my dogs responded to her very quickly. She gave me some good insight into why they were barking and showing aggression and gave me some tools to work with to correct the problem. We have begun to implement her suggestions and have seen very good results so far. We will continue to work with our pups and I will definitely call Susan if I feel we need further help." Diane S.   Poplar Grove, Il                                                                                              You responded to this review on August 9th, 2015

    Thank you so much Diane, was great working with your family and being to be able to make a significant difference in such a short time,..and especially with you and your family doing an awesome job on your "Home Work" assignments,..which help immensely!! You have the control that you need to have over them now and they are viewing you as the ALPHAS, great to hear the good news,..keep all the good work up and you know how to reach me ANY time you need me,...May you and your family be Blessed,..Susie
    August 9, 2015

    Offsite review  5 STARS AMAZING

    "I am thrilled with the results Susan made in a short period of time (1 visit) with Sparky and his excessive barking. She also successfully helped him accept our new puppy ( we were trying for weeks and he'd get aggressive)
    Her methods are so positive and the dogs instantly accepted her. Susan has a passion for animals and is so knowledgable. I would recommend her services and plan to schedule another visit with her."  Tiffany J.   Huntley, IL                                                                                                                          You responded to this review on August 9th, 2015

    Tiffany,. I enjoyed meeting and working with both you and Phil,..not only with the dogs and the positive results I felt were achieved,.. but also because of the friendship and immediate fellowship we shared,..I pray it only continues to get better with time and that our friendship can only grow into a stronger bond with so many things we share,..God Bless you,..Susie

    Need Dog Training Services - Private Lessons  5 STARS

    "Susan was professional. A vast knowledge of animal behavior as well as some human. I would recommend her skills."  Dominick S.  (See Photo of Bean and her girl Danielle)  Palatine,Il

    Thank you very much Dominick,..was wonderful to meet all of you and be able to point out some similarities in behavioral issue, me ANYTIME,...and keep me posted on those spots you might like to visit,..tell Sheila and Danielle I send my greetings and hellos,..Be Blessed ,.Susie

    Need a Private Dog Trainer   JULY 26th, 2015  5 STARS

    "Susie is amazing! She came out to help our family with our one-year old rescue who was jumping up on people, showing fear aggression with big dogs and males, and getting nippy with our six-year old. In just two hours, his behavior improved immensely. She also gave us the tools we need to keep our pup's good behavior going. We are so grateful! I highly recommend her over group classes. She's experienced, thorough, professional, and effective!"Dana B.  Naperville,Il

    Dana, was a pleasure and a privilege to work with your family!! You, Mike and Madden were so gracious in showing me ALL the behaviors that Booker was doing that you wanted worked with,..I thought our time together, even if only 2 hours, was AMAZINGLY productive,..especially his dog introduction,..please stay in touch with all the wonderful progress reports and any other thing you might need or want to be covered at a later date,..Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this process to make your household happy, safe and harmonious for all of you,..God Bless you,..Susie

    Dog Training - Private Lessons - Verified Review  
    Nancy m. on July 22, 2015   5 STARS ( Modified Review from July 20th, 2015,.. 48 hours after 1st Evaluation & training session

    I spent so much time and money trying to train my now 10 month old Morkie, Halle. Although hesitant, I turned to the web just to see if I could find some type of help.
      While searching for a trainer, I stumbled across Susan's profile on Thumbtack. I was so very skeptical how a dog trainer could really help, and certainly not my dog. Halle was always barking, piddling, taking food off the table, getting in to the trash and playing with toilet paper.
      Within two hours of Susan being in our home, Halle was a new dog. Susan didn't just train my dog, she trained me how to be the boss. Halle's behavior has improved immensely. Not one piddle accident, not one bark, not one attempt at taking food from the table. I was absolutely amazed.
         Susan went above and beyond by bringing fresh homemade treats to train Halle.
      Susan is a true craftsman in her world of expertise. Thank you Susan! Nancy & Halle New Berlin,WI

    You replied to this review on July 23, 2015:

    Much a joy to see such significant results in a matter of minutes, and help you with ALL the behaviors that have been driving you nuts,..and bothering your husband so much that he wanted to get rid of Halle,...May all your days continue to be calm, happy, healthy and fun,..with your new respectful friend, glad to have been able to make in difference in ALL of your lives,..and that of your guests also,...God Bless you,..Susie

    July 22nd,..2015  5 STARS

    Need a Dog Trainer

    "Susan was great. My dog, Marley, had food aggression and Susan fixed it within 5 minutes. We tried taking food away from him now which has been two weeks since Susan saw us and Marley shows no signs of aggression at all. She's amazing and is willing to accommodate whatever your needs are and will work with your schedule. Susan was also very thorough and made sure we tackled any problems we had with Marley no matter how big or small." Sandy N. Chicago, IL

    Thank you so much Sandy, happy to have been able to deal with Marley's aggression so quickly,..easily and painlessly and that both of you are more confident and pleased with all interactions with him,...great working with all of you,...Be Blessed,..Susie

    July 21st, 2015  Need private Dog Trainer   OFFSITE REVIEW   5 STARS     "We had such a great experience working with Susie. Our dog, Doug responded to her to help us learn things we didn't even know we could ask a dog to do. She helped us better understand how to be strong alpha types and manage his barking behavior when new dogs are near. We are excited to keep working on what we learned and have another session with Susie when Doug is ready for more! It was a fun day for us and for him and we are a lot more confident with our big furry friend." Allison S.

    Allison and Loran,..It was such a pleasure to have met and worked with the people who were instrumental in adopting this AMAZING dog,..I loved Doug the first time I met him,.. and saw a GREAT intelligence level and willingness to learn,..thank you so much for allowing me to continue with him and see that he reaches his full potential,..I am so Blessed to be a part of all of this,..especially his amazing transition into your lives , hearts and new home,..May you all be Blessed,..Thank you again,..for the privilege of working with you,...Susie
    July 20th, 2015  5 STARS

    Nancy m.

    Need private dog trainer

    "I met with Susan for the first time today to help with training my 10 month old Morkie. She is not potty trained & has other behaviors that are not acceptable. Holly is very sweet & cute but barks & jumps whenever I am not giving her constant attention. Susan spent 10 minutes with Holly & her behavior drastically improved.

    Susan spent 2 hours working with me & Holly-I needed positive training techniques. The potty training is still a work in progress but her behavior since our appointment this morning has drastically improved. I even feel more confident training Holly. Susan even made a follow up call this afternoon to check the status of potty training & behavior. Susan is excellent to work with & I will be continuing to use her expertise."

    Thank you so much Nancy,..was great meeting with you and Halle Berry today, neat to see her immediate change in behavior, will be a work in progress,..but she has already shown great achievement in only 2 hours,..Be Blessed, Susie

    Rick D.  Need Private Dog Trainer  5 STARS

    Offsite review

    "Susie was wonderful. She took the time to get to know Grady and understand his personality and needs. She asked all the right questions and made us better understand how to help Grady attain his maximum potential.
    When she left we felt better about how we had previously trained our dog and what we needed to do to get him to the next level.
    I would say she has an excellent way with animals and she understood the deep love and appreciation we have for Grady as a family.
    I would recommend Susie to anyone looking to better understand their dog and their dog's needs. She will give you the time and attention it takes to better train your dog.."

    Michelle and Rick,...and of course Grady, was a pleasure to work with you and address some problem areas that seem to be remedied within our first session,..YAY!! I always love it when owners and dogs alike get together and get a better understanding of any situation,..Glad thing are going so well,..if you ever need me for anything,..don't hesitate to call,..God Bless you,..Susie

    Ashley O.  July 14th, 2015

    Need private dog trainer    5 STARS

    "Susie was on time and very thorough. She gave us great tips for leash walking and made herself available for follow up questions on the phone."

    Great to have worked with you and helped with the aggressive leash pulling issue,..may things continue to progress and all of you maintain that happy household, was a pleasure to have met and worked with you and Garrett and the cutie pies!!
    Dog Training - Private Lessons July 8, 2015   5 STARS  Verified Review

    Very pleasant to work with and her helpfulness started immediately as my dog greeted her at the door. Within minutes she was able to assess and modify Sully's behavior in a positive way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve the behavior of their pet.

    Martin M.

    You replied to this review on July 8, 2015:

    Thank you very much Marty,..I appreciate your comments and honesty,...glad I was able to help you and Phyllis and Ilene,...and of course Sully!! May things only continue to get better,..anytime you need me just give me a jingle,..God Bless you,...Susie

        5  STARS on July 7, 2015    Dog Training - Private Lessons Verified Review

         My two year old Labrador mix, Lucy, had begun to act out sporadically and I was beginning to get concerned that things were trending in the wrong direction. Lucy was becoming less sociable with other dogs and when meeting new people. As a result training with a group did not seem like a good option and I was unsure what to expect with a private trainer.
         Susan dramatically exceeded my expectations. During the thorough evaluation Susan identified what was causing Lucy to occasionally react negatively and gave my family and I guidance on what to do to change the behavior. The change in Lucy was evident even after the evaluation session, and the subsequent sessions further reinforced the improvement in behavior.
        I am very fortunate to have been put in touch with Susan. Her knowledge and experience working with animals have dramatically improved my experience with Lucy.  Haley H.(SEE PHOTOS)

    You replied to this review on July 7, 2015:

    Haley, has been my pleasure to help you with Lucy,..and to help your whole family come along side what the process is to help her be happier, healthier and calmer. She is growing and learning by leaps and bounds,..and seems so happy to have all of you as her Alphas,..anytime you need me,..I am here for you,..look forward to seeing the transition at the new place,..God Bless you,..Susie

    June 25, 2015     5 STARS                                                                                                                          I'm so grateful that we found Susie to help with our 1.5 year old labradoodle. She made quite the impression on Callie within the first minute that she arrived, and I was shocked by how much of an impact she had in just the first session. Susie is very knowledgeable and talented in her profession. She has great follow up too and clearly cares about her clients and their pets. I'm looking forward to ongoing sessions this summer so that Callie will continue to follow my commands (and stop barking so much!)...I'm working on my "Alpha" status. Thanks again Susie.

    Caitlin R.

    You replied to this review on June 25, 2015:  (SEE TRAINING VIDEO IN GALLERY)

    Caitlin,..You are MORE than welcome,..glad to be able to share my knowledge and gifts with you and you wonderful family and "Callie",..she is such a sweetie,..thanks so much for the training video, was amazing to actually have someone catch that in action in the very first few minutes of a training session,..Looking forward to future sessions,...Thank you so much,...God Bless,...Susie

    JUNE 16th,2015  Dog Training - Private Lessons- Verified Review    5 STARS  EXCELLENT!!

    Very thorough and pleasant. Very knowledgeable and she has a great approach. My dog took to her right away which was great for me because of the comfort level it showed right away. Susan has a great aura around her and my dog could definitely sense that. The thing I liked most is that she shows that she cares and has a passion for her work. I am greatly appreciative for the work Susan has done.

    Qaim O. 

    You replied to this review on June 17, 2015:( SEE PHOTO of Qaim & Bear )

    Qaim, was a Blessing and a pleasure to have met you and your wonderful dog Bear,...I still really don't know why you even needed my services, have EVERYTHING very well in hand and your dog mirrors your awesomeness!!! I will find out whatever we need to do to bring Bear up to CGC and possible therapy level, would be great to have you and he minister to others in any way possible,..Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this, was an HONOR to have met and worked with BOTH of you,..God Bless You!! Susie

    June 13th, 2015  5 STARS  Dog Training Verified Review

    Unbelievable! Susie is amazing. Not only has she given me tools to change unwanted behavior and reinforce good behavior;Susie has helped my dogs to enjoy the entire house and all of the people in it!

    Dina G. 

    You replied to this review on June 13, 2015:

    Dina,..such a pleasure to have met and worked with ALL of you today, have a GEM of a family,..Owen and Dakota seem to be onto an AWESOME start,..just stay with it and if you EVER need me ,..I'm just a phone call away,...Thanks so much and God Bless you,..Susie

    June 9, 2015  5 STARS

    Susie is absolutely wonderful and it was a pleasure working with her. She is professional, courteous, and extremely caring. My dog Sadie loved her immediately. From the time Susie entered my home she was able to keep Sadie's full attention and all Sadie wanted to do was to please her and do what she was asked to do - it was amazing! Sadie was able to follow each command with Susie and then Susie passed the torch on to me and Sadie then followed my direction thru Susie's coaching. My dog was so responsive, couldn't wait for the next task, and was truly comfortable and at ease with Susie (and me). Sadie had a blast and she has kept up the good work since. What a fantastic experience! Louise Porto & Sadie

    Louise Porto- Wells Fargo Services

    You replied to this review on June 9, 2015:

    Thank you very much Louise, was great working with both of you,..and that the responsiveness seen and experienced in Sadie and also in you made every difference in the world,..You were AWESOME at carrying on "The Torch",..anytime you need me,..just let me know,..but things are so well in hand after ONE VISIT, may NEVER need me again,..which is also great,..Have an awesome time with your WONDERFUL dog Sadie and a great time being a New ALPHA,..Susie

    June 9, 2015   5 STARS +++

    Working with Susan was great! As first-time dog owners, our family was in desperate need of guidance on how to raise our new puppy, Cassius. As soon as she stepped through our door we knew we made the right decision in choosing her. We saw immediate results within MINUTES. Susan provided us with the knowledge, tools and most importantly, the confidence in taking on this new chapter of our lives. Her professionalism and expertise are second-to-none. Susan lead the session while keeping our children (17, 13, 8 & 4) involved and learning while building their confidence toward handling Cassius. We can't wait to have her back!

    Harold H.

    You replied to this review on June 9, 2015:

    Harold,..Thank you so much!! It was such a joy to meet and interact with you and your lovely wife Joy, and your beautiful children CJ, Vanessa, Carson, and Vivi,..and Congratulations CJ on your recent graduation,..WAY TO GO!!! Hopefully seeing each other again very soon and little Cashie is so smart, and eager to please,..I sincerely think you have an AWESOME dog on your hands for your very first ownership,..Be Blessed ,...Susie

    "Suzi was very professional. She did a wonderful job with my older dog and also my new puppy. I'm looking forward to many more training sessions to come!! I would highly recommend her."

    Inge     May 30th 2015  5 Stars  Inge, was great to meet your whole family! So glad things are coming along nicely and that I was able to be there for you to watch the house and dogs while you were away,..they learned so many new things and were GREAT!! looking forward to any more sessions you may want or need and if I can help you out again in any way,...God Bless you,...Susie

      May 26th, 2015 5 STARS

    "She was prompt and very professional. She gave us many tips on how to work with our dogs aggression issues. Susan went way above what our expectations were, really cared about us and our dog. Answered all our questions, and gave us hope."

    So glad to have met you, Jason, Rudy, and Marty,..and the little Munchkins,..Chase and Arlo and that GORGEOUS Bass Boat!! Glad to have been of service to you,..helped wherever I could and to have been able to give different ways to look at the behaviors and possible reasons why,...let me know if I can be of ANY more service to you and keep me updated on progress,..May all of you be Blessed,...Susie
    • 5/5 stars   May 24, 2015

      Super helpful and kind! She really taught us things we had no idea what we were doing wrong and turned it around so we could actually control our dog. We have see a difference just from the first visit and the consultation prior to the meeting as well. Would 100% recommend Susan and her highly skilled talent!

      Sara F.

      You replied to this review on May 24, 2015:

      Thank you sooo much Sara,..however,..It was I who was Blessed by the session we had, and Joel are like a breath of fresh air, is was MY pleasure to help in any way that I can,..hope to see you soon whether at the new house or there or somewhere in between,..My God continually and abundantly Bless your family,...I feel so privileged to have met you, Joel , Charlotte and Parker!! Sincerely,...Susie

    May 23, 2015   5 STARS

    Can't wait to see her again she worked wonders for us A+++ will tell everyone we know about her .... Thank you so much and God bless your gift

    Isaac D.  (See photo)

    You replied to this review on May 23, 2015:

    Thank you Isaac and Melinda, was a great afternoon ... with Diesel and Drake,and I believe it is only the beginning!! God Bless you,..Susie

    May 8, 2015  5 STARS

    Susie was absolutely amazing. She came to my home and within minutes I saw a change in my dogs. She taught my family some very valuable lessons on how to maintain a happy, healthy home. I have been using the techniques she taught me with my 2 dogs and they have responded very well. Susie was very patient with us and we felt very comfortable asking questions, which she was more then happy to answer. I plan on more sessions with her and would highly recommend her to everyone I know who is having behavioral issues with their dogs. Susie is a fantastic and amazing woman.

    Pamela Whiton

    Pamela W.

    You replied to this review on May 8, 2015:

    God Bless you and your family Pam, I cherish your opinion and pray that the positive changes will continue,..I have no doubt, you are ALL doing your homework and Denise is doing all the "lovin"... It was a pleasure to work with all of you,..including ALL the Kitties and Doggies, glad the kitties can come out and play now without feeling they will be eaten,...:) Susie

    "Susan has been wonderful. She came out and was on time. She called multiple times before the appointment to check up with us to see how the dogs were doing. She's very professional and addressed all the issues we had. Susan was straightforward and to the point. It was wonderful to see immediate changes in our dogs. We have scheduled feature appointments with Susan and would definitely refer her to others."  Amy J  May 6th, 2015  5  STARS

    Thanks so much Amy,...a pleasure to meet you, Daniel, Vixen and Dakota and to help with some difficult issues you were facing,...looking forward to meeting with you possibly in the future to do any specific needs you may have with "The girls",....God Bless you,..Susie
    May 6th, 2015  Teresa C.  5 STARS    To sum it up...INCREDIBLE! The ALPHA DOG was in the house! :) In just minutes she was able to show and prove techniques for several commands. My 10 week old pup was doing heel, come, stopped jumping "off" stopped biting and nipping, and sit, We even did "DOWN" in minutes. She gives you great techniques and advice so you can have the skills to have a happy and healthy pup. Can't wait to work with her more on some more advanced techniques. She renewed my confidence that I can do this with my baby girl. It's been 10 years since I have trained a dog. It's not magic takes time, patience, and you have to do the work and be consistent. Thank you!"
    Teresa, I can't thank you enough for saving this incredible dog,...You are the reason I do what I do!! So that people can HAVE that Great dog they so desire,..and get the confidence they need to carry on the process and train their dog to accomplish EVERYTHING!! The Sky is the limit when your heart is in the right placed,..May you and Chris be Blessed,...looking forward to meeting your mom and nephews,...Susie
    May 5th. 2015  5 STARS  

    "Susie was outstanding! She Took the time to evaluate the household and are pitiful poor behavior issues. She commanded our dogs attention within the first few minutes of being here and even had her laying down! She's awesome to work with, understands animals, is compassionate, and very informative! We are looking forward to her next visit and our baby being the best dog we've ever had!"

    Thanks Jack, was great to meet all of you and to work with Rosie,..she just needs a little assurance that you are her Alphas,..Frank was already doing great even before I left your house,...It will also be good to work with her at your place in Chicago!! Gods Blessings upon you and yours,..Susie
    May 4, 2015  5 STARS

    We were very lucky to have been contacted by Susan. She provided us with a history of her training experience and it was refreshing to find someone with so much passion for what she does. Susan took a personal interest in us and made sure she had a strong understanding of the history of our situation and the current situation. She took the time to understand the needs of the household as well as the needs of the dogs. In the week that we have been working with Susan I have seen incredible changes in the dogs. We knew walking in to this that we would have our work cut out for us as we were introducing 2 large dogs (Pit bull and Old English Sheep Dog) both 7 yrs. One with fear aggression and the other not properly socialized. Susan was able to show us how to introduce them, what to watch for, and what we as owners were doing wrong. Susan has checked up on us daily for a report and offers suggestions and tips over the phone. She truly takes the time that's needed to answer any questions and help in whatever way she can. We will be continuing to work with Susan and have the utmost confidence in her.

    Holly B.

    You replied to this review on May 4, 2015:

    Thank you so much Holly, has also been a pleasure to work with and come alongside you and Joe to make the transition as painless as possible and to work towards a positive outcome for all of you!! It is a work in progress but with all the efforts we are ALL putting in,..I really feel like it can only get better with time, love and patience,..God Bless You,...Susie

    April 30, 2015   5 STARS

    Our first training session with Susan was amazing! She is a wonderful person who is kind, caring,and compassionate. Her insight and intuition have been not only been beneficial to my American Bulldog Rocko but myself as well. I have gained the confidence and tools needed so I can enjoy walking my dog outdoors and have visitors come to my house without all the chaos.

    Michelle V.                                                                                                                                                                You replied to this review on April 30, 2015:  Michelle,..It was an awesome privilege to work with you and Rocko, I only see things progressing from here,..can't wait to meet the rest of the family,...Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of his training and bring him to where he needs to be and also give you the knowledge and the tools you need to be his AWESOME ALPHA!! Be Blessed,..Susie                                                                                                                                        

    April 24, 2015  5 STARS

    Amazed! She had Clyde doing commands within a short time that Sue and I had tried for months. Clyde will be a work in progress, but we are really happy with the results achieved. Bonnie made good progress also, but we are looking forward to Susie's return in May to work with her more. Thanks so much,  5 STARS - Harold & Sue 

    You replied to this review on April 24, 2015:

    Thank you so much Harold,..a pleasure to have helped and worked with you and your lovely wife Sue,..and Bonnie and Clyde are truly a pair!! Hope progress continues and that you are able to continue to have a happy, healthy household,..God Bless,..Susie

    April 21, 2015 5 STARS
    I'm very pleased with Susie and feel fortunate to have found her. I couldn't have found a more skilled trainer than her. She is so kind and gentle with my girls, they respond so well to her. In one session she was able to provide enough direction to take the 2 girls from fighting to living peacefully. I highly recommend her.   Rhonda G 
    You replied to this review on April 21, 2015:

    Thank you so much Rhonda,..they are a joy to work with, glad we could do a re-introduction and ease some of Xuxu's anxiety and that they are happier and friends now,..well on their way to being wonderful Canine Doggie Good citizen Members,..Be Blessed,...Susie

    April 19, 2015   5 STARS  Outstanding

    Susan came to me to evaluate my dog. Her techniques were some of the best I have seen. The training cost is very reasonable and I would recommend her services to both basic and advanced trainings.

    Mark K. 

    You replied to this review on April 19, 2015:

    Mark, was an awesome experience to meet you and to have ALL parties bond so well, in a first meeting. I look forward to working closely with you and Journey to help you in any way possible,..Thank you, and may you be Blessed beyond measure,...Susie

    April 18, 2015  5 STARS  FANTASTIC!!

    Susan came to help my husband and I work on some mild food aggression in our 8 month old puppy. She is very professional and uses non aggressive techniques for training. My dog LOVES her and responds well to her techniques. I'm looking forward to working with her.

    Sarah F.  (See Photo of Oliver and baby Blaire)

    You replied to this review on April 19, 2015:

    Sarah,...thank you very much, glad I could be there for you in this hectic time,..may things only progress in a bright way,..may your impending Joy of a new family member be ever present in your mind and that you and Daniel and Oliver to see has someone else to love him as much as you do!! God Bless you!! Susie

    April 10, 2015  5 STARS  Outstanding!!

    Our dog Wrigley is a 6 yr old Border Collie mix. We adopted him last Dec. Since we've adopted him, he growls, jumps up and down at doors and is very territorial when it comes to other people getting close to my wife or I. He lunges at people when they get off the elevator. Susan was very prompt. After going through her battery of questions which helps her get to know the dog before she starts the training. She then went through our cabinet where we keep Wrigley's dog food and treats. She went through every item and told us which items were good and not good for Wrigley. My wife and I could tell right away this was going to be a positive experience. Susan is a professional from head to toe. When the training started my wife and I were instantly involved. First we observed her methods and then we were interacting with Wrigley under her supervision. The results Susan achieved with Wrigley was astonishing. He learned to heel, stop jumping at doors and he's more friendly to strangers. Susan not once looked at her watch like she was in a hurry to leave. She left when she felt confident in us that we're on the right track. We highly recommend using Susan. We look forward to her next visit. She gave us homework and insisted we call her Monday to see how things are going with us and Wrigley. Susan is a genuine pro!! Mark & Jennie L. 4/10/15

    Mark L. 

    You replied to this review on April 10, 2015:

    Mark and Jennie, was an awesome privilege to have worked with you and gotten to know you and Wrigley,..I see nothing but a willingness to please in Wrigley,..we just to get him up to speed and understand you have things in control,...looking forward to future meetings,..conversations and training sessions with nothing but more progress to come for all involved,..Have a Blessed Evening,...Susie

    April 10, 2015  5 STARS

    Susie was awesome! She took the time to work with our new puppy and taught us a lot of training activities for us to use. We will definitely be using Susie again and would recommend her to everyone!

    Jen M. 

    You replied to this review on April 14, 2015:

    Thank you, Jen, glad everything is headed to a more calm household and a Happier, more calm Baxter, the girls were all a great help..Be Blessed,..Susie

    March 31, 2015  5 STARS

    Susan helped us with both dogs, but mainly 1 yr. old. 2 hrs at our home. In less then 5 min. there was a complete change in the pup. Gave us the tools to keep working with her and lots of tips for a bright future for all of us. She's the Cesar Milan of the Midwest. 5 stars to her all the way around.

    Linda U. 

    You replied to this review on March 31, 2015:

    Thank you so much Linda,...I had to look this guy up, seems he has quite a good reputation, so I take that as an awesome compliment,..glad I was able to help you, and the specific needs you and your dogs had,..Be Blessed,..Susie

     Outstanding 5 Stars  March 26, 2015  Susie is amazing! We recently moved in with family and two cats, and our golden doodle has been in prey mode ever since. This has caused such a chaotic environment to live in, and we were close to the point of having to consider finding a home for the cats. 
    Susie was so kind to fit us into her schedule within a week, despite her being highly sought after and a very busy lady. She even scheduled it to coincide with another client in the area so we only had to pay mileage one way!    Susie came in, assessed our dog and his behavior, walked us through how our dog was thinking based on his actions, and showed us how to curb the negative behavior while encouraging the positive behavior. She gave us manageable homework and we look forward to her next visit.  We saw dramatic improvement right away, and it has only been getting better each day. We still have some work to do, but we feel confident we will get to the desired outcome with Susie's passion and expertise.   
    Susie truly cares about her clients and creating a peaceful household for the owners and the pets. She tells it like it is, which is exactly what I needed since I am the major push-over with our fur baby. She does so with kind intentions.
    I would highly recommend her services, she is professional and truly cares. Thank you, Susie!

    Danielle V.   

    You replied to this review on March 26, 2015:

    Thank you Danielle,...It was a pleasure to have been able to work with your entire family,...Your mom, Wendy, is so gracious,...I pray that I can continue to live up to your high recommendation, pleased to be a help to you in whatever way I can,..and tell JT I will always expect him to help with the ON-leash assignments and your brother should be modeling,..Lol,..Be Blessed,...Susie

    March 25, 2015

    Detailed, professional and exudes her love for animals. Thrilled to be working with her.

    Jennifer W.

    You replied to this review on March 25, 2015:

    Thank you Jennifer,..and a pleasure to work with you also,..can't wait to see where things progress,..they did a great job in JUST ONE session,..please greet your mom for me,..she is a GEM!!

    March 25, 2015  5 Stars

    Susan Is very knowledgeable about animals. She gave us an education along with the training. The one-on-one training is much better than the generic dog training classes out there and is customized to our needs as well as our dog's needs. Very much looking forward to our continued work with Susan Debbie S. 

    You replied to this review on March 25, 2015:

    Debbie,..I appreciate your viewpoint and so glad to have come along side all of you at just the right moment,..great to have met Mandy also and of course Doc my new little Buddy!! Be Blessed,..Susie

    March 23, 2015  5 STARS

    Very satisfied with Susie's approach to my pit bull Bean. Susie taught me helpful methods that my stubborn girl responded to well! With Susie coming regularly I have faith with time Bean will tolerate other dogs! Also, it was great meeting Susie she is a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all your time and help!

    Natalia W. 

    You replied to this review on March 23, 2015:

    It was an awesome day that's for sure, neat to have met all of you and help Bean come a little farther in her venture,...looking forward to a few more sessions with lots of love and understanding,..Thank you so much for the opportunity to help these beautiful creatures,...God Bless,....Susie

    March 18, 2015    Outstanding  5 Stars

    We were extremely happy with Suzie; she took great care of our dogs over our first weekend away from them. Our 1 year old male is going blind and is "autistic", so sending him to a kennel is out of the question. She was also patient with our 11 month old female who can bounce off the walls if you let her. She watched our dogs and took care of our house while we were away. We will definitely recommend her and use her ourselves in the future.

    Scott L. 

    You replied to this review on March 19, 2015:

    Thank you so much Scott and Michele,..I was great to be able to help you out and give your little ones the extra care and attention they needed,..and not have Bojangles traumatized by an unfamiliar kennel situation,..Hope to stay in contact with you,..Be Blessed,..Susie

    March 13, 2015  5 Stars
    To say Susie has a love for animals is an understatement, she has a passion for them and that is what makes her so good at her job. She immediately bonded with our dog CoCo who responded to her, listened to her and learned to follow some simple commands. Yes, that fast. (Now its up to us to keep reinforcing that behavior...) Susie also gave us some insights on some behavior patterns we'd noticed (things that never occurred to us). All this in ONE evaluation visit. Can't wait to continue this journey with her, I think we all will be learning a lot. Lucky to have Susie working with us and CoCo!!!                   Rita and Wayne H.    (See Photo)

    You replied to this review on March 14, 2015:

    Thank you so much Rita, was a joy to meet with you and Wayne,..thank you for giving Coco a Furever Family and a very loving Home,...she is such a lovely girl, glad I could help the process go so smoothly and to help her transition and be a wonderful addition to your Family,..Susie

    March 13, 2015    5 Stars
    After one meeting I feel like I have a new dog! I immediately clicked with Susan and so did Ali! She really taught me the importance of rewarding good behavior and being a leader! After a two hour session Ali has already become calmer and more submissive. She gave wonderful techniques and I can't wait to see the change in Ali in the weeks to come.                                                                                   Ciara D. ( see photos)
    March 8, 2015     5 Stars

    4 weeks ago we rescued a pit bull mix, aged 10 mo. We currently have a 4 year old Shih Tzu who was not liking the idea of sharing his home with another dog, much less one as hyper and large as Mia. Working with Susie has made such a huge difference in our Home. Both dogs are out of their crates and play together. Something I didn't think possible. in 2 weeks we've seen great improvements with both dogs. Listening to basic commands as well as better interactions between both dogs.

    Venessa I. 

    You replied to this review on March 8, 2015:

    Thank you so much Vanessa, was neat to meet your whole family and to take a possibly hectic and dangerous situation with care and ease so that now they are friends with each other and things are more smooth and easy in the household,..I expect great things with these two and more from Mia as she sees that she is in her Furever Home with nothing to worry about anymore,...Be Blessed,..Susie

    March 4, 2015  5 STARS

    Meeting and working with Susan was above and beyond what we could have hoped for! She came to our house in Lake Zurich and was here for about 2 hours she really knows her job well and taught us things about our dog that we never would have figured out ourselves. She has a great personality and was really easy to communicate with. Our dog Reptar also responded to her on a positive note. It took about 15 minutes for her to get Reptar to trust and listen to her and by the end of the visit he was really comfortable around her and listened to all of her commands. We can't wait to have her work with Reptar again and in fact she is coming back in 2 days to work one on one with Reptar and our son. Her prices are really reasonable but no matter what she charges, she is definitely worth it! You can tell she loves what she does and goes the extra step to make sure you know why she is doing what she is doing and how we can continue to make progress with Reptar until her next visit. We think she has resolved the reason for Reptar's aggression and now we have work with him to make it better and we truly believe with Susan's help and knowledge, we will achieve our goal. We don't believe there was anything she could of done to improve our visit. She knew what to do the minute she walked in our door and by the end of the visit, we felt progress was already made and can't wait for her to come back and continue working with Reptar. We would most definitely recommend Susan to anyone who really wants excellent training for their dog. She knows her job, she is really good at what she does but most of all, she loves doing it and that makes the results even more rewarding. We feel that we have already created a bond with her and can't wait for the final results with Reptar to be achieved.

    Linda J.

    You replied to this review on March 4, 2015:

    Thank you very much Linda, was a Joy to meet and work with you and your wonderful hubby Don,...I look forward to meeting Matt and continuing with my new friend Reptar,...Be Blessed and BE a Blessing,..Susie

    March 3, 2015  5 Stars

    My dog had some aggressive behavior towards myself
    and my daughter. Susan gave our family some
    VERY helpful techniques to use and so far things
    are working really well! It is however a work in progress!
    Susan was very knowledgeable and a very nice person!!
    Thank you so very much Susan! Can't wait to get together again
    soon!  Kim Z 

    You replied to this review on March 4, 2015:

    Glad to have met you Kim and your precious little girl Madeline,..what a cutie pie!! Glad that "Crazy Lucy" is now JUST "Lucy" and that our sessions in the future will be just as productive as the first one,...Thank you so much,....Susie

    March 2, 2015       5 Stars

    I have only worked with Susan once, so far, and she has already made a huge difference in my household. I have two dogs and they were constantly fighting and it was total chaos! She taught me techniques to train the dogs so I could have a peaceful (and two dog) household. I look forward to continuing my training with Susan.

    Amber B.  (see photos) 

    You replied to this review on March 2, 2015:

    Thank you very much Amber, was really neat to see the immediate changes,..and look forward to helping you to take them as far as you would like them to go,...Susie

    February 21, 2015   4 Stars

    Susan is very professional and knowledgeable on K-9 training. The evaluation went good and we have utilized her recommendations and have seen significant progress with our dog. We plan another training session next month and will continue to use Susan.

    Mike M. 

    You replied to this review on March 14, 2015:

    Thank you very much Mike, was great meeting you and your wife and working with you to transition Lobo and help him become a member of the family and a valuable help to you,..Looking forward to our future sessions together,...He is an AWESOME dog!!!

    February 19, 2015  5 Stars,....Stacie P                                                                                                               Susie has done an amazing job with my border collie mix! She had Lulu trained to stay away from the kitchen table in less than 30 minutes! I love that each week I can bring a behavior problem to Susie and she has an answer for us. On top of that, Susie is a wonderful person who I trust with my sweet puppy. I highly recommend her. Thanks Susie! 
    You replied to this review on February 19, 2015:

    Stacie, has been a pleasure to work with an help your family with many different issues with Lulu,..she is a gem and so Blessed to have a FURever home with you,...she is very intelligent and is getting into her comfort zone with you,...with her,..I feel the sky is the limit,...always here for you,...Susie

    February 11 2015  5 Stars                                                                                                                               Andrea Rafel-  What Susie has done for my dog and our family has been incredible. My Newfoundland took an immediate liking to her and accepted her as the Alpha. Since he is about 200 lbs this was a big deal! I look forward to our next training session and continuing working with her. I would highly recommend Susie. I told her in our first meeting that we need about 2 million more of her, you don't find people that caring, generous and knowledgeable more than once in a lifetime! 
    You replied to this review on February 10, 2015:

    Thank you very much Andrea,..I loved meeting you and your son and of course Tucker,...look forward to working with you in the future for ALL your furry friends needs,  God Bless You,..Susie

    February 7, 2015

    My experience with Susan was wonderful. She truly helped my family pets with a big problem. My pets ATE their own POOP! It was horrible. Within 15 minutes they were changed animals. She didn't only help them she helped me and my family understand a new perspective of a family pet. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Susan Hanks!!

    Nathan A.   

    You replied to this review on February 10, 2015:

    Thank you Nathan, was a pleasure to help you bring peace and safety to your family and that you will be able to keep and love the dogs you have had for so long,..God Bless you and your family


    Brian Martin


    BBK Motorsports

    Suzie was terrific! Our adopted shop dog Trixie was having problems with anxiety. Suzie helped me understand both my dog and how my own anxious behavior was feeding the problem instead of helping Trixie. Highly recommend!   

    You replied to this review on February 10, 2015:

    Thank you Brian, was great working with Trixy and ALL the staff there,,,shout out to Shell and James,..hope things continue to progress in the ways you want them too,..she is a great little motorcycle rider!!

    We had our initial consult with Susan and it came with very positive results. She was very personable and very well qualified to train not only the dog but to train us as owners. We found her to be a very much an Alpha type trainer. Our puppy Tess, is 6 months old and followed almost every command for the hour and a half consult. We are going to continue our training with her as often as she can come. Our general impression is that she genuinely wants to help people and animals and not in it to just be a business woman and make money.    Peter and LaVonna T.

    You replied to this review on January 25, 2015:

    Thank you very much Peter and LaVonna,..I enjoyed meeting you and Tess and look forward to continuing with you to help in whatever way I can,...It was a pleasure to work with all of you,..Susie

    January 15, 2015

    All I can say is that she is amazing. I needed to be re-trained so that I could re-train my dog. It is amazing what she accomplished in just one hour ! She's great. 5/5 Stars!!!

    Jacque W.   5 STARS

    You replied to this review on January 25, 2015:

    Thank you so much Jacque, were a gem to meet as were all 3 of your dogs,..however,..Guthrie will always hold a special place in my heart as will you also,..hope you enjoyed the homemade chicken soup,..God Bless,...Susie :)

    TIMMY HANKS: 1/21/15 :  Watching her interact with all kinds of animals - from the Two Egyptian Arabians that were in the back corral at my house to the neighbors dogs to various horses in Georgia or even Hawaii this past year (as well as fond memories of her dobermans)-- Susan has been blessed with a special gift to communicate with many animals who respond to her as if she was an old friend that they had been waiting to share time and a few moments with for way too long! Coupled with her abilities to work with children with disabilities in aspects of Equine therapy I have been amazed to see the results she consistently earns! Proud of my sister and her accomplishments as she continues to shine her light in what HE has blessed her with!

    December 7, 2014  5 STARS

    Susan is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to animals. She did an evaluation for our dogs and showed us some things to do when it comes to training them. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who has a pet, and would like some assistance.

    Marcus S.  Owner/ SMITH ACCOUNTING, LLC

    You replied to this review on December 14, 2014:

    Thank you Marcus and Kim, has been a pleasure to work with you, Drego and Little Reggie, and to visit with Lance and give him treats for being such a good boy!! I wish Blessings and happy times ahead for all of you,..great boys in a great household!!! Great working with you and to stay in touch, Susie

    ANGIE FORCONI— January 6, 2015 · 1 Review 5/5 stars---Susan is the type of trainer any serious horse or dog owner wants. She does not take numerous trainees in at a time, which is a HUGE positive. Your animal has her complete, undivided attention. She is a quality not quantity trainer. She does it because loves it and she is awesome at understanding the animal. No matter what the animal's personality she can adapt herself to let the animal trust her and learn from her. I own one of her horses and can attest to her being a wonderful trainer.
    January 6, 2015 · 1 Review
     JANET EMERY-Jan 5th-1 review 5/5 stars,...Thank you Susan for the great help & heart you used to transform this Angel. Bless you for helping the helpless. .... Angel was finally adopted just a couple months before Christmas. She had been in a rescue kennel for over a year. Thanks to all (Susan &Terri) who helped this abused girl succeed!!

    • 5/5 stars June 29, 2014

      I really enjoyed working with Susan! She is patient and consistent with the people and animals she interacts with. Susan knows what it takes to handle and care for young horses and encourages a positive learning environment for both the horses and clients she works with.

      Kendra S.

    January 12, 2015

    Outstanding 5 stars!

    We use Susan to clean our Geneva National Golf Club condos because of the exceptional service she provides us as well as the reasonable rates that she charges. Susan pays close attention to detail and the result is an immaculate residence. We serve a higher end type of clientele that we that has a higher expectation than most and Susan is just the one to give them exactly what they ask for! I would be happy to recommend Susan to anyone that who wants a cleaning agent that is honest, dependable friendly and a pleasure to work with!

    Heather M.